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The following are back issues of The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, published quarterly by The New England Historic Genealogical Society. Postage for each issue is $1.75, plus $.50 for each additional issue. Approximately 100-150 pages each issue. Some include additional material not listed below.


JANUARY, 1978 - VOL. CXXXII - $ 5.00

Transfer of Culture: Chance and Design in Shaping Massachusetts Bay, 1630-1660

Emigrants from Hertfordshire 1630-1640: Some Corrections and Additions

Thomas Hutchinson's Fight Against Naval Impressment

Records of the Reverend Thomas Cheever

The English Origins of the Cambridge, Massachusetts Errington Family

The Sprague Family of Charlestown, Massachusetts


APRIL, 1978 - VOL. CXXXII - $ 5.00

The Hurds of Boston

The Rockingham Carvings: Folk Ecclesiology in the Upper Connecticut River Valley, 1786-1812

Philip Durrell and His Descendants (cont)

"A Place for my People Israel": Samuel Cooper's Sermon of 7 April 1776

Ebenezer Seymour of Rupert, Vermont and Some of his Descendants (cont.)


JULY, 1981 - VOL. CXXXV - $ 5.00

Genealogical Research in Massachusetts: A Survey and Bibliographical Guide

The Reverend Parsons Cooke and Ware Factory Village: A New Missionary Field

English Exports to New England, 1632-1640: Some Records in the Port Books


OCTOBER, 1981 - VOL. CXXXV - $ 5.00

Genesis and Genealogy Bronson Alcott's Changing views of the Child

The English Origin of George Giddings of Ipswich, Massachusetts

Some Stratton Notes

The Grays of Killingworth and Tiverton

Lineage of Lydia Lincoln, Second Wife of William Chapman of New London, CT

Must this Circle Stay Unbroken? Three Benjamin Wilsons of Rehoboth, MA

William Gifford of Sandwich, MA (d. 1687) (cont.)



OCTOBER, 1982 - VOL. CXXXVI - $ 5.00


The Martyrology of Thomas Hutchinson: Family and Public Life

Thomas Bruce of Sudbury and Marlborough, MA

The New England Ancestry of H.R.H. the Princess of Wales (cont.)



OCTOBER, 1984 - VOL. CXXXVIII - $ 5.00


Researching Nova Scotian Ancestry

Collateral Descendants of John Peck Rathbun

New England Community Studies Since 1960: A Bibliography (cont.)

Chamberlains in the Marbury Ancestry

Ancestry of Jeremiah Scott, the husband of Rebecca Jenckes

Maine Marriages Performed by Rev. Henry Leach



JANUARY, 1986 - VOL. CXL - $ 5.00

The Testament of Richard Mather and William Thompson: A New Historical and Genealogical Document of the Great Migration

Robert Miller, The One-Armed Tailor: Scotch-Irish Immigrant to New England

John Haven Dexter and the 1789 Boston City Directory

Genealogical Notes


Death Notices, 1792


APRIL, 1986 - VOL. CXL - $ 5.00

The Barbados Connection: John Parris and the Early New England Trade with the West Indies

Samuel Howland of Dutchess County, NY and His Children

John Haven Dexter and the 1789 Boston City Directory (cont.)

Genealogical Notes

Records of Blacks and Indians in Old Braintree, MA

Notes on English Origins

Reade, Cleeve



OCTOBER, 1986 - VOL. CXL - $ 5.00


The Daniel Shays Family

Sarah, Mother of Jeremiah Bumstead

The Wives of Boaz Brown, Sr. of Concord, Stow, Dedham, MA

John Haven Dexter and the 1789 Boston City Directory (cont.)

