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The following are back issues of Heritage Quest, published bimonthly by Heritage Quest, Inc. Postage is $1.50 per issue plus $.50 for each additional issue. Approximately 120 + pages each magazine. Some include additional material not listed below.

MARCH/APRIL, 1992 - ISSUE #39 - $ 5.00

Responsibilities of Genealogical Consumers
Genealogy Through Philately
National Union Catalog of Manuscript Collections
A Genealogy Program For Almost Anybody
Genealogy and Genetics: Heredity Made Interesting ...and Simple
It's Time To Evaluate Your Genealogy Data
Interment Lists
Intermediate Tutoring in Outline Form (Pt 3)
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Family Photographs (But Didn't Know Who to Ask - Part III)
Genealogical Problem Solving
Ontario's Census Returns
The Use of Soundex to Locate 20th Century Eastern European Ship Passenger Lists
Ostfriesian First Names
Questions on Germanic Ancestry
Yelstin Pledges Home for Germans in Russia
The Federal Historian in a World of Change
800-Year Cousins
Ukraine Archives Invites American Jews to Look for Family Records
Names of the Owners or Occupants of Buildings in the Town of Providence, RI from 1749 to 1771
Ellis Island Changes?
Pittsburgh - A Great Place to Trace Your Roots
French Ethnic Identity in South Carolina from 1686 to 1850 - An Analysis of Four Huguenot Families for Five Generations
The McIver Collection in the Tennessee State Library and Archives
Paper Chase
Colorado County Boundary Changes 1861-1913
Ethnic Sources in Northern California
An August Day at Richardson Cemetery (Lane Co., OR)
John Tanner, the "White Indian"
Genealogists and Libraries, Part 6: Historical Fiction
Never Give Up
Numbering by Computer
Chippewa at Your Family Tree
Surname Index

MAY/JUNE, 1992 - ISSUE # 40 - $ 5.00

Tips for Societies - Funding of Projects
Multipe Johns: The story behind two full brothers who shared a first but not a last name
The "Gossip List"
Genealogical Sharing: Transcripts, Extracts, and Abstracts
Special Interest Groups
Evidence and Proof in Genealogy
On the Need to Publish Now (or, Publish Before You Perish!)
Using Educational Classes to Build Your Society Membership
Tracing Roots Through Religious Records
Just a Maiden Name
Questions on Germanic Ancestry
German Guideposts
Irish Taxation Records
Scottish Sources for American Genealogists
Welsh Genealogy - An Untapped Treasure
Jewish Cemeteries in Poland: The Remnants
Vital Records Indexes Reopened!
Undocumented War Memorabilia Treasures
Ellis Island Revisited
New York City's Vital Records
French Ethnic Identity in South Carolina from 1686-1850 - Part 2
The Search for Susan Cody
Genealogy Research in Franklin County, Illinois
Nebraska in 1857
The UGA Utah Vital Records Projects
Mesa Arizona Family History Center Expands
Saving a Cemetery
Military Pensions
Report from the Family History Library, Salt Lake City
Adoption Support Groups
With God, All Things are Possible
Family Tree Maker 2.0
A Comedy of Heir-ors
Surname Index

JULY/AUGUST, 1992 - ISSUE #41 - $ 5.00

Tips for Societies Service Projects
Gateway to America: Ellis Island immigrant station marks 100th birthday
Boatride to Freedom
Academic Libraries and Genealogy: ERIC
19th Century Communal Societies
Why Not Go Back to School?
Group Sheets: Time for a Change
Political Sources for Genealogical Research
A Stanbery Correction - Fifty Years Later
Quesitons on Germanic Ancestry
The Role of Censuses in German Genealogy
Names to be Computerized at Warsaw Jewish Cemetery
Scandinavian & American Repositories
Ridgefield (CT) First Congregational Church 1849
Research in Cayuga County, NY
Molly Pitt, That "Dangerous & Traitorous Character"
Horsing Around With Research
Piatt County, IL Historical and Genealogical Society - Area Publications
Nebraska in 1857
An Irish Immigration Pattern: Allihies to Butte to Fall River
San Francisco Telephone Directory - 1878
North Pacific Exploratino Taken from June 1, 1880 North Pacific Coast, Part 7.
John Tanner, the "White Indian" Part II (cont. from #39)
Libraries and Genealogists: Your Community College Library
Searching for Patty
Relativity, a New Software
The Hospital and War
Surname Index

