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Rev. Ebenezer Hill, barely five feet tall, he was called "The Little Minister". Ebenezer was the son of Samuel Hill* and Sarah Cutler and was born 31 Jan 1766 in Cambridge, MA. A Harvard graduate, he served as pastor in Mason for 64 years (1790-1854). He was a representative in the New Hampshire Legislature in 1839 & 1840 and published 12 sermons and two lectures on the History of Mason. His beautiful house still stands across Valley Road from the Congregational Church in the center of Mason.

Ebenezer married first to Mary Boynton in Townsend, MA 2 Feb 1791. They had three children, Ebenezer Jr, Polly and Sally (twins). When Mary died in 1794, he married Rebecca (Bancroft) Howard in Nashua. She had one child, Rebecca Howard, from her first marriage. This second marriage produced two children. When Rebecca died, Ebenezer married for the third time to Abigail (Jones) Stearns. This was Abigail's second marriage and she and Ebenezer had nine children. For more information about Ebenezer Hill and his descendants check out this book about him: "Ebenezer Hill: The Little Minister of Mason, NH." A Sketch by Charles E. Hill and A Genealogy by John B. Hill, 1923, Tobias A. Wright, printer and publisher, NY. A reprint of this book can be purchased at Higginson Book Company, $16.50.

* To see the genealogy of Rev. Ebenezer HILL's father, Samuel HILL (1732-1798) go here

Samuel HILL, Jr. [4] the son of Capt Samuel HILL [3] (1671-1755)  and Deborah ______; (descendant of Capt Ralph HILL, Jr. [2] (1642-1695) and Martha TOOTHAKER; Ralph HILL [1](1605-1663 and came to Plymouth, MA ca 1638) and Elizabeth PARKER). Samuel HILL, Jr. was born 20 Feb 1732, probably Cambridge, MA  and married on 24 Feb 1764 in Cambridge, MA to Sarah CUTLER, born 15 Sep 1735 (daughter of Capt Ebenezer CUTLER (1700-1777), Town Clerk of Lincoln, MA, and Anna WHITNEY (1702-1793).  Samuel HILL, Jr. served in the French and Indian Wars and  was a Private Soldier in the Revolutionary War serving as a guard at West Point (1776-1783).  He was a carpenter and resided on the easterly side of North Avenue a few rods from the Common in Cambridge, MA.  Samuel died 21 June 1798 in Mason, NH and Sarah died 30 Sep 1808 in Mason, NH and both are buried in Pleasant View Cemetery, Mason, NH.

Samuel Hill, Jr. and Sarah (Cutler) HILL had the following children:

1.  Samuel HILL, III [5] was born in 1764 at Cambridge and moved to Mason, NH in ca 1792 and remained in Mason until his death, 23 May 1813, of typhoid fever.  He married Dorcas WYETH, born 1770 in Cambridge, MA and she died 14 Apr 1793 in Mason, NH.  They had seven children:  Samuel HILL,IV; Isaac; Sally; Rebecca and three children died in infancy.  He married (2nd) in Sep 1809 to Mary ADAMS.

2.  Rev. Ebenezer HILL [5] was born 31 Jan 1766 at Cambridge, MA.  Rev. HILL died 20 May 1854 in Mason, NH, aged 88 yrs, 3 mo and 20 days.  He graduated Harvard College, A.B., 1786, A.M., 1789 and taught in Westford, MA 1786-88.  He studied theology in Rindge, NH and was licensed by a Congregational Association 28 Oct 1788, Ashburnham, MA and ordained 3 Nov 1790, Mason, NH, where he remained pastor 64 years.  Two towns in NH called the Rev. HILL to be their minister, Marlboro and Mason, and he accepted the town of Mason in 1790.  When the Little Minister had secured the position of Minister of Mason, he needed a wife and a house.  On 2 Feb 1791 he married Mary BOYNTON of Westford, MA (daughter of Ensign Nathaniel BOYNTON (1724-1798) Town Clerk of Weston, MA and Rebecca BARRETT (1731-1805).  Soon after his marriage, he purchased the Chambers Farm, in Mason, that had a very small house, neither painted nor papered and had only 2 small rooms and an attic.  On 14 Oct 1791, their first child was born, Ebenezer HILL, Jr. and 15 months later on 13 Jan 1793, twin girls, Sally and Polly were born.  Only 14 months after the twins were born, on 2 Mar 1794, his wife Mary died.  All the Ministers in the area set out to find the Rev. HILL a suitable wife, and on 18 Nov 1795, he married Rebecca (Bancroft) HOWARD.  They had twin boys on 5 Nov 1996, John Boynton HILL and Joseph Bancroft HILL.  His wife Rebecca died 12 July 1797.  With 5 little children all under the age of 5, the Rev. HILL's mother, Sarah (Cutler) HILL came to live with him to help with the children, making a total of 7 people living in the little 2 room house with an attic.  He married (3rd), on 23 Sep 1799 in Bedford, MA to Abigail (Jones) STEARNS, and they had 9 more children. 

