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Joseph Creighton was born sometime before 1800, although no record of his birth has been found.
He married
Eunice JEFTS about 1811, although again, no record has been found. Eunice was the daughter of Benjamin JEFTS and Juda DEGRETT. She was born in Mason about 1799.
No record of Joseph's death has been found. Joseph is listed in the Mason 1820 census with his wife and two children. Joseph and Eunice had four children. The second child, was born in 1819, but nothing is known of this child, and it is assumed that the child died young. The other three children and their families are listed below.

Mason Town Records, pages 268 - 269, 328 and 333: Reference to Sally Creighton, William Creighton and Joseph Creighton: "Conditions which the selectmen made for the poor for 1826: Whoever bids them of are to provide for them in sickness and health. In health suitable food drink lodging and house room firewood and clothing their clothing at the end of the term for which they undertake to maintain them is to be equal to what it was when they receive them. In Case of sickness they are to have proper nursing and suitable necessary clothing and medicine in addition to what they are to have in health. In case of death the town will bury them they are to recieve pay no longer than they keep them. The children to have all the schooling the district affords when they are bid off."

Joseph may have died soon after 1822 and Eunice had a child in 1829, named Amasa ELLIOTT. Amasa's father is unknown at this time, but he may have been William ELLIOTT? She married 2ndly to Abraham SHATTUCK probably about 1833 or 1834, perhaps in Washington, NH. Abraham SHATTUCK was much older than Eunice, having been born in 1759. He was a Revolutionary War Soldier. The following excerpt was found among Abraham's Revolutionary War Papers:

Military Records of Abraham Shattuck: "I, Eunice Elliot, wife of William Elliot and formerly widow of Abraham Shattuck, a soldier of the war of the Revolution and at the time of his death a Pensioner of the United States, do hereby relinquish all claim which I might have had to Bounty land under the law of March 3rd 1855 at the widow of the said Abraham Shattuck and request that the sume may be granted to America Shattuck and Sophronia A. Shattuck who were miner children of the said Abrahma on the third day of March 1855. They haveing applied with my consent for the a fore said Bounty land." [28]

Abraham and Eunice had three children:
..... #1 America SHATTUCK
[28] born 7 July 1835 probably in Washington, NH
...... #2 "another dead child"
[from Abraham's pension papers]
...... #3 Sophronia Ann SHATTUCK born 27 June 1839, Washington, NH
[10] [12] [164] [28]
...............died 22 Dec 1924 in Mason, NH [158] buried in Pleasant View Cemetery
................ married:
Andrew Jackson FLAGG on 3 Oct 1857 in Nashua, Hillsbrough Co., NH
......................Children: click on Andrew to see a photo of Sophronia and see a list of their children.

When Abraham SHATTUCK died on 10 March 1841 in Washington, NH, at the age of 81, Eunice married William ELLIOT. They were married on 24 Oct 1841 in Bellows Falls, Windham Co., Vermont. [28] In the 1860 census he was listed with Eunice as a farm laborer, age 71. He died some time after 1860. Eunice died 11 Nov 1870 in Mason, NH at the age of 71. [This William was apparently not the father of Amasa]

