Pauline Cushman
Spy of the Cumberland
by William J. Christen

    Who was Pauline Cushman? A heroine? A fraud? Her exploits over the course of a few weeks in Kentucky and Tennessee secured her place in the annals of the Civil War. People familiar with its history recollect her career as a spy for the Union from stories often based on myths rather than fact.
    Following her "service" as a spy, she gained renown as Miss Major Pauline Cushman and embarked on a tempestuous life that took her from P. T. Barnum's stage to the Wild West of Arizona and California. This grand sweeping biography is based on years of research, finally uncovers the true story of this remarkable woman.

Pauline Cushman: Spy of the Cumberland
ISBN 1-889020-11-7  480 pages hardbound

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Pauline Cushman

Pauline Cushman wearing an officer's uniform.
The photograph was taken between January and June 1864.
(see backmark below).

Cushman backmark

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