Shasta the Wonder Puppy

Shasta was born on September 1, 1995, to a breeder in Temecula, California named Gillian Molson. We are very proud of her.

You'll notice that (especially in the bottom two puppy pictures) as a newborn her head was black on top. Now, however, most of the black has disappeared (see the more recent picture above) leaving a classic beagle brown color.

Shasta has "buried" her chew toys all over the house. She also tends to leave several of them on our bed at night, leading to a great clattering when Martha and I wake up and disturb them. (Note: Shasta sleeps in her crate at night, next to the bed, but we frequently let her spend some time on the bed with us before she goes to sleep.)

Our friend Harlan showed Shasta for a time, and she loved it, but we decided to retire her in 1999 because she wasn't competitive in the beagle conformation ring. See her show picture below. We've also added some portraits of Shasta.

Puppy Pictures

Is this a cute face, or what?

That's my wife Martha in the left picture.

That's me in these two pictures. Shasta was only ten weeks old when these were taken.


Show Picture

Shasta had the best "show attitude" imaginable - she would get out there in the ring and march proudly like she owned the place. Unfortunately, her head is a bit narrow by formal breed standards, and it was a struggle to get championship points. We finally decided to retire her (a has-been at age 4!) in 1999.

Here's her first 1-point win in 1998:

Portrait Gallery

These pictures were taken by a specialist in dog portraits.

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