Updated 6/18/98

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The following are back issues of The Colorado Genealogist, quarterly of The Colorado Genealogical Society. Postage is $1.50 per issue plus $.50 for each additional issue. Approximately 40-50 pages each issue. Some include additional material not listed below.

FEBRUARY, 1990 - VOL. 51, NO. 1 - $ 4.00

Genealogists and Historians: Partners in Time
Gilpin County, Colorado Miscellaneous Probate Papers 1862-1888
Bible Records: King-Drips-Clapp-McKean-Hagar-Ritchie-Spaulding- Judkins New Hampshire, Colorado
Colorado Ties with Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
Douglas County, Colorado Declarations of Intention
Newspaper Reprint: News Wins Suit to Open Autopsy Files
Karval Cemetery (Lincoln Co.) - Chronology of Burials
Census Facts and Figures
So You Think the Census is Accurate
New Postal Rates From the United Kingdom
The Name on the Monument: Sgt. Allen Lupton
Periodical Index

MAY, 1990 - VOL. 51, NO. 2 - $ 4.00

Welton: A Street, A Ditch, An Ancestor
Denver Clerk & Recorder Filings, 1860-1899, (formerly Arapahoe County): Colorado State Archives
Friendly Rivalry in the Publishing Business or Early-day Review of "Mug Books"
The Founding of Longmont Cemetery
Bible Records: Payne, Massachusetts; Sumner, New York; Simonds, Pennsylvania; Haughwout, New York
Family Bible Records: Stull-Banker-Brownson, New York, New Jersey, Colorado
Clifford Griffin is Buried - Again
Periodical Index

FEBRUARY/MAY, 1994 - VOL. 55, NOS. 1 & 2 - $ 4.00

The Genealogy Collection of the Laramie County Library, Cheyenne, WY
Age Computation Using the Dog Year Continuum
Coloradans in Shelby County, Iowa's Harlan Tribune
The Black Sheep
Bindery Women's Union, Denver Local #59 Sept. 1901 - February 1911
Libraries at National Historic Sites In Colorado and Surrounding States
Genealogical Index to the Portrait and Biographical Record of Denver & Vicinity, CO. (Part 5 of 5) Lists name, spouse, issue.
Periodical Index. Lists articles in 130 gen. publications received by this society

AUGUST, 1994 - VOL. 55, NO. 3 - $ 4.00

Birth and Death Registration in Colorado
Yearbooks: A Genealogical Source
Colorado High Schools: A list of current school districts
Colorado College and University Yearbooks
North High School, Denver, CO: 1910 Graduates and Alumni. Lists name, married name and address for graduates of 1886 through 1892
Periodical Index. Lists articles in 130 gen. publications received by this society.

NOVEMBER, 1994 - VOL. 55, NO. 4 - $ 4.00

Military Cemeteries and Gravestones (With Colorado-area Addresses)
Re-Dedication of a Grave
Does the Census Support This Kidnap Story?
Sullivans and Ostenburgs - 1880 U.S. Census, Las Animas Co., CO, Enumeration District 66
Periodical Index. Lists articles in 130 gen. publications received by this society.
1994 Surname Index

FEBRUARY/MAY, 1995 - VOL. 56, NOS. 1 & 2 - $ 4.00

The New Denver Public Library
Denver Public Library Genealogical Call Numbers (States)
Children's Genealogy: Modern Autobiography
Recognize Anyone? Denver's Children's Classes in the 1920s
Mortality Schedule, 1885, Arapahoe County
Periodical Index

AUGUST, 1995 - VOL. 56, NO. 3 - $ 4.00

Le Famille Chalifou: Ancestors and Descendants of Jean Baptiste Chalifou and Juan Bautista Chalifou
Another View of Those Stuffy, Straight-Laced Victorians
Membership Record, 1860: Denver & Auraria Reading Room & Library Association
Periodical Index

NOVEMBER, 1995 - VOL. 56, NO. 4 - $ 4.00

Denver's Good Old Days? The Lynching of Dan Arata
Alphabetical Index to the List of Members of The Denver & Auraria Reading Room and Library Association
Periodical Index
Annual Index, 1995