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The following are back issues of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly magazine. Postage for each magazine is $1.75, plus $ .50 for each additional. Approximately 55 to70 pages each issue. Some include additional material not listed below.

DECEMBER, 1968 - VOL. 56, NO. 4 - $ 5.00

Creating a Worthwhile Family Genealogy

Santo Domingo Passports, 1799-1801

Richmond County, Georgia Land Court - 18 Sept. 1784 - 6 Aug. 1787

Willson, NC Pensions



MARCH, 1978 - VOL. 66, NO. 1 - $ 5.00

Auguste Grasset of La Rochelle, London, and New York City

Parentage and Ancestry of Sir George Yardley and Temperance Flowerdew

Kennebec County, Maine, Naturalizations

Advertisements for Missing Relatives in Der Christliche Botschafter, 1839-1865

Genealogical Gleanings in England

Grantees of Indian Lands in Georgia, 1775

Marriages From the Western Citizen, Paris, Bourban Co., KY, 1826-1866 (cont.)

Runaways, Excerpts From the Pennsylvania Gazette, 1775-1783

Family Data in Some Pennsylvania Land Patents, 1760-1763 (cont.)

Northern California Bounty Land Grantees Under Acts of 1847-1855 (cont.)


JUNE, 1978 - VOL. 66, NO. 2 - $ 5.00


(Some highlighting in articles)


James Grasett (ca 1665-1726) of Barbados (cont.)

Slaves Birth Records, Kings County, NY, After 1800

South Carolina Jewish Marriage Settlements, 1785-1839

Rockingham Co., NH Naturalizations

Genealogical Gleanings in England

Some Emigrants to Georgia, 1774-1775

Natchez Loyal Volunteers, 1781

Some Virginia and New York Loyalists, 1776

Some Georgia Loyalists, 1773-1776

West Florida Royal Foresters, 1780

Some New York Loyalists, 1777

Runaways, Excerpts From the Pennsylvania Gazette, 1775-1783 (cont.)

American Administration and Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1761-1770 (cont.)

Northern California Bounty Land Grantees Under Acts of 1847-1855 (cont.)


MARCH, 1979 - VOL. 67, NO. 1 - $ 5.00

Professional Ethics in Genealogical Research

A Professional Code for Genealogical Libraries and Librarians

Ontario Genealogical Resources

Oral History, Its Utilizatoins in the Genealogical Research Process

Genealogy in the Province of Quebec

Index to Vol. 66, 1978

Resident Aliens Enabled to Hold Land in New York State 1790-1825

Genealogical Gleanings in England

Voyage of the Alexandria From Maryland to Whitehaven 1759

Funding of the Company for the Propagatino of the Gospel in New England

Dowling's Company, Royal Nova Scotia Volunteers 1780

The Hanbury Family, Virginia Merchants

Valentine Peyton of Virginia, 1660

Voyage of the Hope to Virginia 1666

John Marley, Merchant of New York 1793

JUNE, 1979 - VOL. 67, NO. 2 - $ 5.00

David Gay (1739-ca.1815) of Onslow, Nova Scotia, and Lincolnville, Maine

AllanFamily of Hamilton, Scotland, and Fredericksburg, VA

James and Hulda Jackson of Goochland Co., VA

Richard Virgin of Massachusetts, 1696

George and William Grissett of Brunswick Co., NC (cont.)

Runaways, Excerpts From the Pennsylvania Gazette, 1775 - 1783

Family Data in Some Pennsylvania Land Patents, 1760-1763 (cont.)

Some Emigrants to Oregon, June 1844

Northern California Bounty Land Grantees Under Acts of 1847-1855 (cont.)



DECEMBER, 1979 – VOL. 67, NO. 4 - $ 5.00


Professional Quality in Genealogical Research, The Mayflower Society Five Generations Project

Sheppard-Adams Family Bible Record

Peter Brown of Windsor, Conn. Not a Mayflower Descendant

Deserters, Dischargees, and Prisoners of War From the British 7th Regiment of Foot (Fusiliers) During the American Revolution

Black Birth Records, New Castle County, Delaware, 1810-1853

Stone-Disbrow Family Bible Record

Early Settlers of Cumberland Township, Nova Scotia (concluded.)

