A View from the Lutheran Seminary Cupola at Gettysburg.

The topic of the "view" from cupola was recently raised online in the Gettsyburg Discussion Group (for  more info go to http://www.gdg.org). I recently purchased this W. H. Tipton stereocard and wanted to share the "view."

This W. H. Tipton stereocard was probably produced around 1878. I believe that to see the National Cemetery from the cupola, one would need to look to the southeast rather than the southwest.  For further study you should consult William A. Frassanito's Early Photography at Gettysburg (Gettysburg: Thomas Publications, 1995). An image on page 66 of that book shows the view from the cemetery back to the seminary area. A large, light colored fence surrounding the seminary grounds can be seen in that image. Portions of the fence are visible in the Tipton stereoview No. 702.

The left hand image of the stereoview is enlarged below.

The area around the building (perhaps a house that can be further identified) on the left side of the stereoview is shown below:

A detail of the "cemetery area?" of the stereoview is show below:

Thanks for taking a look at the image. Your comments and further interpretation are welcome. This stereoview image can be used with permission. Please send me an e-mail telling me how you plan to use it.

Bill Christen

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