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No books pertaining to Alabama at this time.


No books pertaining to Alaska at this time.


See section for back issues of "Copper State Journal" on main page


Arkansas Genealogical Society’s 1992-1993 Resource Directory, compilied by Desmond Walls Allen and Bobbie Jones McLane.  Softcover, 68 pages, 10”x12”.  Lists material available in libraries, the state archives, historical and genealogical societies, courthouses, and from commercial sources.  ($10.00)

Reprint of Goodspeed’s 1889 History of  Benton County, Arkansas.  Reprinted by Benton Co. Hist. Society.  Softcover, 232 pages.  Some pages separating at binding.  ($8.00)

Reprint of the Washington County Section of Goodspeed’s Arkansas History.  Published in 1889, preprinted 1978, soft cover, 457 pages, index.  ($12.00)

Washington County, Arkansas, Miscellaneous Record Book, 1841-1879, by Nancy Maxwell.  Copyright 1997, 142 pages, index, softcover.  Includes apprenticeship, guardianship, various miscellaneous records.  ($12.00)

Cemeteries of Washington County, Arkansas, Vol.II, Autumn, 1980.  Published by Northwest Arkansas Genealogical Society.  Softcover, 108 pages, index.  ($12.00)

Washington County, Arkansas Index to Wills 1828-1931, Index to Probate Books A – K, 1837-1901. Compiled by Lois N. Miller.  Copyright 1980. softcover, 165 pages.  ($12.00)

Abstracts of Deeds, Deed Book A 1830-1838, Washington County, Fayetteville, Arkansas, compiled by Lois N. Miller.  Copyright 1983, spiral-bound softcover, 50 pages, index.  ($12.00)

British Isles

Burke’s Guide to the Royal Family.  1973, 358 pages.  The guide can be split into four sections: first, twelve essays on “The Monarchy in Britain”, past and present, by a collection of celebrated writers and historians, second, the section on “The Royal Family”, featuring biographies, third, a complete account of “The Royal Lineage” tracing the narrative pedigrees of the Royal Houses from their beginnings down to the present, and fourth, various Appendices of interest.  ($18.00)

National Index of Parish Registers, Vol. 1.  Sources of Births, Marriages and Deaths Before 1837, by D. J. Steel.  1967, 439 pages.  ($12.00)

East Kent Parishes, A Guide for Genealogists, Local Historians and other Researchers in the Diocese of Canterbury, by David Wright.  Second edition, 2992.  Softcover, 168 pages.  ($10.00)

A Handlist of the Records of The Bishop of Lincoln and of the Archdeacons of Lincoln and Stow, compiled by Kathleen Major.  1953, 121 pages, index.($8.00)

The Records and Collections of the College of Arms, by Sir Anthony Wagner. 84 pages, index.  A unique guide to a unique institution written by the greatest authority on the subject.  ($8.00)

My Ancestors Were Londoners, How Do I Find Out More About Them? By Cliff Webb.  1997, 62 pages, softcover.  This work concentrates on the period 1600-1900.  ($5.00, no postage charge)

A Guide to Surrey Genealogy and Records, by Cliff Webb.  1997, softcover, 46 pages.  Covers the basic records of the county, and any lists and editions of them, or indexes to them.  ($5.00, no postage charge)

A Guide to London and Middlesex Genealogy & Records, by Cliff Webb.  1995, softcover, 38 pages.  The area covered is the whole of the ancient county of Middlesex including the Cities of London and Westminster.  ($5.00, no postage charge)

Royal Ancestors of Magna Carta Barons, by Carr P. Collins, Jr.  1959, 293 pages, Cross Index to Titles and Families.  Includes ancestry of John Talbot, 10th Earl of Shrewsbury, and Elizabeth Knox, daughter of Rev. John Knox and his wife, Margaret Stewart.  Also the Collins genealogy.  The book is organized by “family” rather than by direct descent from some prominent individual.  It has been arranged alphabetically for ease in cross reference.  ($15.00)

English Genealogy: an Appendix, by Arlene H. Eakle. Paper cover, 59 pages.  Includes articles such as National Index of Parish Registers, Short Glossary of Manorial Terms, How to Read 16th and 17th Century Handwriting, Calendars 1776-2000, Inventory of British Microfiche at the Family History Library, Salt Lake City, and many more.  ($10.00)

A List of Wills, Administrations, etc. in the Public Record Office, London, England, 12th – 19th Century.  From a typewritten copy in the Public Record Office.  1968, 158 pages, index.  ($15.00)

