The following are back issues of Indiana Magazine of History, a quarterly publication of the Indiana Historical Society. Postage for each issue is $1.50, plus $.50 for each additional issue. Approximately 80 - 100 pages each issue. Some include additional material not listed below.

MARCH, 1982 - VOL. LXXVIII, NO. 1 - $ 3.00

The Perrigo Paper: A Local Influence Upon Middletown in Transition
Kin Hubbard's Abe Martin: A Figure of Transition in American Humor
"If I was there I could tel you A good bit more": The Civil War Letters of Private Jackson Davis

JUNE, 1982 - VOL. LXXVIII, NO. 2 - $ 3.00

Charles A. Beard: The Formative Years in Indiana
Agricultural Tenancy in the Nineteenth-Century Middle West: The Historiographical Debate
The Black Family in Evansville and Vanderburgh County, Indiana: A 1900 Postscript

SEPTEMBER, 1982 - VOL. LXXVIII, NO. 3 - $ 3.00

The Autobiography of Isaac Reed, Frontier Missionary
The Hoosier Sunday School: A Potent Religious /Cultural Force
Governor Joseph A. Wright, Librarian

DECEMBER, 1982 - VOL. LXXVIII, NO. 4 - $ 3.00

May Wright Sewall: An Indiana Reformer
Water Over Water: Hoosier Canal Culverts, 1832-1847
Joseph Neef: Innovator or Imitator?
The 1910 Federal Census: A Note
Middletown Revisited: Searching for the Heart of Mid-America

MARCH, 1983 - VOL. LXXIX, NO. 1 - $ 3.00

"The Famous Hair Buyer General": Henry Hamilton, George Rogers Clark, and the American Indian
Factional Conflict in Indiana Politics during the Later New Deal Years, 1936-1940
Louis Riel & Oliver P. Morton, The Oddest Couple

JUNE, 1983 - VOL. LXXIX, NO. 2 - $ 3.00

The Light of Reason: Hoosier Freethought and the Indiana Rationalist Association, 1909-1913
The Political Realignment of Black Voters in Indianapolis, 1924
The Civil War Diary of Chaplain Stephen C. Bowers

SEPTEMBER, 1983 - VOL. LXXIX, NO. 3 - $ 3.00

Paul G. Hoffman, Studebaker, and the Car Culture
Solsberry, Indiana, and the Coming of the Railroad
"Middletown Looks at the Lynds": A Contemporary Critique by the Reverend Dr. Hillyer H. Straton of Muncie, Indiana, 1937

DECEMBER, 1983 - VOL. LXXIX, NO. 4 - $ 3.00

A Time for War: The Church of God's Response to Vietnam
Draftee's Wife: A Memoir of World War II
Robert S. Lynd, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. and Middletown

MARCH, 1984 - VOL. LXXX, NO. 1 - $ 3.00

Agnes Hamilton of Fort Wayne: The Education of a Christian Settlement Worker
Alvin P. Hovey and Abraham Lincoln's "Broken Promises": The Politics of Promotion
The Iroquois as "Geographic" Middlemen: A Research Note

JUNE, 1984 - VOL. LXXX, NO. 2 - $ 3.00

Pride, Profits and Politics:" Indiana and the Columbian Exposition of 1893
Fort Wayne and the Great Depression: The Early Years, 1929-1933
"Life in the Wild": Three German Letters from Indiana, 1852-1853
The Diary of Calvin Fletcher: A Review Essay

SEPTEMBER, 1984 - VOL. LXXX, NO. 3 - $ 3.00

The Terre Haute, Indiana General Strike, 1935
The White Plains, Indiana Threshing Ring, 1920-1943
The Papers of Eugene V. Debs: A Review Essay
Gayle Thornbrough and the Indiana Historical Society