Genealogical Notes

Browne, Ivers

Index of Authors and Subjects

Index of Persons


JANUARY, 1988 - VOL. CXLII - $ 5.00

The Benchley-Bensley Family

The Ancestry of William Hoar of Chester, VT

The 1860 Census of Ward One, Boston, MA: Some Special Features and Flaws

Maine Estate Schedules from Revolutionary War Pensions

Thomas Smith of Ipswich, Massachusetts

Notifications and Warnings Out in Wrentham, Massachusetts


APRIL, 1988 - VOL. CXLII, WHOLE # 566 - $ 5.00

Seventeenth Century Hull, Massachusetts, and Her People

Descendants of Paix Cazneau

The English Origin of Peter and Richard Montague

Joshua Holmes of Stonington, Connecticut (1678-1729)

The Benchley-Bensley Family (cont.)

Maine Estate Schedules from Revolutionary War Pensions (cont.)


OCTOBER, 1988 - VOL. CXLII, WHOLE #568 - $ 5.00

Walter Harris of Wethersfield, CT

Seventeenth Century Hull, MA, and Her People (cont.)

Mr. William Cooke, Father-In-Law of Mr. William Walton of Marblehead, MA

Bible Records: Robinson, Shaw

The Benchley-Bensley Family (cont.)

Maine Estate Schedules from Revolutionary War Pensions (cont.)

Subject Index

Name Index


JANUARY, 1989 - VOL. CXLIII, WHOLE #569 - $ 5.00

The Robichaux Family of Acadia, MA and Maine: A French Connection

Anna Fenton, Wife of William Backus

Possible English Origin of Henry Prenctice of Cambridge, MA

Nicholas Trerise, Mariner, of Wapping and Charlestown

Seventeenth Century Hull, MA and Her People (cont.)

The Benchley-Bensley Family (cont.)


APRIL, 1989 - VOL. CXLIII, WHOLE # 570 - $ 5.00

Were Joseph and Benjamin Parsons and David Wilton of Beaminster, Dorset, England, the New England Colonists?

Bible Records - Thayer

17th Century Hull, MA and Her People (cont.)

The English Ancestry of John Robinson (1612-1675) of Newbury and Haverhill, MA and Exeter, NH, with an Identification of His Wife, Elizabeth Pemberton

The Benchley-Bensley Family

JANUARY, 1991 - VOL. CXLV, WHOLE # 577 - $ 5.00

Ralegh of Farnborough

Mary (Dyre) Ward: Mary (Barrett) Dyre's Missing Daughter Traced

Genealogical Notes

Parsons, Chase

Descendants of Ellis Callender of Boston

Maine Estate Schedules from Revolutionary War Pensions (cont.)

In Search of Fayerweather: The Fayerweather Family of Boston (cont.)


OCTOBER, 1991 - VOL. CXLV, WHOLE #580 - $5.00

The Revere Family

John Edwards of Wethersfield, CT

Part of Kennebec County, Maine, in 1800

A Roll of Arms Registered by the Committee on Heraldry - Tenth Part

Genealogical Notes: Sarah Holmes wife of Samuel Arnold Identified

Index to Authors and Subjects in Vol. CXLV

Index to Persons in Vol. CXLV


JANUARY, 1992 - VOL. CXLVI, WHOLE #581 - $5.00

Captain George Whitehorne and Some of His Descendants

The Widow Frances (Albright) Wells, Wife of Thomas Coleman of Wethersfield and Hadley

Hannah and Her Sisters: Sisterhood, Courtship & Marriage in the Early Eighteenth Century

Two Wives for Josiah Waters

In Search of Fayerweather: The Fayerweather Family (cont.)

Cambridge, Massachusetts, Notifications and Warnings Out (1788-1797)


APRIL, 1992 - VOL. CXLVI, WHOLE #582 - $ 5.00

Beyond the Printed Genealogy: Some Descendants of Sherebiah Ballard

Edward Converseof Woburn, Massachusetts: Notes on His Birthplace and Ancestry

Converse Reverse? The Wives of Jonathan Newhall and Ebenezer Thompson

Revolutionary Pension Correspondence From Rhode Island Archives

In Search of Fayerweather. The Fayerweather Family of Boston (cont.)

Captain George Whitehorne of Boston and Some of His Descendants (cont.)