Some Early Residents of Baltimore, Maryland, 1785-1795 (concluded)

Steckman Family Graveyard Inscriptions

Genealogical Gleanings in England

            Privy Council Papers

            Some Early Inventories

            Some Passenger Lists for 1861

            Graham Frank and Ann (Routh) Butler of Virginia, 1756

Spanish Enlistment Papers of New Mexico 1732-1820 (cont.)

Northern California Bounty Land Grantees Under Acts of 1847-1855 (cont.)



 MARCH, 1980 - VOL. 68, NO. 1 - $ 5.00

Some Trends in Genealogy

Some Early Settlers of Rowley, MA

Detroit 1762 Census

Baptismal Records of St. Peter's Church, New York City, 1787-1800

Ulster County, New York, Court Records, 1779-1782

American Administration and Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1781-1790 (cont.)

Spanish Enlistment Papers of New Mexico 1732-1820 (cont.)

Northern California Bounty Land Grantees Under Acts of 1847-1855 (cont.)


SEPTEMBER, 1980 –VOL. 68, NO. 3 - $ 5.00


Angus McAllister (ca. 1670) of Lancaster, Mass., and Londonderry, NH

Newspapers as a Genealogical Resource

Albany County, NY, Court of Oyer and Terminer, Minutes, March 1781

American Administration and Probate Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, 1791-1799 (concluded)

Baptismal Records of St. Peter’s Church, NewYork City, 1787-1800 (concluded)

McCain/McKean-Crooks Family Bible Record

The First Fifty-Two Years of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA 1809-1861 (cont.)

Maryland Runaway Convict Servant’s 1745-1780 (cont.)


MARCH, 1981 - VOL. 69, NO. 1 - $ 5.00

Personal Computers for Genealogists

Some Marriage and Death Notices From Die Christliche Zeitschrift, 1839-1848

Prudence Stockton, Wife of Edward Holyoke 1612

A Revolutionary War Muster Roll Springfield, MA 1777

Records of Junius Friends Monthly Meeting, Seneca and Wayne Co., NY

New Jersey Naturalization Records 1838-1844

Flushing, NY 1688 Rate List

Genealogical Gleanings in England

Cade Family of Warwick Co., VA

The First Fifty-Two Years of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA 1809- 1861 (cont.)

Maryland Runaway Convict Servants, 1745-1780 (cont.)

Northern California Bounty Land Grantees Under Acts of 1847-1855 (cont.)



DECEMBER, 1981 - VOL. 69, NO. 4 - $ 5.00

Henry Kobel (1712-1755) of Berks Co., PA and the Kobel Massacre (cont.)

David Holt of Chesterfield Co., VA and John Holt of Williamsburg and New York City

A Sutton Family of New Jersey and Upstate New York

Some North Americans in the Old Parochial Registers of Scotland

Children in Baltimore Co., MD Court Records, 1682-1721

Genealogical Gleanings in England

American Inventories in the P.C.C.

Some Charleston SC Deponents 1805

The First Fifty-Two Years of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA 1809-1861 (cont.)

Maryland Runaway Convict Servants 1745-1780 (cont.)

Northern California Bounty Land Grantees Under Acts of 1847-1855 (cont.)

Index, Vol. 69, 1981



JUNE, 1982 - VOL. 70, NO. 2 - $ 5.00


Finding Elusive New Englanders

Emigrants From Laubenheim, Germany, to New York in 1709/10

New York City Quarter Sessions Court Minutes, 1722-1742

Genealogical Gleanings in England

Hugh Swinton of South Carolina, 1735

Carpenter of Virginia

John Herbert of London and Virginia 1677-1695

The First Fifty-Two Years of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Alexandria, Virginia 1809- 1861 (cont.)