Thus making a total of 14 children for the Little Minister.  Abigail died in Mason, NH, 26 Apr 1859.

Rev. HILL was a trustee and sometime President of the Board of Trustees of Appleton Academy, New Ipswich, NH, 1813-30.  He was a Representative of the New Hampshire Legislature, 1839-40 and Chaplain of the House.  He published 12 Sermons and 2 Lectures on the History of Mason.  Rev. Ebenezer Hill is buried in the Pleasant View Cemetery, in Mason, NH.

Rev. Ebenezer HILL and Mary (Boynton) HILL had 3 children:

1.  Ebenezer HILL, Jr. [6] was born 14 Oct 1791, Mason, NH.  Ebenezer, Jr. died 16 May 1875, Manchester, TN.  He was a printer in Amherst and Nashua, NH and Troy, NY 1807-1819.  He left NH in 1819 and settled in Fayetteville, Lincoln Co., Tennessee, and printed a weekly newspaper 1823-1828.  He married 12 Feb 1824 to Mary Tate BRYAN [daughter of James BRYAN (1773-1833) and Elizabeth NEELY (1777-1865)] born 26 Feb 1799, Pendleton, SC and died 18 Apr 1871.  They had 7 children:  i. Elizabeth Mary (1825-1892); ii. Ebenezer, III (1826-1898); iii. daughter died at birth 25 Sep 1827; iv. Edward Stearns (1830-1833); v. James Bryan (1832-1892); vi. Sarah Catherine Houghton (1835-1861); vii. William Joseph (1838-1917). (Click on his name to see his descendants)

2.  Polly HILL [6] (twin) was born 13 Jan 1793, Mason, NH.  Polly died in New York City, 3 Mar 1881.  Polly married 17 Jan 1813 in Mason, NH to Timothy WHEELER (son of Timothy WHEELER and Sarah HUBBARD).  They had the following children:  i. Samuel Hubbard (1813-1889); ii. Ebenezer (1815-1842); iii. William (1818-1822); iv. Mary (1820-1822); v. Timothy  (1829-1854); vi. Timothy (1824-1894); vii. William (1827-1852); viii. Edward Boynton (1829-1854); ix. Joseph Bancroft (1831-1853); x. Abbie Maria (1837-1870); xi. Mary Frances (1839-1919).

3.  Sally HILL [6] (twin) was born 13 Jan 1793, Mason, NH.  Sally died in Garland, Maine, 5 Nov 1880.  Sally married 10 Oct 1813 in Mason, NH to Josiah MERRIAM (son of Ezra MERRIAM and Susannah ELIOT).  They had the following children:  i. Artemas (1814-1891); ii. Polly Boynton (1816-1821); iii. Ebenezer Hill (1820-1825); iv. William Bancroft (1823-1825); v. Sarah Elizabeth (1825-1886); vi. Charles Ellery (1828-1899); vii. George Parker (1832-? )

Rev. Ebenezer HILL married (2nd) Rebecca (Bancroft) HOWARD and had the following children:

1.  John Boynton HILL [6] (twin) was born 5 Nov 1796, Mason, NH.  'Boynton' (a lawyer) was the author of "Memoir of the Rev. Ebenezer Hill" 1858; "The Mason Centennial" 1868; and "Reminiscences of Old Dunstable" 1878.  He died 2 May 1886 at Temple, NH.  He was  married 10 Aug 1829 in Hollis, NH to Achsah PARKER (daughter of Capt Isaac PARKER and Olive ABBOTT).  They had one child, Isaac Parker HILL (26 Mar 1831-28 Mar 1831).

