Updated 10/24/13

Offered by Green's Used Genealogy Books


The Transformation of American Quakerism, Orthodox Friends, 1800 – 1907, by Thomas D. Hamm. 1992, soft-cover, 261 pages, index.  ($12.00)

Genealogical Research Methods and Sources, by The American Society of Genealogists, Editor Milton Rubicom. 1960, 456 p. ($15.00)

Research in American Genealogy, by E. Kay Kirkham. 1956, 447 p. Dated as far as fees are concerned, by otherwise excellent information. ($10.00)

So Let It Be - Wills 1637 to 1892. Compiled by Harris Slover. 1982, 8.5"x11", 98 p., index, soft-cover. ($10.00)

The Counties of the United States and Their Genealogical Value, by E. Kay Kirkham. 80 p., 1965. A verified and corrected listing showing parent county, county seat and census information for each county with miscellaneous information. ($10.00)

Locating Your Revolutionary War Ancestor – A Guide to the Military Records, by James C. Neagles and Lila L. Neagles, 1983, 236 pages.  Two copies, one hard back and one soft cover.  Soft back is $10.00 and hard cover is $15.00.

Overcoming Dead Ends, by Nancy Ellen Carlberg, 1991, spiral bound, 8 x 12, approx. 300 pages.  This is a huge book and includes about every topic imaginable.  Because of the size and weight of the book the media mail postage will be $10.00.  ($15.00)

The HandyBook for Genealogists, United States of America, 8th Edition, published by Everton.  1991. Well-known reference book, 8 x 12, 326 pages + county maps for every state. ($18.00)

Ancestry’s Red Book, edited by Alice Eichholz. 758 pages, index.  A comprehensive guide to research in all U.S. states and their capitals.  ($30.00)

Becoming An Accredited Genealogist, Plus 100 Tips to Ensure Your Success, by Karen Clifford, AG, 1998, 222 pages, 8 x 12, soft cover.  ($15.00)

Examples of Handwriting 1550-1650, compiled by W.S.B. Buck.  1973, 71 pages, soft cover.  Includes as many varieties as practical, applying to both single letter and spelling of names.  ($7.00)

How to Read the Handwriting and Records of Early America, by E. Kay Kirkham.  1964, 141 pages.   Fills a need for the ability to recognize the peculiarities and the systems of handwriting used in different periods.  ($10.00)

Confederate Research Sources, A Guide to Archive Collections, by James C. Neagles.  1986,  286 pages, soft cover.  Points out what Confederate records there are and their exact location.  ($8.00)

Estate Inventories: How to Use Them, by Kenneth L. Smith.  1984, spiral bound, 8 x 12, 100 pages.  Purpose of this book is to help get as much as possible out of the studying of the inventories of the personal possessions of your forebears.  ($10.00)

Genealogical Abstracts of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Vol. One, 1836 and Beyond.  By Sherida K. Eddlemon.  1995, 114 pages, surname index.  ($10.00)