A Catalogue of British Family Histories, edited by T. R. Thomson.  Originally published by Charles E. Tuttle Co. in 1928, this is a 1976 reprint.  184 pages, surnames listed alphabetically.  ($10.00)

English Genealogy, by Sir Anthony Wagner. 3rd edition, 1983, published in England. 475 pps, index. Book explains the origins of genealogy and how the subject has developed over the years, rather than providing guidance on the techniques of genealogical research. ($15.00)

London and Middlesex - A Handlist, compiled by J. M. Sims. 1970, 66p., soft-cover. This list is intended to be a brief guide to the manuscript sources relating to the history of London and Middlesex which have been published. ($10.00)

Scottish Roots - A Step-by-step guide for Ancestor-hunters, by Alwyn James. 181 pps, 1982. This book shows you how to tap into the wealth of information and services available to trace your Scottish forebears. ($15.00)

Gazetteer of Scotland, Including a Glossary of the Most Common Gaelic and Norse Names. (Place names, not surnames.) 343 p., 8.5'x11", 1937. Book has been rebound. Also includes the Scottish Peerage of the time. ($15.00)

The Story of the Irish Race, by Seumas MacManus, 1981, 737 pages, index.  Originally published 1920.  In-depth history of Ireland.  Heavy book requiring $5.00 media mail postage.  $25.00

Clans and Families of Ireland, The Heritage and Heraldry of Irish Clans and Families, by John Grenham, 1993, 188 pages.  Focusing of 200 of the commonest Irish names, book sheds light on their origins in short histories of the surname,  ($20.00)


No books pertaining to California at this time.


See section for back issues of "The Colorado Genealogist" on main page


Early Connecticut Marriages as Found on Ancient Church Records Prior to 1800, edited by Frederick W. Bailey. A reprint with Additions, Corrections, and Introduction by Donald Lines Jacobus.  Seven books in one volume.  1982, 986 pages. ($45.00)

The History of the Old Town of Derby, Connecticut, 1642-1880, with Biographies and Genealogies, by Samuel Orcutt. 1880.  Original copy of this work.  Condition poor due to age, but intact.  844 pages, index.  ($50.00)

History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, compiled and edited by Donald Lines Jacobus.  Reprinted two volumes in three.  Part 1, Vol 11, part 1, vol 11, part 2.  2,000 pages, index. 1991 reprint of original 1930 books.  ($70.00)

Families of Early Milford, Connecticut, by Susan Woodruff Abbott.  1979, 875 pages, index. ($40.00)

Families of Ancient New Haven, Vol.  I, II, III compiled by Donald Lines Jacobus.  Surnames A through Z.  1981 reprint.  2067 pages, plus 301 page index.  ($60.00)

Seymour, Past and Present, by Rev. Hollis A. Campbell, William C. Sharpe and Frank G. Bassett. 1902, 613 pages, index. Wonderful original book with numerous photos. Condition fair considering its age.  Of great value to anyone researching this community. ($50.00)

See section for back issues of "Connecticut Ancestry" on main page


Early Church Records of New Castle County, Delaware, Vol. 1. By F. Edward Wright, 1994, soft cover. 329 pages, index. Vol. 1 covers a number of church registers and other records .  All births through 31 Dec. 1800 were copied. Also added were other records, namely marriage bonds, certificates of removal/letters of dismission and list of church members.  ($18.00)


No books pertaining to Florida at this time.


The Atlantic Bridge to Germany, Vol. 1. Baden – Wuerttenberg, by Charles M. Hall.  Copyright 1974, spiral-bound softcover.  128 pages.  The project of this atlas was undertaken to aid researchers to determine a given locality in Baden-Wuerttemberg and be promptly aware of what records are available for that locality.  The atlas also shows how accessible those records are to researchers.    ($12.00)

Deseret - Genealogisches Mitteilungsblatt. Der Genealogischen Gesellschaft Der Kirche Jesu Christi Der Heiligen Der Letzten Tage. 1956-1960. 75 p. Genealogical information in German. ($10.00)


See section for back issues of  “Central Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly” on main page.


No books pertaining to Hawaii at this time.


