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Cemetery Inscriptions


The following cemetery inscriptions were copied from Mason cemeteries by N. Hauser.
They have been organized alphabetically by surname. Actual cemetery not recorded.


Erected in memory of Mr. Reuben Barrett /
who died Sept. 19, 1800 in the 71st year of his age
Death thou hast conquered me / I by thy darts am slain
But Christ has conquered thee / And I shall live again

Capt. Jesse Barrett / died Nov. 11, 1844 AE 82
Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord (veteran marker)

In Memory of Mrs. Esther, wife of Capt. Jesse Barrett
who died Feb 18, 1827 AE 59

In Memory of Alva Barrett  Son of Capt. Jesse and Ether Barrett
Nov. 20, 1806 Aged 3 years

In Memory of Martha Barrett
daughter of
Capt. Jesse and Esther Barrett
who died Sept. 3, 1808 aged 7 years

Sacred to the Memory of Mr. Jesse Barrett, Jr.
Who died Aug 11, 1816 AE 27
Lo in a grave a lonesome cave
Lies a beloved friend
A husband dear a friend most near
Till time shall have an end


Mrs. Sarah Wife of Amos Blood
died Oct 31, 1837 AE 79 (poem unreadable)

Mr. Amos Blood / died December 19, 1840 AE 83
Nor pain nor grief nor anxious fear
nvade thy bounds. No mortal woes
Can reach the peaceful sleeper here
While angels watch the soft repose

L. ----?? Pepperell


Nancy, wife of Samuel D. Blood
died January 17, 1881 AE 80 years
Dear one thou hast left us
There is gloom in every spot
Oft do we speak of thee
But thy voice it answer not

Samuel D. Blood
died Feb. 22, 1843    age 44 years and 5 months
Why do we mourn departing friends,
Or shake at death's alarm?
'Tis but the voice that Jesus sends.
To call them to his arms.

Betsey dau of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Boynton   died Jan 29, 1815 AE 23
Rachel dau of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Boynton   Sep 5, 1807 AE 5
In Memory of Mr. Elias Eliat and Mrs. Ruth, his wife
Eliat died Feb 23, 1785 in the 78 year of his age
Mrs. Eliat died Dec. 3, 1794 aged 85 years
The sweet remembrance of the just
Shall flourish tho' they sleep in dust
FLAGG   INSCRIPTIONS (copied by J. Flagg Newton)

Amos FLAGG Nov 1, 1866 age 82
Hannah FLAGG, wife of Amos, May 28, 1859, age 75
Mary FLAGG, Nov. 11, 1832, age 91
Children of Amos and Hannah:
Albert FLAGG, Dec 4, 1818, 5 yr 4 mo
Emeline FLAGG, Dec 21, 1818, 2 yr

Eliab FLAGG, Jan 27, 1890, age 77
Mary E. FLAGG, wife of Eliab, July 12, 1897, age 75

Josiah FLAGG, May 30, 1824 in the 74th year of his age
Esther FLAGG, wife of Josiah, Aug 6, 1832, age 68
------ Sept. 26 18_?_, age 70 (illegible)
Esther FLAGG (wife of Thomas Hodgman)
B: Oct 27, 1795 D: July 16, 1827

Stanley A. FLAGG, 1871 - 1944
Doris M. FLAGG, his wife, 1868 - 1965

Charlotte [FLAGG], wife of Asher Elliott 1801 - 1888
[FLAGG] son of John and Mary, June 28, 1856, age 20
Abigail [FLAGG] their dau. Sept 11, 1838, 3 yr

Father James FLAGG
B: July 13, 1845  D: April 3, 1892

Andrew J. FLAGG  Oct 28, 1876  41-8-12
Willette W. FLAGG  March 14, 1882   21-5-6

Erected in Memory of Mrs. Rhoda wife of Mr. James Gilman
who died Nov 10, 1823 in the 68 year of her age
Sickness some long time I bore
Physicians were in vane
Till death did seize and God did please
To ease me of my pain

Emma F. died Feb. 19, 1864 AE 9 years 6 mo
Sarah J. died Jan 26, 1864 AE 3 years 5 mo
Children of
WR and CP Gilman
In Memory of Mrs.Elizabeth wife of Mr. Daniel Hill
who died July 12, 1827 AE 55 years

Daniel Hill died Nov 11, 1841 AE 78

Lydia Hill daughter of Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Elizabeth Hill
died Feb 7, 1819 age 8 years

An infant son of Mr.
Daniel and Mrs. Elizabeth Hill
died July 4, 1796

Mr. David Hill (broken)

Elizabeth Chamberlin
Born Mar 29, 1800 died Dec 19, 1887

Dau Daniel
and Elizabeth Russell Hill
Sylvester Putnam her first husband
died July 25, 1846 AE 47 years


In Memory of Miss Phebe Russell
Dau. Of Mr. Josiah and Mrs. Eunice Russell
who died July 12, 1814 AE 18

In memory of Thomas Rufsell
son of Mr. Jason Rufsell and Mrs. Elisabeth, his wife
who died Feb 26th 1785 aged 7 years 8 months and 26 days
We scare enjoy the balmy gift / But mourn the pleasure gone

Thomas Russell died July 31, 1863 AE 78
Mary his wife died Mar 23, 1863 AE 79

In memory of Mr. Jason Russell / who died Sept 25, 1825 AE 83
A soldier of the American Revolution
He was with Capt. Manne at Bunker Hill (veteran marker)

Remember Death
In Memory of Mrs.
Elisabeth Russell wife of Mr. Jason Rufsell
who departed this life May 24th 1799 aged 54 years and 7 days
Within this grave a lonesome cave / Lies a beloved friend
A parent dear, a wife most near / Till time shall have an end
We hope and trust she'll rise from dust / To everlasting day
When Christ our head awakes the dead / And calls his saints away

Mrs. Elizabeth Rufsell

William Russell son of Jason Russell
born Oct 6, 1779 died Dec 13, 1849


Rodney son of Mr. Leonard and Mrs. Lucy Reed
died Dec 26, 1817 AE 10 mo.
Happy infant early blest / And in peaceful slumbers rest


Ruth, daughter of Stephen and Lucy Spaulding
died Mar 17, 1836 AE 16 years


In memory of Mr. Thomas Tarbell
who died Jan 10, 1827 AE 75 year 3 mo and 2 days

Sarah, wife of Thomas Tarbell
died Oct 13, 1842 AE 86

Lydia W. wife of Lemuel Tarbell
died Dec 28, 1863 AE 77 years and 6 mo

Lemuel W. Tarbell
died June 11, 1834 AE 20 years

Joseph A. Tarbell
died 4/8/1853 AE 37 years

George Tarbell
died Oct 5, 1883 AE 39 years

In Memory of Mrs. Mary, wife of Mr. Edmund Tarbel
who died February 9, 1785 AE 36


Rachael wife of Jonathan Williams
died June 24, 1790 AE 59 years
erected by her daughter Polly Shedd

Jonathan Williams
died Mar 18, 1821 AE 85
erected by his daughter Polly Shedd

Ruth dau. of Jonathan and Rachael Williams
died April 28, 1846 AE 73
erected by her sister Polly Shedd

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