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Jasper Crane (1605 - 1681)

Alice ?

Jasper Crane was born in England about 1605. He came to America in the 1630s, possibly on the ship, Arabella. He was one of the original settlers of New Haven CT. He took the Oath of Fidelity at the organization of the Government with Gov. Eaton and others. Jasper held the office of Deputy for many years and was elected Magistrate in 1658.

In March 1641, he received a grant of 100 acres in the "East Meadow." In 1652, he moved to Branford CT and was one of the first two deputies to the General Court in May 1653. From 1658 to '63 he served as magistrate. In the Spring of 1666, after the New Haven Colony became part of Connecticutt, Jasper moved to Newark NY. By January 1667, he had taken up his permanent home at Newark where he was first president of the Town Court. At a drawing for land 6 Feb 1667, he drew lot 49, his son, Deliverance drew lot 40, and son, John lot 62. In January 1668 he was chosen a magistrate. A warrant was issued to Jasper on 1 May 1675 for 103 acres in Newark, and on 25 Aug he received a patent for another 168 acres.

Jasper's will, dated 1678 and proved in 1681 names three sons, a daughter and a wife, Alice. Three other children (marked below with an asterisk) are not mentioned in the will.

Their children were:

   John Crane           b. about 1635 in England.
   Hannah Crane         b. about 1639; married a
   Deliverance Crane*   b. 12 Jul 1642 lived in
                           Newark NJ.
   Mercy Crane*         bpt. 1 Mar 1645.
   Micah Crane*	        bpt. 3 Nov 1645.
   Azariah Crane        b. 1649 lived in Craneville NJ
                          (now Montclair).
   Jasper Crane         b. 2 Apr 1651; m. Joanna Swain


Jasper Crane ( 1651 - 1712 )

Joanna Swain ( 1651 - 1720 )

Jasper Crane Jr. was born 2 Apr 1651 in East Haven, New Haven Colony CT. He was about 16 when his family moved to Newark NJ.

About 1675, he married Joanna Swain, daughter of Captain Samuel Swain and Joanna ?, born about 1651.

He and his brothers "owned seats" in the first Church of Newark (Presbyterian). From 1697 to 1702, he held various offices, such as fence viewer, surveyor of highways, Constable, Selectman and deputy to the Provincial Assembly. He received two warrants of land totalling 120 acres in 1694-96, and located in a part of Newark called Cranetown (now Montclair). In 1704, Jasper was was a member of the Assembly, and was also a magistrate.

Jasper died 6 Mar 1712, nearly 62 years of age. Joanna died 16 Sep 1720.

The children of Jasper and Joanna, listed in his Will were:

   Joseph Crane         b. 1676; married Abigail Lyon
   Jonathan Crane       b. 1678
   Sarah Crane          b. 1683; married Joseph Wheeler
   Elihu Crane          b. 1689
   Hannah Crane         b. 1690; married Robert Ogden
   David Crane          b. 1693


Joseph Crane (1676 - ?)

Abigail Lyon

Joseph was married about 1704 to Abigail Lyon, daughter of Joseph Lyon.

He was a magistrate for many years. His name appears as a charter member of the incorporation of Newark NJ on 27 April 1713.

Their children were:

   Benjamin Crane	b. 1705; lived in Elizabeth NJ.
   Isaac Crane		b. 8 Oct 1709; lived in Newark,
			and was a printer.
   Hezekial Crane	b. 8 May 1711; died about 1794.
   Isreal Crane		b. 2 Jan 1713; died 1 Aug 1785
   Josiah Crane		b. 2 Jan 1716
   Joseph Crane		b. 28 Dec 1717; married
			Elizabeth Johnson
   Joanna Crane		b. 8 Sep 1718; married Samuel
   Abigail Crane	b. 1 Apr 1727


Benjamin Crane (1705 - 1777)

Sarah ? ( 1709 - ? )

Benjamin was born in Newark NJ about 1705. He married about 1728, Sarah (surname unknown) who was born 11 August 1709. They lived in Elizabeth NJ until his death 14 Jul 1777 at age 72.