Cemetery Inscriptions of Fulton County, ILL, Putnam Township including Cuba,Vol. 9, 1984, 117 pages, softcover.  Compiled by the Fulton County Hist. And Gen. Society. ($15.00)

Montgomery County, Illinois 1860 Census and Mortality Schedule, compiled by Montgomery County Genealogy Society, 1982.  This is a stack of papers which appear to have been removed from a binder.  An index is included.  ($5.00)

History of Tazewell County, Illinois; together with sketches of its cities, villages and townships, educational, religious, civil, military, and political history; portraits of prominent persons and biographies of representative citizens.  1879 reprint, 901 pages, index. ($45.00)

Tazewell County, Illinois Cemeteries, Dillon and Delavan Townships. Vol. 1, soft cover, 133 pages.  ($12.00)

Tazewell County, Illinois Cemeteries, Boynton, Cincinnati, Deer Creek and Elm Grove Townships.  Vol. 2, 1980, soft cover, 122 pages.  ($12.00)

Tazewell County, Illinois 1860 Census & Index, Eastern Half. 1984, soft cover, index. Approx. 100 pages, ($12.00)

Tazewell County, Illinois Marriage Records Index, 1827 – Oct. 1859.  Vol. 1, compiled by David C. Perkins.  1982, soft cover. 87 pages.  Marriages are listed in alphabetical order according to the surname of the groom.  The second index lists the brides in alphabetical order.  ($12.00)

Tazewell County, Illinois Land Records Index 1827-March, 1838.  Vol. 1, compiled by David C. Perkins.  1980, soft cover. 67 pages, index. ($12.00)

Wall Plat Map of Tazewell County, Illinois 1864.  Compiled by John W. Durdle, 1984. Index, 43 pages.  ($15.00)

Washburn (IL) 1850-1976 Yesterday and Today, Quasquicentennial Edition.  Includes Cazenovia, Lowpoint, Bricktown.  1976, soft cover, 78 pages. Many early photos.  ($12.00)

The Past and Present of Woodford County, Illinois.  Reprint of 1878 book.  739 pages, index.  Containing a history of the county – its cities, towns, a directory of its taxpayers, war record of its volunteers in the late rebellion, portraits of early settlers and prominent men, general and local statistics, map of Woodford Co., history of Illinois, illustrated, history of the northwest, illustrated, Constitution of the United States, miscellaneous matters.  ($45.00)

The Woodford County History.  Woodford County Board of Supervisors – 1968, no index.  211 pages. Contents consist of chapters of histories of each township. ($18.00)

See section for back issues of "The Saga of Southern Illinois" and “Illinois State Genealogical Society Quarterlies” on main page


Index to Indiana Wills Phase 1 Through 1850, by Charles M. Franklin. 1986,  8 x 12, 269 pages.  (Postage for this large, heavy book will be $6.00.)  A major help when researcher does not know ancestor’s final county of residence.  This is a statewide index of recorded wills in Indiana from the beginning of each existing county’s records to and including 1850. Contains over 6000 testators’ names, county in which will is record, year will recorded, book and page number on which the recorded will begins.  ($30.00)  

The Encyclopedic Directory of Clay County, Indiana.  1971, 160 pages, soft cover.  A list of householders of the county, their post office address, occupation, location, school district, section number, township, politics, religion, assessed value of real estate, nationality, where born, when born, when came to Clay Co., etc.  Includes photos and biographies of prominent citizens.  ($20.00)

From then til now...History of McCutchanville, by Kenneth P. McCutchen. 1969, 259 p., index, soft cover. Filled with information about individuals and families from earliest times. (2 copies) ($18.00)

Putnam County, Indiana Marriages 1838-1847, by Charles M. Franklin. 1983, soft cover, 5 pages.  Listed alphabetically by both bride and groom.  ($12.00)

Early Marriages of Wayne County,  Indiana 1811-1822, by Irene Macy Strieby.  1965, soft cover, 54 pages.  ($12.00)

See section for back issues of "Indiana Magazine of History" and "The Hoosier Genealogist" on main page


Cedar County, Iowa Directory 1937 Farm Index.  Compiled by the Cedar County Genealogical Society.  Includes numerous old advertisements.  Copyright 1995, soft-cover.  49 pages.  ($10.00)


History of Bourbon County, Kansas, to the close of 1865, by T. F. Robley.   Originally published in 1894, this is a 1988 reprint.  Spiral bound softcover.  224 pages, plus index.  Includes photos.  ($18.00)


Kentucky 1830 Census Index, Vol. VI – Scott-Woodford, compiled by Dora Wilson Smith.  Copyright 1974, 85 pages, soft cover.  Alphabetized.  The format of this index includes the head of household in the first column, followed by the county of residence and the census page number where the name was found.  Some underlining.  ($12.00)

Barren County, Kentucky 1820 Census.  1985, soft cover, 14 pages.  Head of Household listings are alphabetical.  ($7.00)

