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Mason Biographies

Ephraim, Gershom, Ebenezer, Eliab, Isaac, Josiah, and others

1. Ephraim FLAGG was born in Woburn or Wilmington, MA on the 9th of Nov. 1735. He was the son of Gershom FLAGG and Lydia WATERS. He married Ruth CONVERSE (parentage still unclear) in 1757 in Wilmington, MA. They had two known children, Gershom and Ebenezer, but there may have been other children. Ephraim farmed over 58 acres of land in Wilmington which he sold between 1784 - 1785. He may have moved to Reading, MA for a time before moving to Mason to join his son, Gershom, who had already located in eastern Mason around 1792. Ephraim died 12 Dec 1814 at age 79 and Ruth, his wife, died 2 Jan 1816 age 82; both in Mason.

Ephraim's ancestry is as follows: Ephraim5, Gershom4, Ebenezer3, Lieut. Gershom2, Thomas1. To see an outline of Thomas' descendants (does not include this Ephraim) click here.

2.1 Gershom FLAGG was born 3 June 1758 in Wilmington, MA. He lived a short time in Andover, MA before moving to Mason. In Andover he married Sarah FISH on 21 Sept 1780. They had the following known children: Samuel, Sarah, Ephraim Waters, Mary Johnson, Lydia Waters, Rachael, Ebenezer Johnson, Polly, Hannah, Martha, Eliza, Elvira, and Susan. [There may have been other children and Polly may have been Mary.] Many of these children lived in Mason. Gershom was a Revolutionary War Soldier and died between 1832-1837 in Mason. His wife died in Mason in 1837.

2.2 Ebenezer FLAGG was born 28 Sept 1763 in Wilmington, MA. He married Rebecca SHELDON on 14 Oct 1790 in Reading, MA. He and his wife moved to Mason with his father, Ephraim. Ebenezer died 20 Dec 1847. His wife, Rebecca, died 3 Jan 1861 while living with her daughter, Eunice SMITH, in Boston.

They had the following children all born in Mason: Rebecca F., Ebenezer Jr., Clarissa, Charlotte, John, Cynthia, Eunice, Sukey?, Eliab, Eliza Ann. SEE BELOW:

Ebenezer is listed in Dr. William Barber's Medical Journal. To see a portion of this page click here.

Rebecca SHELDON's ancestry is as follows: Ruth7, Ephraim6, Ephraim5, William4, Ephraim3, William2, Godfrey1. Information from the SHELDON Family Association.

Submitted by R. Owings .... Sources: Hill: History of Mason, NH; Mason Town Records; Paige: History of Cambridge, MA; Cutter: History of Arlington, MA., Revolutionary War Pension Papers, +other. Email her to share data and for complete sources. The above is still being researched.

Children of Ebenezer FLAGG and Rebecca SHELDON:


3.1 Rebecca FLAGG
born: 1 May 1790 in Mason, NH
Married Amos HOWARD 18 April 1814, Mason,NH
Child: Emeline HOWARD b: 1819

b: 1789
d: 15 Jan 1849 Westminister, Worcester, MA
lived in Westminister and Sterling, MA

3.2 Ebenezer FLAGG Jr.
born: ca 1795 prob in Mason, NH
died: 1 Dec. 1848 Mason, NH
married: 15 Oct. 1828 Mason, NH


3.3 Clarissa FLAGG
born about 1796 prob. Mason, NH


3.4 unknown son
born May 1797 Mason, NH [Journal kept by Rev. Ebenezer Hill]


3.5 Charlotte FLAGG
born about 1801 in Mason.
married Asher Eliott on 5 August 1819 and they lived in Mason all their lives, farming.
She died at 87 and both she and Asher are buried in Pole Hill Cemetery in Mason.
Children: Eliza Elliot, Joseph P. Elliot, Martin Elliot and Lucy E. Elliot.

born: 1797-9
died: 1870 Mason, NH
occupation: laborer

3.6 unknown child
born 1803 Mason,NH
[Journal kept by Rev. Ebenezer Hill]
Possible that this is Milly .


3.7. John Flagg
born in March 1805 in Mason.
He married
Mary (Polly) Eliott on 31 Dec 1826 in Mason.
John died of consumption 31 May 1887 in Ayer, MA, age 82.
John and Mary lived their lives in Mason, raising 11 known children.
Their children were:
Andrew Jackson, Abigail, Warren, Elizabeth (Lizzie), Sarah J., James Monroe, Almira (Susan), Freeman, and Willis J..