Northern California Bounty Land Grantees Under Acts of 1847-1855 (cont.)



SEPTEMBER, 1982 – VOL. 70, NO. 3 - $ 5.00


Slaves and Masters: The Louisiana Metoyers

Scottish and English Immigrants to the Georgia Frontier, 1774-1775

Some Cumberland County, PA Naturalizations

On Getting Involved with Computers – Some guidelines for Genealogists

Defaulting Jurors in New York City, 1784-1799

DECEMBER, 1982 - VOL. 70, NO. 4 - $ 5.00

Anglos and Anglo-Americans in Early Alabama

The Origin of the Carrington Family of Virginia

Descendants of Jonathan Swann of Charles Co., MD and Caroline Co., VA

Early Settlers of the Nottingham Lots

The First Fifty-Two Years of St. Paul's Episcopal Church, Alexandria, VA 1809-1861 (cont.)

Index to Vol. 70, 1982



SEPTEMBER, 1984 - VOL. 72, NO. 3 - $ 5.00


Jacob Fluck of Middletown, Frederick Co., MD and His Flook and Fluke Descendants

Some North Americans in the Old Parochial Registers of Scotland

New York City Apprentices 1792-1794 (cont.)

Genealogical Gleanings in England

John Vassall and His Descendants

A Double Merriman Emigration

The Gough Family of Maryland

Northern California Bounty Land Grantees Under Acts of 1847-1855

DECEMBER, 1984 - VOL. 72, NO. 4 - $ 5.00

Peter Decker (ca 1711-1773) of Sussex Co., NJ, and Some of His Descendants

New York City Apprentices, 1797-1801 (cont.)

Captain Thomas Pemberton (ca 1655-ca1717) of Maryland and Delaware

The Validity of Genealogical Evidence

Genealogical Gleanings in England

Tyrrell of New Kent Co., VA

Rawlins and Van Wyck Families of Baltimore

English Bankrupts with American Connections

Death Notices from the Western Citizen, Paris, Bourbon Co., KY 1826-1866

Index, Vol 72, 1984



MARCH, 1985 - VOL. 73, NO. 1 - $ 5.00


William Marshall of Baton Rouge and His Mulatto Descendants

Genealogical Gleanings in Scotland

Thomas Gordon (1652-1722) of Perth Amboy, NJ

Scottish Indentured Servants to America

Indenture of Neill Campbell 1758

Genealogical Data in Registers of Deeds

Some German-Speaking Immigrants in Ohio and Kentucky, 1870-1871

Bristol Co., MA Probate Records, 1698-1710

Some Dutchess Co., NY Early Residents 1735-1772

Genealogical Gleanings in England

John Sheffield Maryland Trader, 1692-1702

Death Notices from the Western Citizen, Paris, Bourbon Co., KY 1826-1866 (cont.)


JUNE, 1985 - VOL. 73, NO. 2 - $ 5.00


Wilhelm Knepper (1691-1766) and His Descendants in Franklin Co., PA

Abraham Family of Charlestown and Marblehead, MA

Naturalizations and Denizations in Colonial Virginia

Ulster Co., NY 1798 Tax List

Death Notices from the Western Citizen, Paris, Bourbon Co., KY 1826-1866 (cont.)

Captain Christopher Benson's First Independent Company of New York Rangers 1777-1782



SEPTEMBER, 1985 - VOL. 73, NO. 3 - $ 5.00


Who Was Sampson Winch?

John Simmons of Orangeburg Township, South Carolina, 1735-1759

The First Settlers on the North Fork of the Edisto River, South Carolina

Genealogical Gleanings in England

Carpenter of Virginia (cont.)