Boone County, Kentucky 1810-1840 Censuses, transcribed by Rowena Lawson.  1986, softcover, 68 pages, index.  Some underlining and notations.  ($12.00)

Boone County, Kentucky 1850 Census, transcribed by Rowena Lawson.  1986, softcover, 93 pages, index.  ($12.00)

Old Episcopal Burying Ground (Lexington, Kentucky), by Frances Keller Swinford Barr.  2002, softcover, 115 pages, index.  The largest number of burials took place during the period from 1833 to 1849, a large number dying of cholera during the two epidemics of those years.  ($10.00)

The Federal Census of Simpson County, Kentucky for 1820, with a collection of biographical sketches. 44 pages, index, soft cover.  ($10.00)

Simpson County, Kentucky Cemeteries, 448 pages, index.  Includes detailed map showing sections.  ($25.00)

Index Wayne County, Kentucky Population Census – Heads of Families 1810 –1880, compiled by Andrew J. Crawford.  1976, 138 pages.  These are indexes which were extracted from microfilm copied from the original population census schedules.  The indexes are by Head of Household; however, for the years 1850 – 1870 Crawford expanded the scope to contain different surnames within a household.  ($15.00)


Natchitoches 1800-1826, Vol. IV Cane River Creole Series, by Elizabeth Shown Mills.  Translated Abstracts from Register Number Five of the Catholic Church Parish of St. Francois des Natchitoches, Louisiana.  2004, softcover,  481 pages, index.  The population of Natchitoches was mainly Spanish and French, with significant “Anglo” migration from the older American states as well as the British Isles.  Many Negro slaves are also listed in these records.  Entries include baptisms (of infants and adults), burials and marriages; and provide names, dates, ethnicity, and when possible, grandparents, godparents, parents, spouse, age, witnesses, cause of death, and priest.  ($20.00)


The Old Maps of Oxford County, Maine in 1858.  1984, softcover, 52 pages.  91 old maps reproduced including the old roads, every house and family, detail maps of villages and neighborhoods.  ($12.00)


Revolutionary Records of Maryland, by Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh and Margaret Roberts Hodges.  1978 reprint.  56 pages, index, softcover.  Reduced print.  This small book contains a great deal of valuable information for Maryland researchers, including some unpublished records. Slight underlining. ($8.00)


Maryland Eastern Shore Vital Records 1751-1775.  Book 3, by F. Edward Wright. 124 pages, soft cover.  ($10.00)


This Was The Life, Excerpts from the Judgment Records of Frederick County, Maryland 1748-1765, by Millard Milburn Rice.  1984,  308 pages, index.  Some underlining.  Since the Frederick Co. Court was the sole governing body of the County, as well as its civil and criminal court, the record of its actions covers every phase of Colonial life.  ($18.00)


Survey Field Book of David and William Clark in Harford County, Maryland 1770-1812 by Henry Peden, Jr.  1998, softcover, 40 pages.  Names of the tracts, owners, acreage, landmarks, and dates of survey have been gleaned and the tracts have been arranged in alphabetical order.  ($12.00)


The History of Montgomery County, Maryland, From Its Earliest Settlement in 1650 to 1879, by T. H. S. Boyd.  Originally published in 1879, this is an 1998 reprint.  Softcover, 187 pages, index.  Includes early land grants, order of settlement and present (1879) owners, sketches of prominent men, directory of merchants, farmers, tobacco planters, schools and much more.  ($15.00)


Prince George’s County Land Records, Vol. A, 1696 – 1702, editor Shirley Langdon Wilcox, C.G. 1976, 97 pages, index.  ($10.00)

See section for back issues of "Maryland Magazine of Genealogy" and "Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin" on main page


The Devil in Massachusetts, by Marion L. Starkey.  A Modern Enquiry into the Salem Witch Trials.  1969, 310 pages, paperback, index.  ($5.00)

Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790.  Dept. of Commerce and Labor, Bureau of the Census, S.N.D. North, Director. Reprint 1964.  10’x12”, hardcover.  363 pages.  Includes index.  ($18.00)

Vital Records of Alford, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850. Published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, at the Charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund, Bostom, Mass., 1902. 32 pages, hardback. Condition poor, all pages intact. Includes births, marriages, deaths to 1850 in the town of Alford, which was established in 1773. ($10.00)

Boston Taxpayers in 1821. Edited and Indexed by Lewis Bunker Rohrbach.  Picton Press, 1988. 255 pages, index.  A comprehensive listing of all Boston taxpayers for the year 1821 first published in 1822 which has been entirely unknown to most researchers ever since.  All of the individuals listed were born in 18th century and many were born prior to American Revolution.  ($18.00)

