Beautiful Silk Bonnets
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(New bonnets arriving soon so keep checking back!)

blue & white bonnet sideblue & white bonnet front
Blue silk, low brim drawn bonnet with white silk ties & while plume trim. $130.00 (+shipping)

Sage green silk drawn spoon bonnet with delicate lavender silk ties.  $130.00 (+shipping)

New! Braided Hemp Bonnet Forms
(For those who would like to trim their own bonnets.)

      Brown spoon bonnet             Natural spoon bonnet

  Black low brim bonnet               Natural low brim bonnet
(Other colors available via special order)
All Braided Hemp Bonnet Forms (unlined): $60.00

More forms for those who would like to trim their own bonnets,
Straw Bonnet Forms from Mrs. Gray  
(Mrs. Gray's straw bonnets are formed over an original bonnet block.)

Unlined forms are currently available in green (left) or black (right): $50.00 (+shipping)

Lined forms are currently available in brown or natural:
$60.00 (+shipping)

Mrs. Gray's Soft Crown Bonnets
No extra trimming required for this simple, yet tasteful style bonnet.
Ideal for fall and winter wear.

green soft crown bonnet
Green cotton brocade soft crown with
      black petersham ribbon ties. $75.00 (+shipping)

Custom orders are taken for all bonnet styles shown here, at the prices listed.

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Updated 4 December 2006