MARCH, 1986 – VOL. 74, NO. 1 - $ 5.00


Clark, Hunting, and Wheelock Families of Dedham, MA: Some English Clues

Dunham Family Bible Record

Illinois Settlers and Their Origins

Some Seamen From New York to Foreign Ports, April-May, 1807

Some Americans in the Danish West Indies

Early Hallenbeck Families of Luzerne County, PA

Research in France

Hempfield Township 1789 Tax List, Westmoreland Co., PA

Genealogical Gleanings in England

            Voyage of the Royal Briton to Maryland 1763

            John Comrin, Mariner of Boston, New England, 1765

            John Whitaker, Transportee to America

            Elizabeth Martin, Would-Be Transportee 1766

            Mackenzie & Steuart of Virginia 1751

            Edward and Dorothy Juckes of South Carolina 1711

            Correspondence of Henry Gambier of London 1720-1731

            Inventory of Goods of Thomas Rubell of Virginia

            Probate of Will of Thomas Harwar of Virginia 1704

            Administration of John Ackarly

            Administration of Thomas Hasted of Virginia 1706

            Estate of Colonel Samuel Barwick of Barbados 1673



DECEMBER, 1986 - VOL. 74, NO. 4 - $ 5.00


William Young of South Farnham Parish, Essex Co., VA 1677-1697

Crews of Some 18th Century Rhode Island Whalers

David Melville of Boston and Newport

Prussian Settlement in Marquette and Green Lake Counties, Wisconsin, 1858-1907

Roman Catholic Church Records and the Genealogist

Deserters, Discharges, and Prisoners of War From the British 16th Regiment of Foot (Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire) During the American Revolution

The Brothers John and Andrew Rose of Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Sailors in Dukes County, MA Ports in 1850

Genealogical Gleanings in England (cont.)

Schoharie District, New York, 1780 Tax List

Bristol County, MA Guardianship Records ;1751-1755

Index to Vol. 74, 1986



MARCH, 1987 - VOL. 75, NO. 1 - $ 5.00


From Maria to Bill Cosby: A Case Study in Tracing Black Slave Ancestry

A Master Plan for North Carolina Research

Grolet-Gurule< Los Franceses of Nueva Mexico

Two Thomas Baxters and Their Sons, Also Named Thomas

Some North Americans in the Old Parochial Registers of Scotland


SEPTEMBER, 1987 - VOL. 75, NO. 3 - $ 5.00

Interpreting Headrights in Colonial-Virginia Patents: Uses and Abuses

The Jena Choctaw: A Case Study in the Documentation of Indian Tribal Indentity

Genealogical Research in Texas: A Bibliographical Guide

Henry Howland of Duxbury, MA, 1633, His Children and His Grandchildren (cont.)

East Florida Emigrants to the United States, 1780's



MARCH, 1988 - VOL. 76, NO. 1 - $ 5.00


James Johnson alias Ingram (ca. 1749-1795): A Southern Odyssey

The Thomas Selby Families of Boston, Massachusetts and Stratford, Connecticut

Genealogical Research in Mississippi

Maritime Records in the National Archives: Civil Archives Division, 1789-1900

Some Immigrants from Rottweil, Wurttember, Germany: 1849

JUNE, 1988 - VOL. 76, NO. 2 - $ 5.00

Genealogical Research in Florida

David Finley (1754-1848): Correcting the Record

Jacob Rieser of Cumru, Berks County, Pennsylvania (1726-1793) and His Descendants

Documentation for Afro-American Families: The Records of the Freedman's Savings and Trust Company

Gold-Rush Wagon Trains: 1849-1850 Migrants to California

SEPTEMBER, 1988 - VOL. 76, NO. 3 - $ 5.00

The Domingan Kettle: Philadelphian-Emigre Planters in Alabama

Migration along the Maine-New Brunswick Frontier: A Case Study of Colonial Shaws

Genealogical Research in California

American-Indian Genealogical Research in the Midwest: Resources and Perspectives

Computers and Genealogical Scholarship: Have the Twain Yet Met?

