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MASON, Hillsborough Co., N.H.

You may submit your Mason surnames to the list of people researching Mason ancestors. Maybe we can make connections! Please include your name and a short note with your request. Use the following format:

example 1: "ELIOT family, 1750's - 1850's" John Doe JD@abc.com
example 2: "Oliver ELIOT, 1750 - 1794" John Doe JD@abc.com
When you wish to contact a researcher listed below, be sure and make a note that you found the reference to their ancestor on this website. Thank you.

Azariah (or Eziah) ARLIN c. 1800-c. 1840 Joe Schmidl
Thomas AUSTIN / ASTEN family, 1770-1877 R. Owings

BARRETT family, 1750s - 1830s Mary Berthold
Capt. John BARRETT & wife, Lucy LAWRENCE 1776-1855 Donna Marrs
John BALDWIN family, 1759-1815 R. Owings
Sally BALDWIN Dennis Connor

Albin BARRETT ????? Mason, N.H. alw228@netquarters.net
Levi BARRETT, ca 1795?-? R. Owings
Levi BARRETT late 1700s to 1850s alw228@netquarters.net
Levi BARRETT late 1700s to 1850s Dennis Connor
Walter BARRETT late 1800s alw228@netquarters.net

John BECK family 1900 - 1930s Phil Gauthier
and son Joseph Benjamin BECK family 1900 - 1930s Phil Gauthier
David BLODGETT family LKMcGinnis@hotmail.com
Sarah Russell BLOOD, b. abt. 1786 Charles Ogden

Joseph CREIGHTON & Eunice JEFTS, families 1790s - 1900 R. Owings
John CAMPBELL family, wife, Sarah BARTON both born before 1767 W. Allen
Susanna CAMPBELL (dau of John, b. 1767) & husband Samuel RUSSELL W. Allen
John N. CAMPBELL (b 1805) married Margaret LAURIE, lived Mason 1860-1870,
..... Children: Martha,Margaret,Thomas,James, Solomon, & Jane .... T. Campbell

Benjamin DARLING family, 1797 - 1817 dubbs98@gte.net
DARLING families, 1756 - 1835 darlingfamilytree@yahoo.com
DAVIS families, Margreenda@aol.com
Joshua DAVIS family, 1782 - 1800s Cascadiahm@aol.com
Judith (or Juda) DeGRETT, 1759-1831 R. Owings
Charles Edward DEXTER, born in Mason before 1832 C Dexter
Nancy DITSON, married Joseph WOODS in 1804 in Mason Karen

Abagail ELLIOTT, ca 1786 Marcia Maloney
Amasa ELLIOTT family, 1828-1902 Edward Elliott
Erastus E. ELLIOTT, Civil War Vet, Bonnie J. Tolman
John ELIOT families: Ruth Gibson
Oliver ELIOT (b. 1734, Groton, MA, son of Elias and Ruth) naberssj@aol.com
Elias Elliott Abt. 1707-1785 Mason, New Hampshire Dennis Davis
Charles EMERSON family 1880-1948? Maxfiled@aol.com

FISH family, 1730-1778 Linda Dodge
Nathan and wife Patience FISH, 1752-1769 Pam Tyler
Ephraim, Gershom, John, Josiah & Ebenezer FLAGG families, 1735-1848 R. Owings
James FOSTER (1775 - 1846) Quita22456@aol.com
Jonathan FOSTER (1720 - 1820) gerrie@ez-net.com

GILMAN family 1790-1850 dchausse@thegrid.net
Dr. Joseph GRAY family 1790-1809 ADennis100@aol.com

Nathan HALL 1750 - 18?? Jeff Hall
George HARTSHORN & wife Mary Adeline PUTNAM Derick S. Hartshorn
Daniel HILL family, 1763-1860s R. Owings
Rev. Ebenezer HILL family T2sisters@aol.com
Rev. Ebenezer HILL family MT Stewart
Rev. Ebenezer HILL family - Eddesez@earthlink.net
Samuel HILL (1732-1798) family (brother to Rev. Ebenezr Hill), Mark Waldron

ISAACS family, 1811-1822 Robert Simmonds

Benjamin JEFTS family, 1743-1770 R. Owings
Thomas JEFTS family 1770-1850 Barry Bramwell
John & Jonathan JEFTS families early 1700s Debbie Jefts Rollins

Richard LAWRENCE family 1730s to 1820s Gary D. Williams
Rosina M. LOVEJOY family ca mid 1800's Natalie Fix

Alexander McINTOSH family, 1738-1850s R. Owings
Joseph MERRIAM, 1750-1826 Jennifer Merriam

Jonathan and Elizabeth POWERS family, 1750's VEWhite@aol.com

Jonas RICHARDS and Sarah WASHBURN 1807 - ? CJ Maguire
Joel RICHARDS c. 1790-1818 Joe Schmidl
ROBBINS Family, 1799-1842 rmjlv@aol.com
ROBBINS Family, 1700-1850, David Heiden
RUSSELL family suzannedevogel@excite.com
RUSSELL family Sandy
Jason RUSSELL family, 1741-1870s R. Owings
John RUSSELL family, Calvin Whitney
Samuel RUSSELL & wife Susanna CAMPBELL (dau of John CAMPBELL) W.Allen
Stephen RUSSELL, ca 1786 Marcia Maloney
Thomas RUSSELL & Mary PATTERSON families Judith Patterson

Joseph SAUNDERS 1764-1829 Caroline Putnam
William SCOTT in Mason in 1800 D.R. Davis
SCRIPTURE family Andy Scripture
Joseph SEARL(ES) and family 1810-1850 glenys@sonic.net
James SNOW 1796-1873 Meg Mulvey
James SNOW 1773-? Meg Mulvey
SIPOLI FAMILY Luiz Sípoli <sipoli@hotmail.com>
Anna STEVENS family 1730s to 1820s Gary D. Williams
Asa STONE family Gstone40@aol.com

Jonathan TARBLE (or Tarbell, Tarbil, Tarbel, Terble, etc.), c.1810-1812 Bill Tarble

John WAITE family 1758-1810  ADennis100@aol.com
John WAITE family 1758-1810  Sue Waite-Langley
RogersWESTONFamily ca1757 - 1843 Cindy Beury
descendant Rogers Weston first wife Deborah Lawrence
WITHEE family  MJH<mhensley@erols.com>
WILSONfamily   suzannedevogel@excite.com
WILSON family of Edward & Lucy Wilson of 1770s - 1830s    Barbara Sheridan
Walter Abbott WOOD 1815-1892   r.phelan26@att.net
Benjamin & Azubah (HOYT) WORCESTER family ca 1840-1861 Jean W. Thwaits
Charles L. WRIGHT ca 1840-1861? R. Owings
Francis WRIGHT family Bill Burnham
Ralph & Azubah WRIGHT family (1840-1860's) Jean W. Thwaits


Genealogy is like playing hide and seek: They hide... I seek!

Submit your surnames. Put "MASON SURNAMES" in the subject line please!
Please include a note saying that you want to be put up on my website and include your name.
A little, short friendly note is always appreciated too.
I reserve the right to edit as necessary before placing anything on this site.

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