DECEMBER, 1987 - VOL. LXXXIII, NO. 4 - $ 3.00

Breaking Racial Barriers to Public Accommodations in Indiana, 1935 to 1963
The Walam Olum and Dr. Ward, Again
"One of the Most Beautiful Regions of the World": Paul Des Ruiddeaux's Memoire of the Wabash-Illinois Country in 1777

SEPTEMBER, 1988 - VOL. LXXXIV, NO. 3 - $ 3.00

An Old Wound Finally Healed: Vincennes University's Struggle for Survival
The Woman's Improvement Club of Indianapolis: Black Women Pioneers in Tuberculosis Work, 1903-1938
The Spirit of Commerce in the Journalism of Carlos McCarty

DECEMBER, 1988 - VOL. LXXXIV, NO. 4 - $ 3.00

Michigan City, Indiana: The Failure of a Dream
Booth Tarkington and the League of Nations: Advice for Senator Harry S. New
Centennial History of the General Assembly: Three Review Essays

MARCH, 1989 - VOL. LXXXV, NO. 1 - $ 3.00

Governor James P. Goodrich of Indiana and the "Plain Facts" about Russia, 1921-1933
Luke Decker and Slavery: His Cases with Bob and Anthony, 1817-1822
Civil War Letters of Daniel Wooton: The Metamorphosis of a Quaker Soldier

JUNE, 1989 - VOL. LXXXV, NO. 2 - $ 3.00

Editors, Whistle Stops and Elephants: The Presidential Campaign of 1936 in Indiana
"Dispute Every Inch of Ground": Major General Lew Wallace Commands Cincinnati, September, 1862
A Hoosier Country Doctor: Dr. Harry K. Engleman's Medical Ledger, 1911-1917

SEPTEMBER, 1989 - VOL. LXXXV, NO. 3 - $ 3.00

Through Indiana by Stagecoach and Canal Boat: The 1843 Travel Journal of Charles H. Titus
The Indianapolis Treason Trials, the Elections of 1864, and the Power of the Partisan Press
A Mexican Revolutionary from Notre Dame: A Note

MARCH, 1990 - VOL. LXXXVI, NO. 1 - $ 3.00

She Went to War: Indiana Women Nurses in the Civil Way
Governor Thomas Posey: The Son of George Washington?
A Hoosier Family Moves West, 1868-1895: Part I (Myers)

JUNE, 1990 - VOL. LXXXVI, NO. 2 - $ 3.00

A Hoosier Family Moves West, 1868-1895: Part II (Myers)
Poor Relief at the St. Joseph County Poor Asylum, 1877-1891
Memories of Hoosier Homemakers: A Review Essay

DECEMBER, 1990 - VOL. LXXXVI, NO. 4 - $ 3.00

"I enjoy but little sunshine on my path": Reverend James Welsh on Three Frontiers, 1790-1825
Confusion, Controversy, and Quarantine: The Muncie Smallpox Epidemic of 1893
"To do for my self": Footloose on the Old Northwest Frontier

MARCH, 1991 - VOL. LXXXVII, NO. 1 - $ 3.00

Commemorative Activity in Twentieth-Century Indianapolis: The Invention of Civic Traditions
The Civil War Home Front: Diary of a Young Girl, 1862-1863 (Hawks)

JUNE, 1991 - VOL. LXXXVII, NO. 2 - $ 3.00

Moral Choices: Two Indiana Quaker Communities and the Abolitionist Movement
Abraham Lincoln's Indiana and the Spirit of Mortal
Daisy Douglas Barr: From Quaker to Klan "Kluckeress"

SEPTEMBER, 1991 - VOL. LXXXVII, NO. 3 - $ 3.00

The Land Dealings of Spencer County, Indiana Pioneer Thomas Lincoln
The Distribution of Indiana's Ethnic and Racial Minorities in 1850
The Enigmatic Civil War Career of Hoosier James H. Kinley

DECEMBER, 1991 - V0L. LXXXVII, NO. 4 - $ 3.00

Against All Adversities: The Pioneer Printers of Brookville, Indiana
"Blocks of Five" Dudley, Cartoon Celebrity