The History of Boxford, Essex County, Massachusetts, From the Earliest Settlement Known to the Present Time, a Period of about Two Hundred and Thirty Years, by Sidney Perley.  Reprint of 1880 book. 418 pages, index.  Discusses early first settlers, physicians, churches, militia. Indian wars, usual information found in the late 19th century town histories.  ($40.00)

Vital Records of Lee, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850. Published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, at the Charge of the Eddy Town- Record Fund. Boston, Mass., 1903. 239 pages, hardback. Condition poor, all pages intact, some stains on cover, pencil writing on end page. Includes births, marriages, deaths to 1850 in the town of Lee, which was established in 1777. ($10.00)

Vital Records of Williamstown, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850. Published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, at the Charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund. Boston, Mass, 1907. 173 pages, hardback. Condition poor, all pages intact, covers quite stained, pencil writing on end page. Includes births, marriages, deaths to 1850 in the town of Williamstown, which was established in 1765. ($10.00)

Vital Records of West Stockbridge, Massachusetts, to the Year 1850. Published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society, at the Charge of the Eddy Town-Record Fund, Boston, Mass, 1907. 115 pages, hardback. Condition poor, all pages intact, pencil writing on end page. Includes births, marriages, deaths to 1850 in the town of West Stockbridge, which was established in 1774. ($10.00)

See section for back issues of "The Mayflower Quarterly", "Berkshire Genealogist" and "The Essex Genealogist" on main page


No books pertaining to Michigan at this time.


No books pertaining to Minnesota at this time.


No records pertaining to Mississippi at this time.


No records pertaining to Missouri at this time.


No records pertaining to Montana at this time.


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No books pertaining to Nevada at this time.

New England

See section for back issues of "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register" and "Nexus" on main page

New Hampshire

Manchester Historic Association Collections, Vol. IV: 1908-1910, compiled by George Waldo Browne.  A 1992 reprint, 339 pages, index.  The date of 1910 refers to the Officers of the Manchester Historic Association, original publishers of the book, and does not refer to events of that time.  It is a collection of early stories of the city, as well as an extensive selection of memoirs of early settlers.  ($20.00)

See section for back issues of "The New Hampshire Genealogical Record" on main page

New Jersey

Early Church Records of Burlington County, New Jersey, by Charlotte D. Meldrum. 1994, soft cover, 288 pages, index.  The major religious denomination of Burlington County in its early years was the Society of Friends (Quakers).  These are records from the Burlington Monthly Meeting and Mount Holly Monthly Meeting starting in 1677 through 1800. ($15.00)

Early Church Records of Burlington County, New Jersey, by Charlotte D. Meldrum, Vol. 2. 1995, soft cover, 289 pages, index.  The major religious denomination of Burlington County in its early years was the Society of Friends (Quakers). These are the records of the Chesterfield Monthly Meeting, Evesham Monthly Meeting, and Little Egg Harbor Monthliy Meeting starting in 1692 through 1800.  ($15.00)

New Mexico

Genealogical Resources in New Mexico, by Robert E. Esterly, Ph.D.  Published by the New Mexico Genealogical Society in 1997.  25 pages, 8 1/2x11, softcover.  ($10.00)                            

New York

Three Centuries in Champlain Valley, Tercentenary Edition. Published by Saranac Chapter, D.A.R., Plattsburg, NY 1909. A collection of historical facts and incidents.  Cover is separating from text.  Text is complete. 485 pages. There is an Index of Persons and Organizations, as well as an Index of places and events.  This book is a rare find which I discovered in my own research.  Emphasis has been placed on the Champlain period and the Revolutionary and Pioneer history.  The earliest date I found is 1633.  ($30.00)

Pioneer Homes of Clinton County, 1790-1820, by Allan S. Everest. Originally published in 1966, this is second edition 1971. 96 pages. Soft cover, no index.  Includes photos of early homes with description and names of earliest owners in Plattsburgh and surrounding communites Ausable, Peru, Schuyler Falls, Beekmantown, Chazy, Rouses Point, Champlain, Mooers, and map.  ($18.00)

History of Clinton & Franklin Counties, New York.  Reprint edition published by the Clinton County American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, 1978.  Orignally published in 1880.  8 ½ x 12”, 533 pages, index.  This very large, heavy book is typical of the county histories published across the east and mid-west in the 1880’s.  Lengthy descriptions of various communities with biographical sketches of early residents. Because of the weight of this book media mail postage will be $5.00. ($40.00)