Mary (Polly) Eliott
died 1 April 1885 in Mason, NH

4.3 Andrew Jackson FLAGG was the son of John FLAGG. Andrew was born ca 1834 in Mason. He married in Nashua, NH to Sophronia Ann SHATTUCK on 3 Oct 1857. They had the following children: Nellie Hannah Estella, Francis Willette, Orrin Simon, Annie, Waldo Augustus, and Rossie Stanley America, all born in Mason.

Andrew died in Mason on 2 Oct 1876 at the age of 42. Stanley married Doris M. and they lived in Mason all their lives, prominent in Mason affairs until the 1940s.

To the left is a photo of Sophronia Ann Shattuck. The daughter of Abraham SHATTUCK and Eunice [Jefts] Creighton, she was very proud that her father was a Revolutionary War Soldier. She was a member of the DAR. This photo was taken in the early 1900's in Mason.

Go to the CREIGHTON page for more information on these families.

3.8 Cynthia FLAGG
born: by 1807
Cynthia is listed in Dr. Barbor's book on 24 Jan 1808. From this I presume her to be a daughter. A girl was born 7 Nov 1806, no name given, but this could be Cynthia's birth.


3.9 Eunice FLAGG
born: 26 July 1809 Mason, NH [Dr. Barber's journal]
died: 5 Nov 1883 Boston, Suffolk Co., MA [VRs of MA]

died after 1861
Jacob was living in Mason in 1860: page 8 "cost of the poor off the farm: Jacob Smith for boarding widow Rebecca Flagg" Report for year ending 1 Mar 1860

3.10 Sukey FLAGG
born: 1812 Mason, NH
Suky is listed on Ebenezer's page for the following dates: 7 July 1812 and again on 21 Nov 1819. [Dr. Barber's Journal]
birth of child: 1812 [no month recorded] to Ebenezer Flagg [no sex, or name given] I assume this birth to be Suky. [Journal of Ebenezer Hill]


3.10 Eliab FLAGG son of Ebenezer and Rebecca FLAGG
born in 1813 in Mason, NH
died 27 Jan 1890 buried in the Old Village Cemetery in Mason next to the Church.
married: Mary E. HILL on 1 Jan 1847 in Mason, NH [a, b]]

Mary E. HILL
born: 19 Feb 1822, Mason, NH (daughter of
Daniel6 Hill)
died: 12 July 1897 Mason, NH
buried in Old Village Cemetery, Mason, NH
"E" probably stands for Elizabeth, her mother's name

Children of Eliab and Mary FLAGG


4.1 Albert D. FLAGG
...... b: Dec 1846 prob. Mason, NH
...... d: 27 March 1919 Mason, NH
Children: Carrie Bell FLAGG b: 17 Mar 1875

b: ca 1858 Lynedborough, Hillsborough Co., NH

4.2 Augustus FLAGG
.... born: 20 Nov 1850 Mason, NH
.... died: 3 March 1926 Goffstown, NH [b]
....... Mabel (b: ca 1873)
....... Pheba E. (b: 11 July 1878)
....... Lizzie (b: 1886)
....... Kittie (b: 1888) [c]

born: 1853 Alexandria, Grafton Co., NH [b, c]

4.3 unknown FLAGG
.... born: 18 Feb 1853 in Mason, NH
.... prob. died before 1860


4.4 Curtis FLAGG
... born: 1854 / 1856 in Mason, NH
... died: after April 1883 Mason, NH
....... Andrew A., (b: ca 1879)
....... Ana Elsie (b: 10 Nov 1881)
....... unkn (b: 13 Aug 1885)
....... Robert Wilbert (b: 9 Sept 1887)
[1880 census]

Nellie Hannah Estella FLAGG
born: 27 June 1858, Mason, NH
died: 9 Aug 1896 Peterboro, NH
Her mother was Sophronia A. SHATTUCK
Her father was Andrew Jackson FLAGG 4.3 (son of John FLAGG 3.7)

4.5 Mary E. FLAGG
born ca 1858/9 in NH [prob. Mason, NH]
died after 1905
"Mrs. Homer Bills of Brookline, NH is visiting her sister, Mrs. Charles Wilkinson" 7 April 1905 [a]

born: ca 1853
he was a cooper "Of New Ipswich,NH" [a]

4.6 Charles H. FLAGG
born: 10 June 1861 Brookline, NH
died: 28 Nov 1912 Mason, NH [Thanksgiving Day]
buried: Pleasant View Cemetery, Mason, NH

Killed by a train on Thanksgiving Day; worked for and killed on the Boston and Maine Rail Road at the "Greenville Branch" + newspaper article:
Fitchburg Sentinel, Nov 29, 1912: "Charles Flagg Instantly Killed - On the arrival of the down midday train, Thanksgiving Day, Undertaker J. L. Farrar was called to Mason to attend to the body of Charles Flagg who had been instantly killed by the train which passed over the body at the deep cut just across tje state line in New Hampshire. The man was lying across the track in the cut and the trainmen coming around the quick curve did not see him in time to stop the train. Both legs were amputated and the body was badly mangled."