NOV/DEC., 1992 - ISSUE # 42 - $ 5.00

Colonial Williamsburg
Researching Masonic Records
Fun with Genealogy: My Favorite Forebears
Tips on Staying Motivated
The Records of the Civilian Conservation Corps (C.C.C.)
Genealogy for the Health of It
The Library of American Civilization
Teaching Genealogy: Are Your Methods Working?
Mrs. O'Leary's Cow, John Kuzdas, and Me
Questions on Germanic Ancestry
German Genealogical Societies and Advice for Beginning Study in Germany
Balmy Breezes from the Baltic
English Archives: the P.R.O., A Survey of the Public Record Office
Discovering Jewish Roots in Riga
Witches - Skeletons or Heroines?
Research in Chenango County, New York
Saving Old Private Cemeteries
Missouri Archives: Researchers Flock to New State Information Center in Jefferson City
Ohio, the One-World State
Nebraska in 1857
Italians in Colorado
The Gold Rush Journal of Edward P. Cook
Interactions of Genealogy and Local History
The Attorney Laughed
Don't Be Afraid of a Helpful Computer
Social Security Death Index on CDROM
Which Witch?
Remembering the Rahilly House
Surname Index
Place Name Index

JAN/FEB, 1993 - ISSUE# 43 - $ 5.00

Tips for Societies - Rule of Order
Family Tree: Genealogy's New Theme Song
Mayflower Heritage
Those Tricky Personal Names
Genealogical Records: Invaluable Aid to Marrow Donor Search
The Rise and Fall of a Family Legend
Lineage Societies' Milestone Anniversaries
Are Genealogy Collections in Danger?
Unsolved Mystery Resolved
Questions on Germanic Ancestry
Follow-Up Mail
Armenian-American Archival Resources
The Archives of Spain (Article 2 of 6)
Russian-American Genealogical Exchange
English Home Studies in Ancestry Tracing
Jewish Geography: A Favorite Pastime of Genealogists
The Colonial Laws of Massachusetts
Name Changes in Colonial America
A Fruitful and Unsettled Land: The Founding of New Amsterdam
Finding Old Jim's Grave
Genealogy May Be Injurious to Your Health
Gold in Southwest Iowa
The Gold Rush Journal of Edward P. Cook (Part. 2)
Never Assume!
"Johnson" Was the Name
Property Owner Microfiche - A Searcher's Best Friend
Following the "Granny Trail"
Surname Index
Place Name Index

MAY/JUNE, 1993 - ISSUE # 45 - $ 5.00

Who I Am: The Legacy
Swamp Yankees: A Twenty-four Year Odyssey
When it Comes to Obituaries, Do a Double-take
A Researcher's Guide to Genealogical Indexes
The Death of a Soldier
A Passage in Time: The Ships That Brought Our Ancestors
The Mystery of the Extra Child
Questions on Germanic Ancestry
The Archives of Spain (Article 4 of 6)
Baltic Genealogical Sources in America
Dutch Treat: An Overlooked, Incredible Information Source
Priceless Data Can Be Found on Old Ship Lists
The Stephen Phillips Memorial Library, Searsport, Maine
The Polyglot City: New York City Immigration Through 1890
Finding Mima Pickens (1763-1868)
The Mystery of the Deathbed Signature
Genealogy Research in Johnson County, Illinois
Research in the Inland Empire of California
Oregon or Bust!
Prodigy Subscribers Help in Adoption Searches
Edge-Wise: A Review of the Family Edge Plus Software
Faith of Our Fathers
Periodical Directory
Surname Index
Place Name Index

MAR/APR, 1996 - VOL. #62 - $ 5.00

Pictures From that Special Village in Europe
Marking Your Veteran's Grave
The Unsung Heroines
My Illusive Ancestor
A One-family Periodical: Strengthening the Ties that Bind
Questions on Germanic Ancestry
Resources for Polish-American Genealogical Research
Italian Marriage Records - A Treasure and a Challenge
Grandpa Was an Immigrant (Great Britain)
Scandinavia Questions and Answers
Migration From the Russian Empire - A New Index (Jewish Roots & Shoots)
Musings and Gleanings from the World of History and Genealogy
Genealogical Research at the Archives of the Archdiocese of Boston
Naturalizatino and Voter Registration - Frauds in New York City 1855-1870
Golden Treasures Not Found in an Index
The War of the Rebellion: The Official Records of the Civil War
Descendants of Independence
Louis Sands, The Biggest Man in Manistee, Michigan
Native American Research and Names
Finding a Brother (Adoption Research)
Profiling Libraries IV
Family History Library News
Foundlings on the Baby Trains
Locating Your Ancestoral Towns With Global Explorer
Membership Directories Can Be Worth Examining
Surname Index