JUNE, 1992 - VOL. LXXXVIII, NO. 2 - $ 3.00

Custodians of Social Justice: The Indianapolis Asylum for Friendless Colored Children, 1870-1922
"We Lay There Doing Nothing": John Jackson's Recollection of the War of 1812
Indiana and the Klan: A Review Essay

SEPTEMBER, 1992 - VOL. LXXXVIII, NO. 3 - $ 3.00

A Small World of Little Americans: The $1 Diplomacy of Wendell Willkie's One World
"absent So long from those I love": The Civil War Letters of Joshua Jones

DECEMBER, 1992 - VOL. LXXXVIII, NO. 4 - $ 3.00

Challenging Corporate Polluters: Race, Class, and Environmental Politics in Gary, Indiana since 1945
Two Hoosiers and the Two Food Laws of 1906
The 1920 Federal Census: A Note

MARCH, 1993 - VOL. LXXXIX, NO. 1 - $ 3.00

Oedipus at Crawfordsville: Early Productions of Greek Tragedies in Indiana
Rushville's Dog Fennel Gazette: Indiana's Mythical Newspaper
Service Afield and Afloat: A Reminiscence of the Civil War

JUNE, 1993 - VOL. LXXXIX, NO. 2 - $ 3.00

W.E.B. Du Bois, F.B. Ransom, the Madam Walker Company, and Black Business Leadership in the 1930's
"...The True Definition of War": The Civil War Diary of DeWitt C. Markle
William Herndon's Indiana Oral History Project, 1865

SEPTEMBER, 1993 - VOL. LXXXIX, NO. 3 - $ 3.00

Toward a Geographical History of Indiana: Landscapes and Place in the Historical Imagination
Frederick Jackson Turner at Indiana University
The One-Room School and Orleans High School Valedictorians, 1926-1975

DECEMBER, 1993 - VOL. LXXXIX, NO. 4 - $ 3.00

Indiana's Best Public School Traditions: Dominent Themes and Research Opportunities
"On Convoy Duty in World War 1": The Diary of Guy Connor

MARCH, 1994 - VOL. XC, NO. 1 - $ 3.00

Battling the Great Depression on Stage in Indiana
"The Diploma Pedler": Dr. John Cook Bennett and the Christian College, New Albany, Indiana
Grey Eagle: Major General Robert Huston Milroy and the Civil War

JUNE, 1994 - VOL. XC, NO. 2 - $ 3.00

"A Little Nonsense Now and Then": Conventional Humor in Indiana, 1850
Abraham Van Vleet and the Early Press of Fayette County, Indiana
Parents and Foster Parents, Shapers of Progressive Ear Child Saving Practices: A Case Study, Tippecanoe County, Indiana 1887-1916

SEPTEMBER, 1994 - VOL. XC, NO. 3 - $ 3.00

Rural Life in Indiana, 1800-1950
Classicist on the Middle Border
West Point Letters of Cadet Milo S. Hascall, 1848-1850

DECEMBER, 1994 - VOL. XC, NO. 4 - $ 3.00

"To Secure Honest Elections": Jacob Piatt Dunn, Jr. and the Reform of Indiana's Ballot
A Hobo Memoir, 1936

MARCH, 1995 - VOL. XCI, NO. 1 - $ 3.00

Emma Lou Thornbrough: Memorial Tribute
An English Shoemaker in Indiana: The Story of Samuel Fowler Smith
The Monster Meetings at the Negro YMCA in Indianapolis
"Please Send Stamps": The Civil War Letters of William Allen Clark

JUNE, 1995 - VOL. XCI, NO. 2 - $ 3.00

Caroline Dunn: Memorial Tribute
History Without Borders: Teaching American History
Perspectives on American History
The Origin of the Word "Hoosier": A New Interpretation
"Please Send Stamps": The Civil War Letters of William Allen Clark