Finis Francis WRIGHT
adopted by Alexander CREIGHTON
daughter of Charles L. WRIGHT
born: 11 March 1867 in Mason, NH
died: 21 Aug 1947 Templeton, Worcester Co., MA
Married 1st to John STONE .... 3 June 1884 in Townsend, MA (he died)
Married 2nd to Charles H. FLAGG .... 6 July 1889 in Mason, NH
Married 3rd to James S. AKER .... 23 June 1913 Townsend, MA
Married 4th to Albert Freeman MOORE .. 17 Jan 1925 Keene, NH

Children of Charles & Finis
all born in Mason, NH

1. still born FLAGG son b: 10 Nov 1889

2. Herbert Henry FLAGG ........ 25 April 1891 - 20 April 1967
..... 9 children with Bessie

Bessie Viola Shepard ...... 2 Aug 1897 NH -- 11 Feb 1952 MA

3. girl FLAGG ...... 4 Jan 1893 - 11 Jan 1893

4. Minnie Ora FLAGG ........ 19 May 1895 - 29 Nov 1962
.......... 5 children (3 died young)

Thomas James MANSFIELD ..... 24 April 1982 Canada -- before 1948

5. Dora M. FLAGG ......... 18 April 1897 - 1961
........ 9 children with Albert Aker

Albert H. AKER ...... 11 June1892 -- Nov 1968

6. Eva FLAGG ......... 2 July 1898 - 2 Feb 1916

unmarried - died in Goffstown, NH

7. Cora Frances FLAGG ....... 12 April 1900 -- 15 July 1919

unmarried - died in Wrentham, MA died of valvular heart disease

8. Pearl E. FLAGG ........ 24 Aug 1902 -- 31 Mar 1993
.......... 9 children with W. St. Francis

1st .. William St. FRANCIS ... 21 Mar 1898 -- April 1962
2nd .. William J. MOLIS .... 1909 -- 1999 ... married 21 years

9. Irving Warren FLAGG ....... 7 June 1904 -- 20 Feb 1976
........... WWWII vet, Private, 1942, Army, Medical Distarge

Eveline Mary LEDGER .... ca 1906 Canada ---- 12 April 1994

10. George Hammond FLAGG ..... 1 Nov 1905 -- Dec 1981

Grace Irene WILKINSON .... ca 1899 CT -- ?

11. unknown ....... 1907 in Mason

12. Charles Lewis FLAGG ...... 13 Aug 1908 -- May 1976
...... 9 Children

Ruth M. WEIGHTMAN .... 17 April 1914 VT -- 8 Sept 1990 NY

13. Harold H. FLAGG .... 6 April 1909 -- 23 June 1909

4.7 Nellie F. FLAGG
born: 1864 Mason, NH

.Homer A. BILLS
born in Townsend, MA
died after 1890

[a] Town Records of Mason NH
[b] VRs of NH
[c] Federal Census Records

3.11 Eliza Ann FLAGG
born: 26 Feb 1814 Mason, NH
Marriage not recorded.
28 June 1835 Boston, MA [IGI]

Charles STONE


Isaac FLAGG was born between 1745-48 at Weston, MA. He married Keziah RUSSELL on 9 Dec 1772 in Mason. Keziah's parents have not been determined, although we know she was born in Mason. Isaac began his Revolutionary War service on 19 April 1775 at Weston when he marched on the alarm under Capt. Samuel Lamson's company. He enlisted as a private. Isaac lived in Mason and was on Mason tax rolls until about 1795. He probably moved to Camden, ME for a time. He died on 7 Sept 1837 in Northport, Waldo Co., ME. Their children included: Isaac FLAGG, Jr and Andonijah FLAGG.

Isaac FLAGG, Jr was born in Mason on 13 May 1778 and married Nancy THOMPSON in Camden, ME.
Andonijah FLAGG's date of birth is unknown. He married in Mason to Elizabeth LIGHT who was born in Mason ca 1783. Andonijah (AKA: Adanigah) moved to Northport, ME where he had three children.

Submitted by Bruce Connors.
Bruce would appreciate any additional information on Isaac and Keziah.

Josiah FLAGG was born in Worcester, MA on 13 Dec 1750, (the son of Josiah FLAGG and Elizabeth HILL) He married first in Holden, MA 30 June 1788 to Eunice BARBER in Worcester, MA. Eunice was the sister of Dr. Willis Barber, who was a doctor in Mason. Three daughters, Eunice, Elizabeth and Mary Ann were all born in Worcester. Eunice died 13 Dec 1785 in Worcester, probably in childbirth with son, Josiah, Jr.