See the excerpt below:
Military Records of Abraham Shattuck: "State of New Hampshire, county of Hillsborugh
"On this first day of September A.D. one thousand eight hundred and fifty five personally appeared before me a Justice of the Peace, within and for said State and County, Amasa Elliot aged 26 years a resident in Mason in the State of New Hampshire who being duly swrorn declares that he is older Brother and next freind to America Shattuck, and Sophronia Shattuck Miners and children of Abraham and Eunice Shattuck, and the said America Shattuck declares that he is twenty years old having been born on the 7th day of July A. D. 1835 and that his sister Sophronia Shattuck was born on the 17th day of June 1839 and that there are no other children of the said Abraham within the age of twenty one years that their father Mr. said Abraham Shattuck was a private in the war of the Revolution in which he served seven years as they have been informed sand fully believe and that he was a Pensioner of the United State for military service, rendered during the Revolutionary War and they would respectfully refer the Commissoners of Pension to the eardence [?] filed in the department by the said Abraham in his application for a pension. That their said Father died at Washington in the State of New Hampshire on the 17th day of March A.D. 1841 and that his widow Eunice Shattuck mother of the applicants was in the 24th of October A.D. 1841 married to Wm Elliot at Bellows Falls in the State of Vermont by Russell Hyde Sigr a Justice of the Peace. The original certificate of marriage which has remained in their mother's posession is here with sent that their said Mother is still living in Mason New Hampshire with his for named Husband Wm Elliot and his wife and with whome the applicants above reside. They make this declaration for the purpose of obtaining their bounty lands to which the said America and Sophronia may be entitled under the act approved March 3rd 1855. They also declare that they have made no other application for or received any bounty land warrant under this or any other act of Congress

[signed] Amasa Elliott .... next friend
[signed] America Shattuck .. claimant for himself and Sophronia Shattuck"

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Child #1 of Joseph CREIGHTON and Eunice JEFTS: William Alexander Creighton

William Alexander Creighton was born in Mason on 28 March 1812. When William was 14, the Town Selectmen put William, his sister, and brother up for adoption to the town's folk. Apparently, his father Joseph had disappeared or died. His mother seems to have moved up to Washington, NH. William was in the town records for 1826-1828 as a "farmed out" child. See quote above.

In 1840, when William was 28, he married Sara Ann BARRETT, the daughter of Levi BARRETT and Sally BALDWIN. Sara was born about 1821 in Washington, NH. The family was very poor, as were many families in Mason. William was a farmer and also did odd jobs around town, such as road work. He bought land in Mason from Alvah P. BARRETT who may have been related to his wife.

William and his wife had 10 children. The first child died the first year in 1841. their fourth child, Alvah, died of measels in Boston within a few months of joining the 13th NH Infantry. In 1865 Sarah filed for a pension as the mother of Alvah. And in 1878, William applied for a pension for the same reason. It was stated in the pension papers that he was elderly and quite ill. He died on the 13th of Feb. 1889 at the age of 70y 10m 13d in Mason. He is buried in the Old Pratt Cemetery. Sarah his wife died in Dec 1877. William's probate records lists 5 of his children. His son, George was appointed as exceutor of the property.
Their children are listed below:


#1 Child born 1841 died 1841, perhaps at 15 days old [10] [136]

#2 George L. CREIGHTON was born 30 Aug 1842 in Mason. When he was 21 he married Martha M. HOLDEN in Townsend, MA on the 28 Aug. 1864. Martha was the daughter of Abner Holden and Rachel -?-. George was a farmer and worked in a granite quary. He was a soldier in the Civil War, although records still need to be found. His date of death is unknown except it was probably before 1922. [10, 135, 167]

They had 6 children:
1. Minnie M. (1865- ?),
[12, 164]
2. Georgie L. (1867- ?)
[12, 164]
3. Cora A. (b 1870- )
[12, 164]
4. Clemina M. (1873- ?)
[12, 164]
5. unknown child (1875- )
6. Emma (1876- )

#3 Joseph Chester CREIGHTON [10] [137] was born 7 Sept 1844 in Mason, NH. He married about 1870 to Clara M. LEE. [12] [134] He lived in Mason for 24 years before his death on March 2, 1904 in Mason.[164] He is buried in Pratt Cemetery. He is mentioned in various Mason Town Reports as worked on the roads.

They had 5 children:
1. Nellie (1871 - ?)
[164] married Alfred ELLIOTT [173]
2. William J.(1876- ?)
[12] worked as a stave sawyer [12]
3. Arthur J.(1880 - 1887)
4. Harry C. (1884-1916)
[12, 134] killed in an accident, married Georgiana A. DOCKAM in 1905 [134] three children
5. Hammand G. (1887 - 1974)
[12, 62]


#4 Alvah B. CREIGHTON [10] [12] [167] was born 25 Nov 1847 in Mason, NH. On 2/3/64 he mustered into Unassigned NH 13th Infantry; He died of disease on 13 April 1864. His tombstone can be viewed here.

