Updated  6/12/04

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The following are back issues of The Palatine Immigrant, a quarterly publication of A National Society For German-Speaking Ancestry. Postage is $1.75 per issue plus $.50 for each additional issue. Approximately 50 pages each issue. Some include additional material not listed below.

MARCH, 1996 - VOL. XXI, NO. 2 - $ 3.00

Diary of a Voyage from Habitzheim In the Grand Duchy of Hessen to Baltimore in North America - Heinrich Haas 1831

Immigrant Ancestor Register

Pirmasens - Shoe Capital of Germany

The Thaeter Family of NY - Where Did They Go?

The Call Name Was More Important and Less Changeable

Old Timber Frame Building - Germany(photo)


DECEMBER, 1996 - VOL. XXII, NO. 1 - $ 3.00


Tracing the Wegner Family from Pomerania

Immigrant Ancestor Register

Ostfriesian Research: American Sources and Suggestions

Baumgartners and Others of Schwaigern bei Heilbronn


JUNE, 1997 - VOL. XXII, NO. 3 - $ 3.00

Pomeranian Records

Governor's Island: Palatine Port of Entry

In Search of Peter Ihrig's Forbearers

Immigrant Ancestor Register

From Schleswig-Holstein to Australia

When is a Name Right?

Pitfalls and No End to Them

Germans to America - 50 Volumes that are not to be trusted - Addition

Passenger List Research Using the Glazier/Filby Index - The Lindenberg Family of Columbus, OH

Searching for Mohr or Maurer? Try Moore


SEPTEMBER, 1998 - VOL. XXIII, NO. 4 - $ 3.00

Visiting Your Ancestral Village

Immigrant Ancestor Register

William Gundry Broughton

The Association for Gravestone Studies

Dahn, Germany Family Registry 1500-1725

Report of a Journey - Muhlhausen, Germany to Baringhup, Australia