Updated 11/20/13

Offered by Green's Used Genealogy Books

On my own research trips to my ancestor's home towns I've been happy to find cookbooks which were put out by a church group or community organization some years back as a fund-raiser. In some cases it would be a church my ancestor had attended. These spiral-bound, softcover cookbooks list the name of each person who contributed a recipe. I felt others might also be pleased to have a cookbook from one of their ancestor's towns, so have started to accumulate them as I come across them. Here is the list so far. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised to see one from your area of interest. Postage is $2.00 book rate each. In most cases, the condition of the cook book is good, but keep in mind their purpose, so some may have food stains on them. If that is the case, I'll make note of it.



Sun City, Arizona. Kitchen Kreations, Spirited Recipes from Spirited Women. A Collection of recipes by Willowbrook Church United Methodist Women. 1998, 138 pages. ($10.00)


Lakeview Heights, British Columbia. 101 Favorite Recipes Presented by Lakeview Heights Women's Institute. No date, 52 pages. Some recipes marked, covers stained. ($8.00)


Anaheim, California. Menus-Yesterday and Today, by the members of the Anaheim Auxiliary of Orange County Assistance League. No date (probably '60's), 109 pages. This one is a little different, in that the recipes are arranged in complete dinner menus, each menu contributed by one or two people. ($10.00)


Willington, Connecticut. Country Cookbook, Auxiliary of Willington Fire Department #2. 1984, 85 pages. ($ 10.00)

Willington, Connecticut. St. Jude Church. 1982, 135 pages. Cover soiled. ($10.00)

Willington, Connecticut. Home Cooking Secrets of Willington, "Circle One" Women's Club - Federated Church of Willington. No date, probably 1960's. 51 pages. Includes advertisements of local businesses. Cover soiled. ($8.00)


Atlanta, Georgia. Hors d'oeuvres, Mimosa Garden Club. No date, probably 1980's, 76 pages. Cookbook contains recipes for hors d'oeuvres only. ($10.00)

Demorest, Georgia. Return Baptist Church Youth Group. No date, possibly 1994. 125 pages. Includes picture of church. ($10.00)


Des Plaines, Illinois. Bernadene Circle Women's Society of Christian Service of the First Methodist Church of Des Plains. No date (probably '60's), 118 pages. This cookbook is held together by a couple of rings instead of the plastic spiral comb the rest of them are. ($10.00)

Roselle, Illinois. Old and New - Tried and True, A Collection of Favorite Recipes from the cooks and friends of Trinity Lutheran Church. 1996, 134 pages. ($10.00)


Gaithersburg, Maryland. Recipes from St. Martin's Church. 1970, 100 pages. ($8.00)


Abington, Massachusetts. Friendly Recipes, prepared by the Mothers Committee of Abington Friends School. No date, 68 pages. Nice illustrations of the school, meeting house, etc. ($8.00)

Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Byam School Cookbook. No date, 192 pages. ($10.00)

Hingham, Massachusetts. Kitchen Saucery, Plymouth River School, Hingham, Massachusetts. 1977, 124 pages. Includes advertisements from local businesses. ($10.00)

Sandwich, Massachusetts. Recipes Old and New, Sandwich Woman's Club, compiled by Sandwich Woman's Club and Friends in the Community. 1968, 88 pages. ($8.00)

South Hadley, Massachusetts. Food for Thought, A Mount Holyoke Cookbook. 1967, 76 pages. This is a terrific one. It was put together by alumni of Mount Holyoke College. Has recipes contributed by members of classes going back to '00! ($12.00)

Sterling, Massachusetts. The Village Cookbook, Collected by the Women of The First Church. 1964, 192 pages. Covers show wear. ($10.00)

Taunton, Massachusetts. Cooking Favorites of O.L.O.L. Mothers' Guild, Taunton, Massachusetts. No clue as to age of book or definition of O.L.O.L. I'm strictly guessing it might be Our Lady of Lourdes. 62 pages, stains to covers and some of the recipes. Included are some advertisements of local businesses. ($8.00)