Historical Notes of Saint James Parish, Hyde Park-on-Hudson, New York 1913. 88p. published 1913. Original church built 1811. Includes bio sketches of Rectors, Wardens, Vestrymen, list of Sunday School Teachers & Students. ($15.00)

Genealogical Gleanings Abstracted from the Early Newspapers of Penn Yan, Yates County, New York, 1823-1833 and 1841-1855.  Compiled by Dianne Stenzel.  262 pages, plus approx. 40 page index.  Published 1991.  ($20.00)

Rensselaer Co., New York Directory of Genealogical Records by TAD (The Ancestor Detective.  Copyright 1986, soft cover, 109 pages, index to topic numbers, such as baptisms, death notices, etc.  ($12.00)

Guide to Historical Resources in Saratoga County, New York Repositories. New York Historical Resources Center. 1983, soft-cover, 82 pps. The New York Historical Resources Center did a state-wide survey of manuscripts and archives collections in repositories in 1978. The goal of the survey was to locate, identify, describe, and report all of the manuscripts and archive materials in NY state repositories. This guide is the result for Saratoga County. ($6.00)

History of Washington County, New York, With Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers, 1737-1878, by Crisfield Johnson.  Reprint 1979.  Typical of the histories published in the 1800’s.  8 ½ x 12”, 504 pages, no index.  See below for separate index to this volume.  Because of the weight of this book, media mail postage will be $5.00. ($30.00)

Name Index to Crisfield Johnson’s History of Washington County, New York, 1878, by Virginia Parrott and Marjorie Sexton.  1984, 79 pages.  ($10.00)

See section for back issues of "The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record", "Legacy, Herkimer Co., NY", and "Western New York Genealogical Society, Inc." on  main page

North Carolina

Abstracts of Letters of Resignations of Militia Officers in North Carolina 1779-1840, compiled and abstracted by Timothy Kearney.  Copyright 1992, 122 pages, 8x10, index.  Volume contains abstracts of approximately 1,175 letters of resignations.  ($12.00)

Revolutionary War Soldiers of Western North Carolina: Burke County, Vol. 1, by Emmett R. White.  1984, 318 pages, index, some underlining and handwritten notes.  ($20.00)

Revolutionary War Soldiers of Western North Carolina Vol. 2, Burke County.  1998, 346 pages, index, some underlining.  ($20.00)

Abstracts of theWills of Edgecombe County, North Carolina 1733-1856, by Ruth Smith Williams and Margarette Glenn Griffin.  1979 reprint of 1956 book.  392 pages, index.  Wills arranged alphabetically.  ($25.00)

The Colonial and State History of Hertford County, North Carolina, by Benjamin B. Winborne, originally in 1906, reprint 1976 with an added foreward, index, table of contents and list of illustrations. 356 pages. ($22.00)

North Carolina Slaves and Free Persons of Color – Iredell County, by William L. Byrd III and John H. Smith.  2002, 197 pages, soft cover, index.   Contains a wealth of information transcribed from obscure and fragile original documents housed at the North Carolina State Archives.  Records are grouped by category, including Civil Actions, Criminal Actions, Misc. Records, and Petitions too sell slaves.  Interactions between blacks and whites are displayed on both legal and domestic levels, giving the reader a vivid account of everyday life in the Antebellum South. ($12.00)

The Mecklenburg (NC) Declaration of Independence, May20, 1775, and Livesd of Its Signers, by George W. Graham, MD.  2000 reprint of 1905 book.  215 pages, soft cover, index.  The leading men of Mecklenburg County,NC met in March and April 1775, determined to free the citizens of North Carolina from British rule.  Brief biographical sketches of the signers.  ($12.00)

North Dakota

No books pertaining to North Dakota at this time.


Columbia County, Ohio Newsletters.  The Columbia County Connection dating from 1988 to 1991. Soft cover. Postage to be $4.00 due to size. ($15.00)

Columbia County, Ohio Marriages 1800-1870…and Other Evidence of Marriages…by Carol Willsey Bell, C.G.1990, 399 pages, index, over size soft-cover book.  Postage will be $4.00.  This book includes, I’m guessing some 15,000 marriages. ($25.00)

Eleventh Census of the United States, 1890 – Schedules enumerating Union Veterans and Widows of Union Veterans of the Civil War – Lucas County, Ohio, indexed by Beverly Todd Reed.  1997, soft cover. 68 pages, 8.5 x 11.  ($10.00)

History of Monroe County 1813, assembled by Woodsfield Chamber of Commerce.  1969, 39 pages, softcover.  A history of most of the 18 townships of Monroe County. ($20.00)

Ohio Lands: Steubenville Land Office, 1800 – 1820, by Carol Willsey Bell, C.G.  1983, 181 pages, 8 x 12, index.  ($15.00)


No books pertaining to Oklahoma at this time.