On 30 June 1788 Josiah married for the second time to Esther WETHERBEE (daughter of Paul WETHERBEE and Hannah PIERCE). Daughters, Hannah (b: 27 Jan 1788), Nancy (b: 6 June 1792), Esther (b: 30 Oct 1794) were all born in Worcester.

Josiah first showed up in Mason tax rolls in 1796. He was a stonemason, and his house is still standing in Mason. Two more daughters, Sally, (b: 11 Jan 1797) and Polly (b: 30 June 1799) were born in Mason. Josiah died in Mason 30 May 1824 and his wife, Esther died 6 Aug 1832. Both are buried in Mason.

Hannah married William WEBBER, 21 Feb 1811 in Mason. She died 17 Jan 1863 in Mason.
Nancy died 5 Oct 1861, age 69, of "dropsy", unmarried.
Esther married Thomas HODGMAN, Jr, 27 Dec 1821 in Mason. She died 16 July 1827 in Mason.
Sally married Isaac BROWN of Cambridge, MA in Mason.
Polly married Amos HODGEMAN, of Pepperell, MA, in Mason on 9 Oct 1823.
Josiah Jr died 5 Dec 1863 in Mason, probably unmarried.

Submitted by R. Owings ... Research is ongoing on this family.

William Bruce FLAGG was born in New Ipswich, Hillsborough Co., NH on 17 May 1770. He was the son of Elijah FLAGG and Abigail (BRUCE?). He married Ruth SEAVER (1775-1853) on 2 June 1798 in Townsend, MA. In Mason town records he is often refered to as "Cort" which indicates some military experience. He first shows up in the Mason Tax Rolls in 1805 and appears in Mason Town Records frequently. Their children appear to be: Milley (b: 1799), Nancy (b: 1800), William B. Jr. (1802-1811), two more children who died age 9 & 4, Eliza Spaulding, Lucinda, Mary Going, Otis Seaver, Frederic Augustus, The last 5 children were baptised in the Congregational Church in Mason on 26 March 1813. It is possible that some of these children were nephews/nieces. William died in Mason 1 May 1836 and is buried in Mason. His will is filed with probate records, Vol. 43, 1835-1849. The following were listed as heirs: Ruth, his wife, daughters: Milley KNAPP, Eliza Spaulding BROOKS, Lucretia WRIGHT, Mary Going FLAGG, Abigail Hannah FLAGG and sons: William Bruce, Jr Flagg and Frederick Otis Flagg. William Bruce Jr. moved to Fitchburg, MA where he married Mary C. Fuller in 1845. Frederick Otis lived in Clinton, MA and was a traveling salesman. He married Mary Ann Whitney in New Ipswich, NH.

Submitted by R. Owings .... Research is ongoing on this family.

Mystery FLAGGs in Mason
There were other early FLAGGs in Mason. If any one can shed light on these mystery FLAGGs, please email me!

Josiah FLAGG there appears to be a third Josiah FLAGG in Mason early records. This Josiah is listed in Mason Tax Rolls for the years 1796, 1797, 1798. Wyman's Genealogies of Charlestown, MA lists a marriage record for Josiah FLAGG "of Mason, NH" to Margaret HOLDEN. The marriage took place on 17 Aug 1794 in Reading, MA which is the same place where Ebenezer's (above) marriage took place and only 4 years later. Could it be that this Josiah is another son of Ephraim, above?

Theodore FLAGG appears in Dr. William Barber's record book for May 1821 through March 1822. One note is a visit to "Bowman." Theodore is also mentioned in the Town Records in a land record. In Lynnfield VRs there is a Theodore and wife Polly HART. One of their children is a Bowman. Could this be the same Theodore? Could it be that Theodore is another son of Ephraim?

Elijah FLAGG is listed in the 1821 Mason Tax Rolls as "Dr. Elijah Flagg." Was he the father of William Bruce?

Amos FLAGG born ca 1814 / died 1 Nov 1866 and is buried in Mason. His wife was Hannah born ca 1784 died 28 May 1859. Children: Albert (1813-1818) and Emeline (1816-1818). This information comes from a tombstone record in Mason. Amos is also in Dr. William Barber's books. Was Amos a son of Elijah?

Frederick FLAGG He apparently married Nellie H.C. (not sure what H.C. stands for). They had a son, George E. Flagg, who was born 24 July 1880 in Mason however, died 12 days later. (NH VRs). Would like to know who Frederick's parents were.

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