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Updated 3/29/03


The William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine is published quarterly by William and Mary College, at

Williamsburg, VA.  These issues are very old and in some cases the pages may be uncut.  Approximately 80 – 90 pages each. Postage is $1.75 per issue.  Additional issues will be 50 cents.  Shipped at book rate.  Some include additional material not listed below.


JANUARY, 1934 – SECOND SERIES, VOL. XIV, NO. 1 - $ 5.00


The Birthplace of George Washington

William and Mary College, Account in Manuscript Ledger Found in Barlow House

Early Palmers of Virginia

Mayo Portrait by John Durand (does not include photo of it)

A Mocking Bird and Dickens

Genealogical and Historical Notes from Supreme Court Cases

Winston Dalton’s Register

Notes from Caroline County Records

Taylor Family of King William County, Virginia

A Lost Picture: From a Manuscript of Miss Roberta Page Saunders, Daughter of the late Robert Saunders of Williamsburg

The Southern Educational Revolt

The Poythress Family

Reminiscences of Rachel Moorman Green


JANUARY, 1943 – SECOND SERIES, VOL. 23, NO. 1 –$5.00


The Fish and Fisheries of Colonial Virginia (third installment)

The Ordinaries of Colonial Yorktown

The Anthropological  Position of the Indian Tribes of Tidewater Virginia

The Colonial Churches of Isle of Wight and Southampton Counties, Va. (with 2 maps and 1 plate)

Where Did Jefferson Live in Paris?

Diary of Philip Johnson Buckner, M.D. with Notes

Some Westmoreland County Marriages, 1691-1692

OCTOBER, 1943 – SECOND SERIES, VOL. 23, NO. 4 - $ 6.00


The Ethnological Significance of Tindall’s Map of Virginia, 1608

George Mason, Westerner

Unpublished Mazzei Correspondence During His American Mission to Europe 1780-1783

The Fish and Fisheries of Colonial Virginia (sixth installment)

The Colonial Churches of King and Queen and King William Counties (with 8 plates)

Daniel Bryan, Poet

Which Hugh Jones?

Port Towns of the Pamunkey (with 1 map and 4 plates)

Legal Holidays Peculiar to Colonial Virginia