Barlow Road 1974-1975 Bicentennial Edition. By the Wasco County and Clackamas County Historical Societies.  1985, 95 pages, soft cover.  Lists Barlow Road pioneers, wagon masters or captains, ministers, doctors.  Photos and stories of the various settlements. ($10.00)


Distinguished Men of Philadelphia and Pennsylvania, 1913, 102 pages, index.  Contains facts furnished by the subjects themselves.  Approximately 150 subjects including photos.  ($15.00)

Pennsylvania Births Bucks County 1682-1800, by John T. Humphrey. 1993, 352 pages, no index.  Surnames are alphabetically arranged.  Most of the early church records for this county can be found only in manuscript form in local libraries; only six of the twenty-two records used for this compilation have ever been published.  ($20.00)

A History of the Townships of Byberry and Moreland in Philadelphia, PA From Their Earliest Settlements by the Whites to the Present Time, by Joseph C. Martindale, MD.  96 pages, index, softcover. ($12.00)

Early Church Records of Chester County, Pennsylvania, Vol. 1, Quaker Records of Bradford Monthly Meetings, by Martha Reamy. 259 pages, index, soft cover.  The records of Bradford Monthly Meeting are perhaps the most complete of any monthly meeting of its early age.  1700’s and 1800’s.  ($15.00)

Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania 1713-1748, by Jacob Martin. 1993, 188 pages, index, soft cover.  Abstracts of wills showing wives, children and witnesses.  ($15.00)

Wills of Chester County, Pennsylvania 1748-1766, by Jacob Martin.  1994, 206 pages, index, soft cover.  Continuation of prior book.  ($15.00)

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 18th Century, Vol. 3, by F. Edward Wright. 1994, 279 pages, index, soft cover.  A collection of church registers and pastoral records of births, marriages and deaths in Lancaster County of the 18th Century.  Quaker, Anglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and others.  ($18.00)

The History of Ceres (Lycoming County) and its Near Vicinity From Its Early Settlement in 1798 to the Present (1896), by M. W. Mann and Maria King. 1896, 150 pages.  This old book would be a treasure to anyone interested in the area.  It is written in story form and discusses the early settlers and their families, the physicians, the newspapers, the Civil War and those who participated in it from Ceres. Condition is fair, considering its age, intact. ($20.00)

Meeting House and Counting House. The Quaker Merchants of Colonial Philadelphia 1682-1763, by Frederick B. Tolles.  1963, 292 pages, index, softcover.  ($12.00)

Index to Somerset County, PA Wills 1795-1900, by Bob and Mary Closson.  Softcover, 10”x12”, 62 pages.  ($10.00)

Wrightstown Township, A Tricentennial History, by Jeffrey L. Marshall and Bertha S. Davis.  192, 95 pages, soft cover.  Includes first European owners and early settlement, many photos.  ($15.00)

Rhode Island

No books pertaining to Rhode Island at this time.

South Carolina

Amherst Papers, 1756-1763. The Southern Sector: Dispatches from South Carolina, Virginia and His Majesty’s Superintendent of Indian Affairs, by Edith Mays.  1999, 411 pages, index, soft cover.  ($15.00)

1850 Census of Horry County, South Carolina, by Janet H. Woodard. 1980, 132 pages, index.  Shows names of family members or others living with them, age, occupation, real est. value, and in some cases birthplace.  ($18.00)

History of Spartanburg County, Embracing an Account of Many Important Events and Biographical Sketches of Statemen, Divines and Other Public Men, and the Names of Many Others Worthy of Record in the History of Their County, by J.B.O. Landrum.  2002 reprint of 1900 publication. 739 pages, index, soft cover.  ($20.00)

South Dakota

No books pertaining to South Dakota at this time.