Genealogical Gleanings in the British Isles


JUNE, 1989 – VOL. 77, NO. 2 - $ 5.00


The Adeustone-Rogers Families of Virginia: Tracing a Colonial Lineage through Entailment and Naming Patterns

Genealogical Research in Colorado

When a Revolutionary War Pensioner’s Claim File Can’t be Found

Student Enrollment in Early-American Schools for the Deaf

Mr. John Holmes of Plymouth – Revisited

Kelty-Colt-Parker: Illinois, Georgia and California


SEPTEMBER, 1989 - VOL. 77, NO. 3 - $5.00

Identifying the Revolutionary Soldier: James Downing of Lincoln Co., VA (KY)

Locating the Living: Twentieth-Century Research Methodology

The Search for Mary Ann Spangler: Narrowing a Field of Potential Parents

Finding Manuscript Collections: NUCMC, NIDS, and RLIN

Manuscript Miscellanea

DECEMBER, 1989 - VOL. 77, NO. 4 - $ 5.00

Identifying George P-?- of the Recovery, 1633 (1634)

Using Social Security Records to Test an Italian-American Family Tradition

Nebraska Research

Levy & Ann (Wye) Derrow of Rockingham Co., VA and Some Descendants

Additions and Corrections: Vol. 76, No. 4, Dec. 1988, "Nantucket Vital Records"

Georgia Registrations of Free People of Color, 1819

Bible Records: Cam-Wolmsey, Baltimore, MD; Evert- Weaver, Northumberland Co., PA; Glasier-Matteson; West- True, Clark Co., IN

Index to Vol. 77, 1989


JUNE, 1990 - VOL. 78,NO. 2 - $5.00


Why Should I Read a Genealogical Magazine that has Nothing on My Family?

The English Origin of John Hunting (1602-1689) of Dedham, MA

Backtracking through Burned Counties: Bonds of Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and the Carolinas

Colorado's "Mother Cawker" and Her Offspring


MARCH, 1991 - VOL. 79, NO. 1 - $ 5.00


Genealogy's "Initials" - What Do They Really Stand For?

Certification of Genealogists: A Consumer Report

Drakes of Isle of Wight, VA: Reconstructing an Immigrant Family from Fragile Clues

Genealogical Research in Oregon

Bible Records

Tonkin, Naylor, Hunter-Ebright

In Praise of the Unrecorded Deed


JUNE, 1991 - VOL. 79, NO. 2 - $5.00


Problematic Parents and Potential Offspring: The Example of Nathan Brown

Genealogical Research in Indiana

East Anglian Immigration to New England in 1637: A Hypothesis

Documenting Victims of the Holocaust: A Case Study for Jewish-American Researchers

Genealogical Gleanings in England: Some Early Revolutionary War Prisoners


SEPTEMBER, 1991 - VOL. 79, NO. 3 - $ 5.00


Americans Down Under: Adventurers in Australian Goldfields of the 1850s

Numbering Your Genealogy: Sound and Simple Systems

Revisiting William Young of Essex Co., VA - All of Them!

Naval-Records Research in the National Archives

U.S. Military Marriages in Florida, Cuba, and the Canal Zone, 1894-1912


DECEMBER, 1991 - VOL. 79, NO. 4 - $ 5.00


Cite your sources! uh...cite whose sources?

Probability Analysis and the Ancestral Place of Origin

Pilgrims, Farmers and Ranchers: Marks and Brands as a Genealogical Source

John Bond vs. John Bond: Sorting Identities via Neighborhood Reconstruction

The Genealogical Use of Social History: An Italian-American Example

American Arrivals in London, 1656-57

Index to Vol. 79



JUNE, 1993 - VOL. 81, NO. 2 - $ 5.00


Indexing Family Histories

Research in Tennessee

In Search of the Unappreciated Past: The Ruffin-Cornick Family of Virginia

Genealogical Gleanings from Scotland – Crew & Passengers in ship George to NY 1807

Bible Records: Edmead-Gosden


SEPTEMBER, 1993 - VOL. 81, NO. 3 - $5.00


Using Named Lands to Extend Family Lines: As Illustrated by Wheatley's Content

French Communities in Ohio: Origins, Interrelationships, and Resources

Finding Truth in a Family Tradition: Sumner Antecedents of Demsey S. Goodman

Bridal Names and Other "Inconsequential" Details: A Statistical Glimpse of Legal Laxity in NC