Abated Taxes in Boston in 1782

Correction to Judge Pynchon's Marriage Record

Figg Baptisms in London, 1777


APRIL, 1993 - VOL. CXLVII, WHOLE # 586 - $ 5.00

William Rogers of Voluntown, CT, and some of his descendants

More Thoughts on the Moulton Family

Elizabeth Moulton, wife of Henry Skerry of Salem

The Mary & John: Developing Objective Criteria for a Synthetic Passenger List

Further Notes on the English Home of the Cor(e)y Family of Rhode Island

The Stockton Family: Ancestry of Prudence (Stockton) Holyoke

Peter Pattee of Haverhill, MA: A "Journeyman Shoemaker" and His Descendants (concluded)

Edward Wilcox of Lincolnshire and Rhode Island


JULY, 1993 - VOL. CXLVII, WHOLE # 587 - $ 5.00

Mormon Angells

The Conant Connection: Part One - Thomas Horton, London Merchant and Father-In-Law of Roger Conant

Eleanor Cogan, the Wife of Walter Deane of Taunton

Vermont Warnings Out

William Rogers of Voluntown, CT and Some of His Descendants (cont.)


OCTOBER, 1993 - VOL. CXLVII, WHOLE # 588 - $ 5.00

English Origins of William and Judith (Tue) Knopp of Watertown, MA

The Family of William and Susannah (Martin) James of Portsmouth and Newport, RI: New Discoveries

William Rogers of Voluntown, CT and Some of His Descendants (cont.)

Sabin-Remington-Hunt Notes

Further Notes on the English Background of John Parmenter of Sudbury and Roxbury, MA

Index to Names in Vol. 147


JANUARY, 1994 - VOL. CXLVIII, WHOLE #589 - $ 5.00

John Blackleach, Merchant, of London and New England

The English Ancestry of Edward Porter of Roxbury, His Sister, Elizabeth (Porter) Johnson, and Their Cousin, Elizabeth (Dowell) Payson

The Gore Family of Roxbury: New Evidence and Suspected Connections

English Background of George & Margery (Hayward) Wathen of Salem, and Their Nephew, William Sargent of Gloucester, Massachusetts


JULY, 1995 - VOL. CXLIX, WHOLE # 595 - $ 5.00

The Hammonds of Rehoboth and Swansea, MA

Elizabeth Bartram, Wife of (1) William Hammond Sr. of Rehoboth and Swansea and (2) Joseph Fiske of Lynn and Swansea, MA

Thomas Varney of Boston and Some of His Descendants (Part 3 - concluded)

Name Changes in Rhode Island 1800 - 1880

The English Ancestry of the Merwin and Tinker Families of New England (Part 1: Miles Merwin of Windsor and Milford, CT


JULY, 1998 - VOL. 152, WHOLE #607 - $ 5.00

The English Ancestry of Peter Noyes

The John Wallis Family of Cape Ann, MA

Mr. Wheelock's Cure

More Harrises of Boston

Thomas and Mary (Healy) Brown of Newbury, MA and their family

The Three Messengers - Clearing the Decks


OCTOBER, 1998 - VOL. 152, WHOLE # 608 - $ 5.00

The Identification of Abigail Finney, Second Wife of Ebenezer Bartlett of Plymouth, and of her father Deacon Ebenezer Finney

The John Wallis Family of Cape Ann, MA (cont.)

Adin Beebe of New London and Hartford, CT

English Ancestry of Nathaniel Heaton of Boston, MA and of his nephew James Heaton of New Haven, CT

Jeffrey Howland, Citizen and Grocer of London

Descendants of Josiah Goodridge (concluded)

Index to Subjects

Index to Names


OCTOBER, 1999 - VOL. 153, WHOLE # 612 - $ 5.00

New England Family Records Broadsides and "The Letterpress Artist" of CT

The 1609-1610 Excommunications of Mayflower Pilgrims Mrs. Chilton and Moses Fletcher

The Descendants of Stephen Bryant of Plymouth, and of His Son-In-Law Lt. John Bryant of Plympton (part 1)

