August 7, 1971

To: Crew of Apollo 15B and Mission Support Personnel,
Alabama Space and Rocket Center, Tranquility Base, Huntsville. Alabama

I have followed the 12 day flight of Apollo 15B with a great deal of interest. First let me welcome you back to Mother Earth, and to the Alabama Space and Rocket Center, and congradulate you on a job well done. To the Crew, Paul Childs Patrick Collins, William Klieber, you are to be commended for the sincere and devoted effort that you demonstrated durinq the 12 day mission. Your performance and attention to simulation duties has been outstanding. I am sure this experience will be recalled by each of you in the future as an exciting and worthwhile undertaking that played an important role in your educational process.

Good luck on future missions, and I wish each of you every success in your personal endeavors.

Wernher von Braun
NASA Headquarters
Washington, D. C.