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From your President (2012-2014):

As of June 1st 2012 I have been entrusted with the privelege of being your 2012-2014 DDNA MN Chapter President.

I want to take this time to thank Wendy Herbers, RN, CDDN, QDDP our (most recent) past President for the drive and spirit in leading us from a Network to becoming a Chapter.

Personally, I would also like to thank her for the encouragement and direction that she has given to me (and all of us).  As you may know, Wendy is now our VP at the National Level and will continue to be part of our MN State Chapter as well as a leader at the National Level.  Please take a minute to tell Wendy “Thanks!” the next time you see her.

This first year has been an amazing journey for me as the Chapter President.  I am fairly new to this field, but feel that I have a real passion and respect for what nurses manage in this area of expertise.

A fundamental principle in all of nursing is the respect for all human worth, dignity and rights.  We take this into consideration in all that we do and how we live.  In this line of work we must advocate for these things in the lives of those we serve. 

I have learned many things being part of this group.  It is not only my responsibility to teach myself, but through associations (such as the DDNA) it is our responsibility to assist in teaching each other.  Within this specialty to be an advocate for those we care for, we need to show and tell others how to assist in helping those with unique abilities to live life to the fullest. 

This will continue to be an extraordinary journey for me.  Not the beginning and not the end, but part of a journey. 

I hope that through my 2 years (of leadership) and beyond we can help make a difference in this line of expertise.  I want to work with all of you, so life can be better for those we serve.

Check out the National website for more information on what is happening in the field of I/DD nursing across the country.

The National Website  is:

Best Wishes,
Lisa A Baum, RN, QDDP




Minnesota Chapter of the  DDNA