2.  Rev. Joseph Bancroft HILL [6] (twin) was born 5 Nov 1796, Mason, NH.  'Bancroft' was a lawyer; evangelist; colleague-pastor with his father in the Congregational Church, Mason; edited "Hill's Almanac" (published by his brother, Ebenezer, Jr) and an Agent of U.S. Christian Commission in the Civil War, 1864. While serving in the Christian Commission in Chattanooga, TN, he fell as he was boarding a Military train that had started to move and the wheel of the train passed over his left arm, near his shoulder, crushing the bone.  He died a few days later and his body was returned to Temple, NH for burial.  He married 26 Aug 1845 in Antrim, NH to Harriet BROWN (daughter of Capt Isaac BROWN and Sarah FLAGG) born 20 June 1819 and died 18 Mar 1910.  They had the following children:  i. Charles Ebenezer (1848-1917); ii. Isaac Brown (Feb 1850-Mar 1850); iii. Joseph Edward (1852-1857); iv. Harriet (1854-1857); v. Rev. William Bancroft (1857-1945); vi. Joseph Adna (1860-1938).

Rev. Ebenezer HILL married (3rd) Abigail (Jones) STEARNS, 22 Sep 1799 in Bedford, MA
and they had the following children:

1.  Edward Stearns HILL [6] was born 19 July 1800, Mason, NH.  He died 24 Mar 1874, Rosemond, IL.  He was married 28 Jun 1827 in Milton, MA to Catherine HOUGHTON (daughter of Jason HOUGHTON and Catharine WILDE).  They had the following children:  i. Edward Stearns, Jr. (1828-1900); ii. Lucy Sylvania (1829-1918); iii. Abigail Jones (1832-1914); iv. Harlan Page (Sep 1835-Dec 1835); v. Capt Ebenezer Bancroft (1838-1900); vi. Charles Walter Houghton (1842-? ); vii. Catharine Maria (1846-1917).

2.  Rebekah Howard HILL [6] was born 13 Mar 1802, Mason, NH.  Rebekah died 9 Apr 1883, Mason, NH.  She never married.

3.  Abigail Jones HILL [6] was born 7 Apr 1804, Mason, NH.  Abigail died 9 Sep 1829 at Fitzwilliam, NH.  She was married 2 Jun 1825 in Mason, NH to John KIMBALL (son of Isaac KIMBALL and Sally CUTTER).  They had the following children:  i. Maria Frances (1826-1920); ii. John Edward (1829-? ).

4.  Maria HILL [6] was born 14 Dec 1806, Mason, NH.  Maria died 10 Sep 1835 at Mason, NH.  She was married 4 Jun 1829 in Mason, NH to Oliver  PRATT (son of Benanuel PRATT and Lucy HOSMER).  They had one child:  Ebenezer Hill PRATT (1831-1833).

5.  Timothy Jones HILL [6] was born 15 Mar 1808, Mason, NH.  Timothy died 8 July 1810, aged 2 years, 3 months, 23 days.

6.  Lucy Sylvania HILL [6] was born 14 Jun 1810, Mason, NH.  Lucy died 13 Aug 1827 in New York City, age 17 yrs, 1 mo and 29 days.  She never married.

7.  Adeliza HILL [6] was born 9 July 1812, Mason, NH.  Adeliza died 14 June 1881 at New York City.  She was married 4 Apr 1833 to Benjamin MERRIAM (son of Samuel MERRIAM and Lucy WHEELER).  They had the following children: i. Adeliza Frances (1835-1915); ii. Maria Hill (1837-1909); iii. Harriet Wheeler (1839-1845); iv. Abbie Caroline (1841-1880); v. Henry Everett (1844-1891); vi. Emma Rebecca (1850-1873); vii. Annie Louise (1852-? ); viii. Sarah Wheeler (1854-1886).

8.  Martha HILL [6] was born 31 Oct 1816, Mason, NH.  Martha died 2 May 1854 in Lunenburg, MA.  She was married 17 Sep 1846 in Mason, NH to Rev. Edwin Ruthven HODGMAN (son of Buckley HODGMAN and Betsy PRATT).  They had the following children:  i. Edwin Ruthven Hill (1847-1909); ii. James Fletcher (Jan 1850-Feb-1850); iii. Harriet (1851-? ); iv. Martha Hill (Apr 1854-May 1854).

9.  Rev. Timothy HILL, D.D. [6] was born 30 June 1819, Mason, NH.  Timothy died 21 May 1887 in Kansas City, MO.  He was married 2 Nov 1854 in St Louis, MO to Frances Augusta HALL (daughter of Lewis HALL and Mary CORY).  They had the following children:  i. Francis Lewis (1858-1864); ii. Rev. John Boynton HILL, D.D. (1860-? ); iii. Henry Edward (1863-? ); iv. a son that died at birth (1866).


These HILL families are submitted by M. Stewart,
a great, great, great granddaughter of the Rev. Ebenezer Hill

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