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5 Cemeteries of Mason, NH
First Grave - First Burial Ground - Prospect Hill - Tarbell or Pole Hill - Unknown Stone locations

Pleasant View Cemetery      Old Pratt & Annex Cemeteries
First Grave
Located on the west side of Valley Road, about a mile from the Massachusetts state line. Marked by an engraved stone, this is the site of the daughter of Enosh Lawrence, buried 1750-1. The stone reads: "Lawrence - Burial place of the first white child in Mason."
1ST CEMETERY MARKER   Jonathan Jefts Stone
First Burial Ground
Located on Scripts Lane, (a class 6 road) location of about 20 original burials, but due to hard rock the site it was abandoned. Some graves were moved to other plots. Two stones in the burial ground are Jonathan Jefts, d: 1766 aged 28 days and James Robins, died in 1773, aged 23 years. In the center of the burial ground is a monument erected in 1912 and dedicated to these hardy first settlers

photos by Patricia Verrill

Prospect Hill Cemetery
Located on Old Ashby Road just west of the Church and adjacent to Pleasant View Cemetery.
Established in 1888, it is a newer cemetery and is still in use.

Anyone have photos of this cemetery?

Tarbell or Pole Hill Cemetery
Located on Brookline Road, this one acre plot was given by Capt. Thomas Tarbell in 1773, who is also buried there. Other families buried in this cemetery are: Russell, Hill, Blood, Barrett, Boynton, Elliott, Flagg, Scripture, Richardson, Withington. The cemetery was also called Pole Hill due to a fire on the hill which burned the trees leaving them looking like "poles."
Below are photos of some of the stones in Tarbell Cemetery
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Daniel HILL
Nov 11, 1841
AE 78

2 Nov 1763
West Cambridge
10 Nov 1844
Mason, NH
son of
Daniel Hill
Lydia Locke

Revolutionary War Soldier,
served out of Cambridge, MA

In Memory of
Mrs. Elizabeth
wife of
Mr. Daniel Hill
who died
July 12, 1827
AE 55 years

born: 2 July 1769 Menotomy, MA
died: 12 July 1827 Mason, NH

only daughter of 
Jason Russell and Elizabeth Locke

Elizabeth Locke was the sister to Lydia Locke

William B. FLAGG
died May 1, 1836
ae 66 yrs

born: 17 May 1770 New Ipswich, NH
lived in Mason middle name: Bruce
son of Elijah Flagg 
and Abigail Bruce
married to Ruth Seaver

Jason Russel tombstone
 In memory of
  who died
Sept 25, 1825
   AE 83

A soldier of the American Revolution
He was with Capt. Mann at Bunker Hill

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Remember Death
in memory of

Mrs. Elizabeth
wife of
Mr. Jason Russell
who departed this life
May 24 1799
aged 44 years -?-days

Within this grave a lonesome cave
Lies a beloved friend
A parent dear, a wife most near
Till time shall have an end
We hope and trust she'll rise from dust To everlasting day
When Christ our head awakes the dead
And calls his saints away


Additional tombstone photos
These are various photos taken in some of the cemeteries, but unfortunately,
which cemetery where the photos were taken was not recorded. They were probably taken in Tarbell Cemetery.
To see a large view of the tombstone click on the photo.

Captan Jessie BARRETT (Jr)
son of
Jessie BARRETT & Esther (LAWRENCE)

Ester BARRETT (1767-1827)
wife of Jessie Barrett (1762-1844)
daughter of
Lieut. Enoch LAWRENCE & Esther WOODS

(1729 - 1800)
son of




If you are planning a trip to Mason to check out these cemeteries, it is recommended that you stop by the Selectman's office to pick up a map of the roads of Mason. There are many roads and it can be confusing. Also remember to respect the fragility of these old stones. Take photos, not rubbings.

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