Deceased Americans Recorded by the U.S. Consul at Panama: Jan., 1850 to Dec., 1851


DECEMBER, 1993 - VOL. 81, NO. 4 - $5.00


Finding Origins for Immigrant Females: Chicago's Bertha Roeseke and Her Unremembered Mother

Records of the Poor in Pre-Twentieth-Century New England

"To My Daughter and the Heirs of Her Body": Salve Passages as Illustrated by the Latham-Smithwick Family

Family Reconstitution as a Means of Individual Identification: Ole Anderson Kolvien of Voss, Norway

Update: Some Americans in the Danish West Indies

Liverpool, England, Census of 1871: American Officers & Crew aboard Ships in Port

Index for Vol. 81


JUNE, 1995 - VOL. 83, NO. 2 - $ 5.00


Numbering Your Genealogy - Special Cases: Surname Changes, Step Relationships, and Adoptions

Using "People Finders" to Track Individuals Not Cited Therein: The Example of Georgia's Saunders Worthington

New Light on Francis Plummer of Massachusetts: A Test of Tradition and Conventional Wisdom

Bible Records: Hickman-Brown

Free African Americans in Pre-Civil War "Anglo" Alabama: Slave Manumissions Gleaned from County-Court Records


SEPTEMBER, 1995 - VOL. 83, NO. 3 - $ 5.00


Fundamental Common-Law Concepts for the Genealogist: Marriage, Divorce, and Coverture

Law of the Land v. Copycat Genealogies: What Proves Asahel Drake's Parentage?

The Taliaferro-French Connection: Using Deeds to Prove Marriage and Parentage

Free African Americans in Pre-Civil War "Anglo" Alabama: Slave Manumissions Gleaned from County Court Records (cont.)

Guidelines for the Use of Credentials and Postnomials in Genealogy


DECEMBER, 1995 - VOL. 83, NO. 4 - $5.00


Matthew Cowlin (1840-1925): Ancestral Poetry as Clues to an Immigrant's Origins

Forging Links in a Surveyor's Chain: Samuel M. Scroggins of MO & TN

Alaska's Native Population: Sources for Genealogical and Historical Research

Panunzio's Deportation Cases of 1919-1920: A Neglected Source and an Index

The Ensminger-Robinson Bible

Index for Vol. 83

MARCH, 1996 - VOL. 84, NO. 1 - $ 5.00

A Name Switch and a Double Dose of Joneses: Weighing Evidence to Identify Charles R. Jones

Widows, Stepkin, and Support Networks: Clues to the Unknown Father of Miranda (Taylor) Morris

Lost Boys and Imprudent Young Men: Using U.S. Consular Despatches from Hawaii to Track 19th Century Prodigals

American Seamen Certificates of Citizenship: 1815

Guidelines for Responsible Editing in Genealogy

Bible Records

The John G. Wallace Bible



SEPTEMBER, 1996 - VOL. 84, NO. 3 - $ 5.00


Common-Law Concepts for the Genealogist: Real-Property Transactions

Resolving Conflict between Records: A Spurious Moseley Bible

Raising Heretical Questions about Accepted "Facts": Altmans of Colonial Pennsylvania

Some North Americans in the Old Parochial Registers of Scotland


DECEMBER, 1996 - VOL. 84, NO. 4 - $ 5.00


Migrants and Mill Hands: The Wardrobes of Lawrence, Massachusetts

Maximizing Probate Research: An Analysis of Potential, Using English Records from Cornwall

White Claims for Indian Depredations: Illinois-Missouri-Arkansas Frontier, 1804-32

The Rourk-Griffin Bible

Annual Table of Contents

Annual Index


MARCH, 1997 - VOL. 85, NO. 1 - $ 5.00


Corralling a Family's Woods Colts: Some Strassers (Strawsers) of Ohio

An African-American Odyssey through Multiple Surnames: Mortons, Tapps, and Englishes of Kansas and Missouri