Their children were:

	Hannah Crane	b. 20 Nov 1729
	Abigail Crane	b. 20 Dec 1731; married a Beach
	Stephen Crane	b. 9 Oct 1733
	Sarah Crane	b. 1735; married a Hayes
	Josiah Crane	b. 16 Jan 1738
	Benjamin Crane	b. 4 Feb 1740 (twin)
	Elizabeth Crane	b. 4 Feb 1740 (twin)
	Moses Crane	b. about 1753


Moses Crane (1753 - 1835)

(1) Sarah Peters ( ? - 1794 )
(2) Susannah (Turner) Porch

Moses was born about 1753. He married first, Sarah Peters.

During the Revolutionary War he served as a Private in the Essex County Militia in Captain Thomas Williams' Company in Col. Van Courtlandt's 2nd Regiment from 22 Jul to 20 Aug 1780.[1] In a 1 March 1920 article, the Boston Evening Transcript states, Ezra Grinnell (b. 1795) often told of his old Grandfather Crane, serving in the Revolution, being the only survivor of his company, returning home after enduring many hardships.

Moses was an intinerent Methodist minister.

About 1793, Moses moved to Edinburg, Saratoga County NY, near where his brother, Benjamin lived in Galway. Sarah died the following year, and he moved back to New Jersey, though to the southern part of the state. Here he married a widow, Mrs. Susannah (Turner) Porch on 21 Jan 1796.

Moses died in Franklinville, Gloucester County 5 Jun 1835 at age 83. He is buried in the Zion Methodist Church Yard in Porchtown.

There are five known children by Sarah and two by Susannah:

   Stephen Crane	b. 1776 in Poughkeepsie NY;
			married 1793 to Elsie Grinnell
   Jane Crane		b. 1777 in Poughkeepsie; married
			(in a double ceremony with
			Stephen) Isaiah Grinnell
   Lottie Crane         m. Stephen Carr
   Sally Crane          m. Isaac Cady
   Moses Crane          b. about 1782.
   Benjamin Crane	b. 1797; married Elizabeth
			(surname unknown); died 1870.
   Matthias Crane       b. 3 Jul 1802; married in 1824
                        Phebe Sharp; died 10 Nov 1867.


Jane Crane (1777 - 1866)

Isaiah Grinnell ( 1773 - 1861 )

Jane was born in Poughkeepsie, Durchess County NY in 1777. In 1793, she married Isaiah Grinnell in Edinburg, Saratoga County NY in a double wedding with their siblings Stephen Crane and Elsie Grinnell.

Isaiah and Jane lived in Edinburg until about 1799 when the family moved to Augusta Township in Oneida County, living in or near Oriskany Falls NY. They moved again about 1808 to Pompey, Onondaga County, then to nearby Fabius Township, and finally about 1819 to Spafford in the same county. They resided in Spafford for more than 40 years.

Isaiah died 19 Jan 1861, followed by Jane on 24 May 1866, both aged 89 years. They are buried in the Borodino Cemetary, north of Spafford.

Isaiah and Jane had twelve children:

   Ezra Grinnell	b. 14 April 1795 in Edinburg,
                        Saratoga County NY. He married on
                        18 Jan 1815 Lucretia Leonard

   John Grinnell        b. 4 Dec 1796 in Edinburg. He
                        married Praxanna Tinkham about

   Betsey Grinnell      b. 18 Mar 1799. She married
                        Alanson Tinkham 11 Jan 1821.

   Chloe Grinnell       b. 17 Jun 1801 in Augusta Twp.,
                        Oneida (now Oriskany) County. She
                        married first, Relly Tinkham,
                        brother of Alanson, and second,
                        John Gale

   Major Grinnell       b. 18 Jul 1803. In 1821, he
                        married Betsey Fisher

   Amos Grinnell        b. 18 Feb 1805 in Augusta. He
                        married Rosemund Whaley

   Anna Grinnell        b. 12 Jul 1807. She married
                        Weston Wetherbee

   Eliza Grinnell       b. 26 Dec 1811. She married first,
                        William Tyler and second, a Dr.

   Seymour Grinnell     b. 8 Nov 1813 in Fabius. He
                        married Eliza Babcock

   Sally Grinnell       All that is known about Sally is
                        that she was born in 1816 and that
                        she married Elisha Griffin.

   Ansel Grinnell       b. 30 Aug 1818 in Spafford. He
                        married twice, first, to Asenath
                        Bennett, and second, to Emeline
                        Kinyon Monk.

   Jane Grinnell        b. 21 May 1821; died 1822

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