The following are back issues of Michigan History, published six times a year by the Bureau of History, Michigan Department of State. Postage for each magazine is $1.50, plus $.50 for each additional issue. Approximately 50 pages each issue. Some include additional material not listed below.

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER, 1991 - VOL. 75, NO. 6 - $ 4.00

Living on the Edge (Michigan pushed closer to war)
"This is the Real McCoy!!" (Former servicemen recall bombing of Pearl Harbor)
"An Inferno of Death and Destruction" (Honolulu residents remember surprise attack)
"This Monstrosity Count Not Be Happening" (Michiganians recall first news of Pearl Harbor)
Autos to Armaments (Detroit became the "arsenal of democracy)
Making Sacrificesx (Former Governors offer recollections of World War II)
Reminders of the "Last Good War" (Contributions to history of World War II)
Charles Collingwood (Was born in Three Rivers, MI)

JANUARY/FEBRUARY, 1992 - VOL. 76, NO. 1 - $ 4.00

A Most Persistent Past (Wayne Co. archeological sites)
The Bungtown Canal (Benton Harbor grows because of canal)
A Car Worthy of its Name (Eddie Rickenbacker's pursuit of dream of building automobiles)
Fifty Years of Slavery (Henry Smith describes half-century as a slave in antebellum South)
Slave Quarters in Michigan (Greenfield Village boasts southern slave buildings)
Michigan Goes to War
Rendering Invaluable Service (First Michigan Engineers)
Cora M. Brown (First black woman elected to Michigan State Senate)

MARCH/APRIL, 1992 - VOL. 76, NO. 2 - $ 4.00

Who's Who at the BOH - Archaeology
We Can Build Tractors Too (Women in WWII labor force)
La Bibliotheque (Historian Larry Massie & personal library exceeding 30,000 volumes)
Very Difficult to Let Go Of (Birth & development of Michigan State Police)
Trapped in Time (Straits of Mackinac's historic fur trade)
Michigan Goes to War (V-mail held for Michiganians overseas)

MAY/JUNE, 1993 - VOL. 77, NO. 3 - $ 4.00

Berrien County's Great Peach Boom
The Ship With Two Lives (Ship George M. Humphrey)
Lights and Shades of Missionary Life (Methodist minister John H. Pitezel)
Eric Valleau (Commercial artist)
Who's Who in the Bureau of History (staff of magazine)
Michigan Goes to War: Detroit's 1943 Riot
The Mystery of the Lady Be Good (B-24 discovered in Libyan desert)
Ralph Johnson Bunche (Born in Detroit in 1907)

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER, 1993 - VOL. 77, NO. 6 - $ 4.00

Whirlwind Whistle Stops (Pres. Truman's Labor Day visit)
Electric Avenues (Michigan's electric trains)
The Greatest Show on Rails (story by Circus historian)
Stations of Distinction (Railroad stations)
Riding the Rails (Michigander" bike tour)
Abandoned Legacy (Michigan's rail network)
Distinctive Durand ("busiest town in state")
Michigan Profiles: Elijah McCoy

MAY/JUNE, 1994 - VOL. 78, NO. 3 - $ 4.00

American Indian Frontier Art
The Gentle Businessman (Edsel Ford)
Michigan Remembers "The Longest Day" (June 6, 1944)
Return to Normandy (Former MSU professor returns to Normandy)
Mobilizing the Monuments (Great Britain's defense plans)
Manistee's Field of Dreams (Baseball)
Ralph E. Hooker (turn of the century lumberjack)

JULY/AUGUST, 1994 - VOL. 78, NO. 4 - $ 4.00

"Innocent Recreations" (the Michigan Grange)
Michigan Goes to War (Lucile Lucas Whittier served as hospital train nurse)
Fordlandia (Ford Motor Co. manufacturing center in So. America)
"They Hoed the Corn" (Michigan's clubwomen)
Solving the Mystery of the Persian (Schooner rediscovered)
Lewis Cass - Author?
William Herbert Withington (Known as "father of Michigan State troops")

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER, 1994 - VOL. 78, NO. 5 - $ 4.00

"Anyone Who Couldn't Get a Drink Wasn't Trying" (Prohibition)
"Whether we wanted entertainment or not, we got it" (1920's Detriot neighborhood)
Liquid Gold (Prohibition)
Michigan's Pigskin Gladitors (high school football players in 1890's)
"Use it all; Wear it out; Make it do; or Go without" (America's home-front rationing)
Berrien County's 4,000 Year Old House (archaeology)
Geraldine Hoff Doyle (prototype for Rosie the Riveter)

JANUARY/FEBRUARY, 1995 - VOL. 79, NO. 1 - $ 4.00

Tribute and Transition (New official state historian)
The Case Against Milo Radulovich (McCarthyism)
They Died to Make Men Free (Civil War regimental histories)
Legacy of an Unlikely Friendship (Autobiographical drawings by Sitting Bull)
Building the Barn (Barn building in 1916)
Michigan Goes to War

MARCH/APRIL, 1995 - VOL. 79, NO. 2 - $ 4.00

The Case Against Milo Radulovich, Part Two
The House That Lewis Built (1914 ready-cut homes)
Tops with Lincoln (One man's 60 year study of Abraham Lincoln)
Lois Bryant Adams Goes to Washington (1864 visit to weekly reception by Pres. Lincoln)
Signature on Glass (Stained glass windows created in 1870's)
Michigan Goes to War

JULY/AUGUST, 1996 - VOL. 80, NO. 4 - $ 4.00

Stars and Stripes Over Michigan
Almost Vice President (Thomas White Ferry)
Chemistry on Canvas ( Dow Chemical Co.)
Symbols of Michigan (State symbols)
The Last Lightship (the Huron, a National Historic Landmark)
What Lies Beneath the Green? (remains of munition plant in southern Kent Co.)
Capturing the Dream (Exhibit at Detroit Institute of Arts)

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER, 1996 - VOL. 80, NO. 5 - $ 4.00

"Our only option was to attack" (Michigan Naval Brigade in 1898)
"Nice Fellowsd and Good Brave Men" (Michigan National Guard)
The Men of Ninety Eight (Spanish war fighters)
Logging the Nester Tract (1878 lumber baron Thomas Nester)
From Feathers to Fashion (turkey quills)
Wayne County Celebrates its 200th Birthday (State's first county)
Webberville's Stonemasons
The Dearborn Independent
A China Doll for Abbie

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER, 1996 - VOL. 80, NO. 6 - $ 4.00

When Christmas Was Just Another Day (Civil War)
Cars of Class (Detroit-Dearborn Motor Car Co.)
Resurrection of a Great Lakes Steamer
Three Brothers, A Lady and a Crayfish (shipwreck)
Red Scare in Bridgman (convention in 1922 of American Communists)
Sabotage! (German agents in 1942)
Everything Old is New Again (presettlement vegetation maps)

MARCH/APRIL, 1997 - VOL. 81, NO. 2 - $ 4.00

The Bronze Buckaroo Rides Again (Only African American singing cowboy on silver screen)
Van Raalte's Settlement at 150 (Holland, MI)
They Never Forgot: Michigan Survivors of the Titanic