Detroit, Michigan. Renaissance Cuisine, a collection of favorite recipes gathered from the members and friends of The Fontbonne Auxiliary, Saint John Hospital. 1984, 382 pages. This is one of the thicker cookbooks. Very good condition. ($12.00)

Detroit, Michigan. Esther Chapter No. 467, O.E.S., "Esther's Cook Book". Order of The Eastern Star. Has date "1959" stamped on it. 118 pages. I have to admit I know nothing about the Eastern Star, except to remember my grandmother was a member. The recipes were contributed by other chapters, as well as the Esther Chapter. ($10.00)

Grosse Point, Michigan. The Fruits of the Harvest, A Treasury of Favorite Family Recipes, Grosse Point Memorial Church. 1975, 167 pages. A few notes on some recipes. ($10.00)

Pontiac, Michigan. Tried and True Recipes, Saint Benedict School and Parish. 1979, 164 pages. ($10.00)

Stevensville, Michigan. Potluck II, Christ Lutheran Ladies' League. 1973, 206 pages. ($12.00)


Butterfield, Minnesota. Kansas Lake Community Cook Book, published by the Women of the Kansas Lake Lutheran Church. 1953, 107 pages. ($10.00)

St. Paul, Minnesota. A Touch of Love, A collection of recipes from members of the Night Owls Guild of the St. Paul Children's Hospital Association. 1983, 211 pages. ($12.00)


St. Joseph, Missouri. A Book of Favorite Recipes Compiled by the Christian Women's Fellowship of First Christian Church of St. Joseph, Missouri. 1976, 128 pages. Includes picture of church. ($10.00)


Omaha, Nebraska. Helpful Hints and Recipes, Hanscom Park Methodist Episcopal Church. 24 pages, no date, but quite old. The recipes do not show a contributor. Many advertisements from local businesses. Postage will be $1.50 because of the small size. ($5.00)


Bound Brook, New Jersey. Ladies Aid Culinary Concoctions, St. John Lutheran Church, Bound Brook, New Jersey. There is no date shown, but it probably goes back to the '40's or '50's. Held together with staples. 26 pages. ($5.00)


Jamestown, New York. 1st Congregational Favorites, Congregational Women, Jamestown, New York. 1977, 119 pages. Includes sketch of church. ($10.00)


Ashland, Ohio. Favorite Recipes, St. Matthew's Episcopal Church Women. 1965 from inscription. 42 pages. Includes advertisements from businesses of that time period. ($8.00)

Dayton, Ohio. Favorite Hometown Recipes. Mission Group, Crestview Baptist Church. Includes sketch of church. 116 pages. No date. ($10.00)

Loveland, Ohio. Favorite Recipes from Our Best Cooks. Women's Association of Loveland Presbyterian church. 1966, 88 pages. ($8.00)

Piqua, Ohio. Friendship Circle St. Paul's United Church of Christ. 1983, 172 pages. Lists all members of the Friendship Circle. ($10.00)

Sandusky, Ohio. Recipes Compiled by Episcopal Church Women of the Sandusky Region. No date, probably '60's. 121 pages. ($10.00)

Waynesville, Ohio. Bread for the Market Place. Waynesville First Baptist Church. 1995, 79 pages. ($8.00)


Dover, Pennsylvania. The Art of Cooking in the Dover Area. Dover Area Senior Citizen's Center. No date, 45 pages. ($8.00)

Lehighton, Pennsylvania. What's Cookin' in Lehighton, Pennsylvania, compiled by The Women's Club of Lehighton. 1972, 37 pages. Includes advertisements for local businesses. ($8.00)

Montgomery, Pennsylvania. First United Methodist Church. 1980, 123 pages. Includes advertisements from local businesses. ($10.00)


Columbia, South Carolina Collector's Cookery by Washington Street Methodist Church. 1963, 112 pages. Cover stained, notes on a few recipes. ($10.00)


Dallas, Texas. Eastwood Christian Church. "Berry-good Recipes", 1977, 87 pages. ($10.00)