Numbering Your Genealogy: Multiple Immigrants and Non-emigrating Collaterals

William Young Revisited - Yet Again

"Removed to Parts Unknown": Excerpts from Virginia's Final-Pension-Payment Vouchers


JUNE, 1997 - VOL. 85, NO. 2 - $ 5.00


Name Changes within the Melting Pot: The Search for "Frances Vera Gilmore" of Detroit

Family Reconstruction by Filling the Inside Straight: Joseph Walling of Sussex County, New Jersey

A Census Consensus: 1840, Warren County, Missouri

Concerns for the Family-Health Historian

The Rencher-Jones Bible

The Hays-McCullough Bible

Loyalist Refugee Petitions in British West Florida, 1776-77


SEPTEMBER, 1997 - VOL. 85, NO. 3 - $ 5.00


Responsible Publishing: Peer Review Is Not Just for Journals

Southeastern Indians Prior to Removal: An Introduction to Research and Resources

Details, Details, Details: Reviewing Existing Scholarship for Alcock Origins

William Roberts of Maryland: Sidelights from the British Publish Records Office

Cast a Wider Net: A Correction of the Marriage Date of David and Agnes (Linville) Hindman of Pennsylvania

Ira Topping Bible

James Chase Topping Bible

Board for Certification of Genealogists Abandons Term Preponderance of the Evidence

DECEMBER, 1997 - VOL. 85, NO. 4 - $ 5.00

Genealogy's Cornerstones

From Agustina to Ester: Analyzing a Slave Household for Child-Parent Relationships

The Family of Melchior Kim and the Pittsburgh Glass Industry

Wagonmasters Serving the Union during the Civil War

Annual Table of Contents

Annual Index



JUNE, 1999 – VOL. 87, NO. 2  - $ 5.00


Problems in Eden: Privacy and Copyright on the Web

Genealogical Research in Missouri

Too Many Possibilities and Not Enough Records: Finding Parents for Naomi (Sears) Rider of Dutchess Co., NY

Quaker Preparation for the 1752 Calendar Change


DECEMBER, 1999 – VOL. 87, NO. 4 - $ 5.00

George Washington and the Genealogist                                                                                                                        The Fletcher Legends: Using Family Stories to Develop a Family History                                                                        Checking the Authenticity of Cited Documents: A Finley-Hess Hoodwink in Colonial Pennsylvania                                Annual Table of Contents                                                                                                                                             Annual Index

MARCH, 2000 – VOL. 88, NO. 1 - $ 5.00

Genealogical Research in Rhode Island                                                                                                                      “Proving Illegitimacy: Amie, the Daughter of the King’s Favorite, Piers de Gaveston – Not That of His Wife                   Helgoland in the North Sea: Sources for Family Research                                                                                                   Davis-Curry Bibles

MARCH, 2001 – VOL. 89, NO. 1 - $ 5.00

Ancestral Occupations and the Impact of the Workplace on Daily Life: An Application of the Science of Toxicology      Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree: Parents for the Village Blacksmith, Nathaniel F. Sullivan of North Carolina                    A Castle on a Hill? Edwards Lore, Empirical Evidence, and the Real Helen Law of Aberdeen Scotland                      “Cajuns” and Neo-Ethnicity: Concerns of an Acadian-American Genealogist

JUNE, 2001 – VOL. 89, NO. 2 - $5.00

An Interracial Suit for Inheritance: Clues to Probable Paternity for a Georgia Freedman, Henry Clay Heard Sherman Organizing Meager Evidence to Reveal Lineages: An Irish Example – Geddes of Tyrone                                               “Through the Furnace of Affliction”: A Connecticut Family and the New Orleans Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1853                   John Lynde Greene Sr. Bible                                                                                                                                 Descriptive List of Journals, Diaries and Other Contemporary Record Books in Revolutionary War Pension and Bounty-Land-Warrant Application Files                                                                                                                                          Standards for Sharing Information with Others