#5 Sarah E. CREIGHTON [10] [12] [135] [167] was born 3 June 1850 in Mason, NH. She died 2 April 1928 in Mason and is buried in Pratt Cemetery. She had a child, Finis Francis, perhaps by a Charles L. WRIGHT, although no marriage record has been found. She married Michael McCabe [135] on 2 Nov 1868, probably in Mason, NH. Michael was from Ireland. Michael may have died. [135] They had a child born before 1870, but it probably died young, after 1872. Sarah married secondly to Charles H. Hartwell,[135] on 16 Sept. 1872 in Mason. Charles was born ca 1851 in Nelson, Cheshire Co., Mass. He was a stone cutter. [135] Charles died before 1900. [14]

Sarah's Daughter:
[Finis apprently was adopted by her grandfather. On her marriage records she listed her father as Charles L. WRIGHT.]
born: 11 March 1867 in Mason, NH, died: 21 Aug 1947, Templeton, MA, buried in Ashburnham, Worcester Co., MA
married 4 times (out lived 3 of them)
#1.... John STONE ... married about 1884, he was from Canada, he died after 1887
..........child: Mary b: ca 1885, died at age 2 on 1 July 1887 in Mason
#2 .... Charles H. FLAGG [164] ... married 6 July 1889 in Mason, NH, he was killed by a train on Thanksgiving Day, 28 Nov 1912 (Click on his name to see his family info)
..............13 children:
..................1. Son - still born (1889) [11]
..................2. Herbert Henry FLAGG (1891-1967) [11, 62]
......................... married Bessie Viola SHEPARD, 8 children
..................3. (a girl) FLAGG (1893) lived 7 days [11, 164]
..................4. Minnie Ora FLAGG (1895-1962) [165]
.........................married Thomas James MANSFIELD [165], 6 children
..................5. Dora M. FLAGG (1897-1961) [164]
.........................married Albert H. AKER [62], 9 children
..................6. Eva FLAGG (1898-1916) [10, 164] 2 children
..................7. Cora Frances FLAGG [10, 164] (1900-1919)
..................8. Pearl E. FLAGG (1902-1993) [10, 164]
..........................married William St. FRANCIS, 5 children
..................9. Irving Warren FLAGG (1904-1976) [164]
.........................WWWII Vet, married Eveline M. LEDGER
.................10. George Hammond FLAGG (1905-1981) [10, 164]
......................... married Grace Wilkninson (divorced)
.................11. (unknown) FLAGG
.................12. Charles FLAGG (1908-1976) [10, 164]
.......................... married Ruth WEIGHTMAN, 9 children
.................13. Harold H. FLAGG (1909) [10] died at 18 days
James S. AKER (b: ca 1865 - before 1925) married 23 June 1913, Townsend, MA [164] children
#4 ...Albert Freeman MOORE (b: ca 1878- 1954) married 17 Jan 1925, Keene, NH [164] children


#6 Finis D. CREIGHTON, was born 12 Jun 1853 in Mason, NH. and died 31 Oct. 1863. Died age 10yr 5mo 15d; died of a fever [10, 164, 176]

#7 Willis W. CREIGHTON was born in Mason on 2 Sept 1856 and died in Goffstown, NH on 5 July 1937 at age 80. He apparently never married. [12, 164, 167]


#8 Clinton McCellan CREIGHTON [12] [134] [164] was born 8 Nov 1862 in Mason. He died of pnumonia on 16 June 1902 at the age of 39. He was a laborer and worked as a quarryman. He married Alice May LEE on 9 Sept. 1882, Townsend, MA. [164]
Alice had a difficult time managing 9 childern after Clinton passed away and split up the children among other family members.