Tennessee Genealogical Research, by George K. Schweitzer, Ph.D., Sc.D.  1981,  123 pages.  Softcover.  Includes types of Records, record locations, county listings.  ($ 8.00)

Tennessee Genealogical Research, by George K. Schweitzer, Ph.D, Sc.D  1986, 138 pages,  softcover.  Includes types of records, record locations, county listings.  ($8.00)

Colonel Return Jonathan Meigs Day Book Number 2, by James L. Douthat.  105 pages, 1993, index, soft cover.  Describes life and times in lower east Tennessee between 1801-1897.($10.00)

Vital Records – Volume I for Polk County, Tennessee for the Period July 1, 1911 to June 30, 1912.  Polk County Hist. and Gen. Soc. Publication.   26 pages, soft cover. Covers births and deaths for this period.  Also includes automobile records.  Arranged alphabetically. ($10.00)


1860 U.S. Census  Population  Schedule of Jackson County, Texas. 34 p.,  index. A list clipped together. ($8.00)


No books pertaining to Utah at this time.


Second Census of the United States 1800 – Vermont. 233 pages, index, 1972 reprint of 1938 publication. Includes large detailed map of Vermont in 1796. ($18.00)


A Guide to Genealogical Notes and Charts in the Archives Branch, Virginia State Library, compiled by Lyndon H. Hart, III. 1983, 167 pages, index, softcover.  Collection includes private manuscripts and public records. Index shows names and lists number where they can be found. ($15.00)


Mother Earth – Land Grants in Virginia, 1607-1699, by W. Stitt Robinson, Jr.  Orig. published in 1957, this is a 2001 reprint.  77 pages, soft cover.  Some underlining.  Some land holders mentioned, no index.  ($8.00)


Early Quaker Records in Virginia, compiled by Miles White, Jr.  1985, 64 pages, index, softcover.  ($10.00)


Virginia Publick Claims – Bedford County, compiled by Janice L. Abercrombie and Richard Slatten.  63 pages, index. Soft cover. Appears to be militia records during Revolutionary War. ($10.00)


Early Marriages, Wills, and Some Revolutionary War Records Botetourt County, Virginia, compiled by Anne Lowry Worrell.  1980 reprint of 1958 publication.  69 pages, soft cover.  Names listed alphabetically.  ($10.00)


Virginia Historic Marriage Register, Frederick County Marriages 1738-1850, by John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.  1984, 503 pages, no index, but listed alphabetically, both men’s and women’s names.  Front cover has separated from spine but is intact.  ($20.00)


Entitled! Free Papers in Appalachia Concerning Antebellum Freeborn Negroes and Emancipated Blacks of Montgomery County, Virginia, compiled by Richard B. Dickenson. 1981, 83 pages, index. ($10.00)

A Guide to Historical Research in Orange County, Virginia, by Ann L. Miller. 1988, 29 pages, soft cover booklet. Record repositories, research centers, major sources and  publications, and other “most-asked questions” on research in Orange County have been brought together in one handy source.  ($3.00)

Virginia Valley Records – Genealogical and Historical Materials of Rockingham County, Virginia and Related Regions (With map), by John W. Wayland. 2001 reprint of 1930 publication.  491 pages, index, soft cover.  Packed with information on the early settlers!  ($22.00)

Scott County, Virginia Consents and Bonds of Marriage 1815-1853, by Phyllis Louise Peterson. 2001, 254 pages, index, soft cover spiral bound.  If a bride or groom was under age, the consent of the parent or guardian had to be given,  Book contains the reproductions of the Marriage Consent Slips, and includes the names of the couple, the parent of one of them giving their consent, and at least one witness, along with the date.  Each matrimonial applicant entered into a bond to the Governor of the State. When the marriage took place, the bond was then void.  These records usually give the name of the couple, most of the time the parents, and at least one witness.  The compiler, Ms. Peterson took on a tremendous task in deciphering the names from the handwriting of the clerks, and has typed all names.  ($20.00)

Virginia Historic Marriage Register, Shenandoah County Marriage Bonds, 17772-1850, by John Vogt and T. William Kethley, Jr.  1984, 417 pages, soft cover.  Records are arranged alphabetically by both men’s and women’s names.  ($18.00)

A History of Shenandoah County, Virginia, by John W. Wayland.  894 pages, index.  This large book contains so much information about this county and its people, it not possible to list it all here.  Many lists of settlers.  ($40.00)


Clark County, Washington Marriages, Vol. 1 - 1852-1896. Published by Clark Co. Genealogical Society 1982. 244 p., index, soft-cover. ($20.00)

West Virginia

Sims Index to Land Grants in West Virginia.  866 pages, 8 x 12, 1952.  Heavy book requiring $6.00 postage.  Land grants listed were made by Lord Fairfax prior to the creation of the Virginia Land Office of lands new embracing West Virginia.  ($30.00)


No books pertaining to Wisconsin at this time.


No books pertaining to Wyoming at this time.