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The Minnesota Chapter of the Developmental Disabilities Nursing Association
Recent Meeting Minutes

This page contains our latest organization meeting minutes. We will update the page each month.


Meeting Minutes
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BusinessMembership- National is unable to provide Corporate Membership at this time. We request that Corporate Providers have a National Member represent their agency and then other nurses can attend meetings as they wish. This took effect starting September 2010. ALL renewals now take place online at DDNA.org and the nurse can pay the national and local dues at once. National DDNA will forward the payment to our Chapter quarterly. This is a also a reminder that dues are renewable with your National DDNA Membership renewal. Please complete application forms online at DDNA.org. All new members will get a MN Metro DDNA tote bag.


DDNA Meeting

1.       Welcome with Introduction

New members

2.       Old Business

a.       Will update LOGO on the T-Shirts-to say Minnesota DDNA and drop the Minnesota Metro

3.       Treasurer report

a.       $997.98

b.      #Members______

4.       New Business

a.       Website-Adam Ley will maintain updates

b.      Chat with Wendy

c.       Who is paying for the website!!!

5.       We are missing a lot  of the greater Minnesota nurses-Lets Skype them in

6.       Minnesota Age and Disabilities Odyssey conference

a.       http://mn.gov/dhs/partners-and-providers/continuing-care/odyssey/

b.      Above is the website for that


7.       Quite a few states are requiring Certification and specific DDNA CEU’s.

8.       The state is not quite recognizing the I/DD field yet

9.       Committee for 2016 ARRM conference

a.       WE will need to organize a booth

b.      Dates are May 11th-12th

c.       Location- DECC, 350 Harbor Drive, Duluth, MN 55802

10.   What is it that you do here,

a.       The CSI Nursing sheet 

11.   Livio Health Group speaking (formerly Specialized Medical Response)-New Number-1-888-709-9344

a.       What are they all about

b.      Urgent Care/Primary Care-ALT Air sponsored Urgent Care

c.       Keep clients with primarys if it is working well. If they are not having a great time with the MD.

d.      NoticeMed App-HIPAA compliant texting, messaging, picture messaging application


We appreciate hearing from you....

Minnesota Chapter of the  DDNA