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Lacey is our second-oldest dog. Born January 18, 1998, she comes from championship stock, and recently won her own AKC championship in September, 1999. (Lacey is on the left in the photo, with Shasta.) We have show pictures and puppy pictures below, as well as a couple of portraits.

Lacey, le plus agé sauf un de nos chiens, est née le 18 janvier 1998. D'origine champion, elle a gagné le prix "AKC Champion" en septembre 1999. (Lacey se trouve à gauche dans la photo là-dessous, avec sa "soeur" Shasta.) Voir photos de concours et comme petit chien en bas.


Lacey's Show Pictures

Lacey was a bit of a slow starter on the show scene, but once she got the hang of it she finished with a flourish. These pictures show the 3-day weekend in Utah (September, 1999) where she gained 11 points to finish her championship. The handler is Marie Santos.


Friday: 3 points
Great Salt Lake Cocker Spaniel Club


Saturday: 4 points
Bonneville Basin Kennel Association


Sunday: 4 points & Championship
Bonneville Basin Kennel Association


Lacey's Puppy Pictures

We recently unearthed the following photos from Lacey's puppyhood!

Lacey and her littermates (she is second from left)


Lacey with Martha






With Shasta


Bronx cheer


Tug of war

Portrait Gallery

These pictures were taken by a specialist in dog portraits.


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