"For the Little Ones" multi-sized patterns
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#102 Gored Frock:  Sizes 1 to 6
Based on an original piece in the Sam Davis Home, Smyrna TN.
This darling frock is constructed with four panels or gores. It is gathered at the side waist. Choice of either ruffled or puffed sleeves. Also appropriate for a boy aged 3 and under.

#103 Boat Neck Yoke Dress:  Sizes 1-6 and 7 to 12
This classic dress style from the 19th century features a wide boat neckline.
The bodice can be pleated or gathered at the yoke. Short and long sleeve styles are given.

#104 Boy's French Blouse:  Sizes 1 to 6
Drawn from pattern featured in Peterson's 1864. Simple loose fitting dress for a boy aged 3 and under. Also serves as a tunic for a 4 or 5 year old boy when combined with knee pants (see pattern #107).

#105 High Garibaldi Dress:  Sizes 4 to 12
Simple day dress for school girls featuring full gathered sleeves. Great for cooler weather.

#106 Aprons:  Sizes 4 to 12
Aprons were a necessity to any little girl's wardrobe. Three styles are given in this pattern: An everyday apron, an 'old-fashioned' coverall apron with a tie back closure and a party apron.

#107 Boy's Buttoned Suit:  Sizes 4 to 10
This versatile outfit is great for a boy newly breached when combined with the gathered knee pants or the French Blouse (#104). Services an older boy when coupled with the peg top trousers. Both pant styles are included.

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Updated 28 October 2002