John James of Scituate, MA, Shipwright

When the Vital Records are Misleading: John White and his Wife Rachel Benson of Uxbridge, MA

John Herbert and his son, Captain John Herbert

Block Island Settlers of Joshua's Town, Lyme, CT 1701-1800: Banning, Niles and Tiffany Families (concluded)

Captain Daniel Patrick of the 1630 Winthrop Fleet and Some of his Descendants

The Family of Eliezer and Sarah (Pool) Lurvey of Rockport, MA and Barnard, VT

Index of Subjects

Index of Names



JANUARY, 2001 – VOL. 155, WHOLE #617 - $ 5.00


The Ancestry of the Royally Descended Mansfields of the Massachusetts Bay

William James of Scituate and Boston, MA, Shipwright and Quaker

The Peter Lurvey Family of Essex Co., MA, ME, VT (cont)

Ann Burden, From Dissenting Puritan to Quaker “Troubler”

Mary Fisher, Wife of Jabez Hatch (1709-1763), Wharfinger of Boston



APRIL, 2001 – VOL. 155, WHOLE #618 - $ 5.00


Thomas Clemence of Providence, Rhode Island, and Four Generations of His Descendants

The Peter Lurvey Family of Essex Co., MA, ME, VT (concluded)

The Descendants of Stephen Bryant of Plymouth, and of His Son-In-Law Lt. John Bryant of Plympton (concluded)

Notes on George Allen of Weymouth and Sandwich

Genealogical Notes: Shepard of Taunton, MA

“One Wilson” – Servant of Thomas Beard

Martha Edwards, First Wife of William Cleaves of Beverly, MA



OCTOBER, 2002 – VOL. 156, WHOLE #624 - $5.00


The Middlebrook Sisters: Mother and Mother-In-Law of Michael Wigglesworth

More on the Reyners

English Origin of Edward Garfield of Watertown, MA

Martha Ellsworth, Second Wife of John Osborn of Windsor, CT

Joshua Culver, Revolutionary War Soldier of Wallingford, CT; Wells, VT, and Springfield, OH

Walter and Mary (Fry) Harris of New London, CT (cont.)

Descendants of “King” David Chesebrough of Newport, RI, With Clues to the Identity of His Son-In-Law, Hon. Alexander Grant, Esq. Of Scotland, Newport, Nova Scotia, Jamaica, and London (cont.)


Index of Subjects and Persons in Vol. 156


APRIL, 2003 – VOL. 157, WHOLE #626 - $5.00


The Family of John Archer of Portsmouth, RI

King Philip (Metacom) Redux: Massasoit’s Son or Grandson

Going Through the Side Door: The Irish Origins of Delia (Gordon) Norris of Greenwich, CT

Two Simeon Nuttings of Middlesex County, MA and Their Wives Named Dorothy

Lost Alumni of Yale College: The Non-Graduates of 1771-1805

Identifying the Parents of Eliza DeForest, Wife of Hinman Atwood of Watertown, CT

A Description of New England and the Sea Route to Nova Scotia, Written by Two Scottish Seafarers in 1622

The Family of Elizabeth (Marsh) Ellithorpe of Killingly, CT

The Ross Families of Ipswich, MA

Records of the Suffolk Street Chapel, Boston 1837-1845


JULY, 2003 – VOL. 157, WHOLE #627 - $ 5.00


Elizabeth (Waldo) (Brackett) (Parris?) Walker of Ipswich, Chelmsford, Billerica, Braintree, and Bristol, MA

John and Elizabeth (James) Hyland of Scituate, MA and Some of Their Descendants

Martha (Ruggles) Curtis, Daughter of Benjamin and Dorcas (Whiting) Ruggles of New Braintree, MA

The Ross Families of Ipswich, MA (cont.)

“Lost Alumni of Yale College: The Non-Graduates of 1771-1805 (cont.)

New England Articles in Genealogical Journals in 2001

A Wolcott Correction