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Pratt Cemeteries of Mason, NH
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Pleasant View Cemetery
Old Pratt and Pratt Annex Cemetery
Pratt Cemetery is in two parts: Old Pratt Cemetery, located on Starch Mill Road and Pratt Annex, located over the hill from Old Pratt on Russell Road. Began as a family plot, it grew into a neighbourhood cemetery. In 1912 it was enlarged and in 1917 a one acre annex was added. Several Civil War and WWI soldiers lie here. Some families in this plot include Russell, Shedd, Elliott, Tarbell, Hodgman, Spaulding, Eaton, Brown and others. ...
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Below: photos of some of the stones in Pratt Cemetery
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Pratt Cemetery Gate
Pratt Cemetery Gate - October 2014 photo by Patricia Verrill

Alva Creighton stone
Alvah B. Creighton  13 N.H. INF.
died of measles in Boston soon after
joining the Civil War army - son of
William Alexander Creighton
& Sarah Ann (Barrett), of Mason

photo by Patricia Verrill (click to enlarge)

Pratt Cemetery Fall
Pratt Cemetery - October 2014 photo by Patricia Verrill

Road to Pratt Cemetery
Road to Pratt Cemetery
October 2014 photo by
Patricia Verrill

Tombstone of Clinton & Alice Creighton
Clinton M. Creighton (1862- 1902)
and his wife Alice M. Lee (1865-1941)

photo by Patricia Verrill
click on photo to enlarge

Pratt Cemetery Annex
Pratt Cemetery Annex - October 2014 photo by Patricia Verrill






If you are planning a trip to Mason to check out these cemeteries, it is recommended that you stop by the Selectman's office to pick up a map of the roads of Mason. There are many roads and it can be confusing. Also remember to respect the fragility of these old stones. Take photos, not rubbings.

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