These are utilities for the popular "Agent" mail and news program.

I make no guarantee that they will work well, or at all.
If they eat your files or your disk or kick your dog, it's not my fault.
They have done of these things to me, but you never know.
They work for me with Agent 1.92 on Win98.  They may not work for you.

Agent Hook: Lets you manage crossposting to multiple newsgroups.  Use with care.

Agent Post: For posting multiple files easily.  Most useful in binary newsgroups.

Agent Group Order: For re-ordering newsgroups and mail folders. 32-bit version only.
                                    (There is a 16-bit one; I don't have it.)

More Agent stuff with the Visual Basic Libraries some of it needs, courtesy of
Jeffrey Kaplan from Agent Support at

I shouldn't have to tell you to read the readme files that go with these.
Did I mention that I'm not responsible for how they do or don't work, and that I don't
provide customer support?


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