Updated  10/24/13

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The following are back issues of Civil War Times Illustrated, a monthly publication of Historical Times Inc. Postage for each magazine is $1.75, plus $.50 for each additional issue. Approximately 50 pages each magazine. Some include additional material not listed below.

FEBRUARY, 1977 - VOL. XV, NO. 10 - $ 3.00

"Jackson (MS)...Is a Ruined Town"

Fisticuffs at Headquarters: Sweeny vs. Dodge

The Battle of Falling Waters (Battle of Hoke's Run)

"We Are On the Blockading Again": Letters from a Nova Scotian in the Union Navy

These No-So-Honored Dead

Behind the Lines


DECEMBER, 1977 - VOL. XVI, NO. 8 - $ 3.00

Robert E. Rodes

George Alfred Townsend and the War Correspondent's Memorial

"That Extraordinary Document:" W.H.T Walker and Patrick Cleburne's Emancipation Proposal

Reynolds' Regrets

Butterfield and "Taps" (What really happened at Harrison's Landing in 1862?)

Fredericksburg and Beyond


JULY, 1979 - VOL. XVIII, NO. 4 - $ 3.00

The Life of a Rising Son, Part I: The Failure

"Pink" Parker's tombstone

Confederate Generals - The View From Below

The Peninsula Campaign, Part V

The Hidden Image: A Blanket Boat

Grant from Galena

Treason or Tyrannyt? The Great Senate Purge of '62

The Memphis Appeal


JANUARY, 1980 - VOL. XVIII, NO. 9 - $ 3.00

A cast of incompetents cost Butler his hero's role in the Petersburg Follies

The Fighting Philadelphia Brigade

The boys of VMI devoted their lives and futures to the Cause - "Put the Boys In"

General Grant's Canteen

Some Views of a Virginia Landmark


MAY, 1982 - VOL. XXI, NO. 3 - $ 3.00

Youth in the Civil War - The Children's Crusade

The Katydid Cadets

Vinnie Ream: The Girl Who Sculpted Lincoln

Nova Scotia: People Drawn to the Sea

Hellions From Marion Square

The Children's Crusade - Gallery

Specimen Sproggles Joins the Volunteers



JUNE, 1984 – VOL. XXIII, NO. 4 - $ 3.00


A Piece of Rebel Rascality

Seeing the Elephant

The Hunt for the Lost Boston

The Secret Service of Henry Adams

Brigadier General John McClausland: The Man Who Never Knew Defeat


MARCH, 1985 - VOL. XXIV, NO. 1 - $ 3.00

The Common Sailor, Part II: Confederate Tars

The South's Legion of Lancers

A Promising Son is Lost (Col. Everett Peabody at Shiloh

Torpedoes for the Confederacy

The Seventh Annual CWTI Author's Prize


DECEMBER, 1985 - VOL. XXIV, NO. 8 - $ 3.00

An Invalid Corps - Casualties continued to serve

"Vivid in my Memory" - B.F. Clarkson remembers Antietam

Anarchy in Missouri - The two faces of the Paw Paw Militia

Bested in Berryville - Mosby raids a Yankee supply train

The Ranger Reverend - Chaplain Bunting of Terry's Texas Rangers


JANUARY, 1986 – VOL. XXIV, NO. 9 - $ 3.00


At the Vortex of Hell: A regiment of Federals destroyed at Manassa

The Rise and Survival of Private Mesnard, Part 1

Art for the Parlors of America

Hero or Villain

From the Confederate Perspective