Children: (Some of these children may be the same. At times they went by middle names or nicknames and other times they went by first names in the various censuses and other records. This has made it difficult to identify them correctly.)
.......1. Carrie M. (1883-1953) [164] married John BARBEE, 2 children
.......2. Clinton C. (1884- ? ) [164]
.......3. Elmer C. (1884 - ?) [12]
.......4. Annie (Grace? or Gertrude?) (1886 - ?) [12, 164]
.......5. Etta Evelyn (1888- ) [12, 164]
.......6. Maud (1891 -?) [Birth record says she is the 5th child] [12, 164]
.......7. Grace M. (1892) [Birth record says she is the 6th child] married Clarence GERRY, 2 children
.......8. Daisy B. (1895- ?)
.......9. Walter A. (1897- 1963) [12, 62]
......10. Mable (1897-1988) [62, 11] married Asa REED
......11. Edith (ca 1900-1974?) married Aloria CHOUINARD and 2nd ?, 4 children
......12. Fred W. (ca 1902 - ) [12]
......13. Gertrude Ann (?) married Percy FLOYD [165]

#9 William H. CREIGHTON [134] [164] was born 1 Aug 1866 in Mason, NH. He is buried in Pratt Cemetery although the date is unknown. May have lived in Lynn, Mass.?


Child #2 of Joseph CREIGHTON and Eunice JEFTS

This daughter may be the Sally CREIGHTON below. The birth record says she was born 24 March 1819 in Mason. [167, 136]
No further record of her can be found, so if this child is not Sally below, she may have died young.

Child #3 of Joseph CREIGHTON and Eunice JEFTS: Sally (or Sarah) CREIGHTON

Sally (or Sarah) CREIGHTON
The birth record says she was born 15 Sept 1820 in Mason. [10, 167]. [See quote above. ]
She married before 1843 to Charles AUSTIN. He was born about 1818 [12]. They had 5 children:

......1. Louisa AUSTIN (1843- ?) [12]
......2. Albert AUSTIN (1845 -) May have been the Albert Austin who was killed in 1863 during the Civil War. [62]
......3. Mary AUSTIN (1847 - ?) [12]
......4. Charles AUSTIN (ca 1848 -?) [12]
......5. Alonzo B. AUSTIN (1853-1920) [12, 174] married Eunice C. HASKILL,
.............son: Charles A. AUSTIN who married Sarah H. CREIGHTON (born ca. 1872) [173]

Child #4 of Joseph CREIGHTON and Eunice JEFTS: Joseph P. CREIGHTON

Joseph was born 10 May 1822 in Mason, NH. [167] [See quote above. ]
He married on 18 Sept 1845 in Lowell, Mass. to Laurinda CHAPMAN.
He and Laurinda moved to Vermont sometime between 1845 and 1860 living in Danville and Cabot. [176, 177]
Joseph P. CREIGHTON died between 1870 and 1880 as Laurinda was listed as a widow in the 1880 census.

Their children:
......... 1. Clara CREIGHTON, born in Vermont about 1842 [176]

......... 2. Edith J. CREIGHTON born 6 Nov 1848, in Waterville, VT; died between 1920 - 1930; [176, 177, 12, 14, 178, 179]
.....................married 1st Longley J. SPOFFORD about 1874. He died before 1887.
...........................daughter: Maud E. SPOFFORD, b: April 1882 in NH; died before 1920 in Laconia, NH
.................................Maud married Bert GLEASON 16 Dec 1896. Lived in Laconia, NH [14, 178]
.................... married 2nd: H.B. Dockham in Concord, NH on 27 Oct 1887.

........ 3. Julius CREIGHTON born aoubt 1852 in Vermont. [177, 12, 14, 179, 180]
................... married: Katie F. -?- about 1879. They lived in Peterboro, NH and Northfield, NH.
.........................children: Eugene Julius CREIGHTON, Kate F. CREIGHTON, Susie A. CREIGHTON [census records]

.........4. Orpha CREIGHTON, born about 1855, in Vermont [176, 177]

......... 5. Benjamin CREIGHTON, born about 1863 in Vermont [177]



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