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   Wednesday, July 28, 2004  
I'm no longer able to support this section of the site. Sorry, but work must prevail. Keep shooting!
   posted by Garrett at Wednesday, July 28, 2004

   Saturday, February 07, 2004  
In reply to James' question about a sizing die diameter for a pedersoli sharps I have been getting very good results with Lyman 457125 bullets cast 1:20 and sized .459. Gary

Can you direct me to a source of paper for making paper cartridges? name not given

I read on a forum a person changed from using solvent cleaners to natural lube products and his black powder cartridge barrels began to rust. what are your thoughts on this subject? thank you Phil
   posted by Garrett at Saturday, February 07, 2004

   Saturday, November 29, 2003  
Is it safe to shoot the Garrett %2BP 420 gn and 540gn hard cast smokeless loads in a new 1885 Browning BPCR rifle? What kind of accuracy should I expect?
Is there a long range tang sight made just for the springfield trapdoor? trapdoor bob
Just purchased a Uberti Highwall in 40-65. Looking for some reloading data in both modern and black powders. Any help would be appreciated. Ned Brimstone
I have a low wall Winchester center fire action in good shape. It is presently barreled in a 218 Bee I would like to rebarrel it to a 32-40 Winchester. I know that the cup are less with the 32-40 than the 218 bee. Would this action take the 32-40 winchester. rolling block
hi i have a pedersoli 1874 sharps in 45-70 does anyone know what lube sizer die i need to fit the bore of this rifle for BPCR. I have been told .458 but would like to hear from someone who is shooting the same rife and has a sizer die that is working well. James
   posted by Garrett at Saturday, November 29, 2003  
Twenty years ago, I purchased a Shiloh Sharps 45-110 BPCR with 30 inch barrel. Back then there weren't many shooting black powder paper patched bullets,(read as "no-one"),or people loading and shooting this type of rifle where I lived, Denver,Co.."Quigley Down Under" hadn't come out yet! I experimented with many different bullets, powders, loads, working each one up from a minimal to a maximum. My problem was this, I never got a load to shoot properly at long distances. 100 yards, anyone could shoot but 600 and beyond I couldn't keep it on the paper target. Back then I contacted Shiloh for information on an optimal load, ie. type of bullet, powder, charge, etc. for this NO help. That rifle and all my others have been in storage for many years now because I live in Okinawa where guns are illegal. My wife is Air Force and will be retiring after 22 years and I'll finally get my hands on my guns again. As a starting point for working up a decent long range load what would you suggest? I had slugged the barrel and it measured.... bore: .450, rifling depth: .458. What do you recommend, cast bullets or swaged for paper patching and long distance accuracy? What and how would you recommend lubing this round, grease groove, lube plug, etc. Call me a dinosaur, we've only had internet capabilty for two weeks now and I'm finding a vast amount of information about this subject that simple wasn't available twenty years ago. However, there still isn't much information specifically for the 45-110. Almost everything I find is for the 45-70. I might add that related books on this subject are available now that simply weren't back then too. However, everything has to be shipped in to this country, usually special ordered, which is no problem except I don't want to purchase useless information I can't return. Mail takes as much as 5 weeks to arrive from the states. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. I would like to be armed with as much knowledge as possible when I finally get to blow the dust off that rifle! Thank You for your Help Best regards, Sims PSC 80 Box 21854 APO AP 96367-0103
   posted by Garrett at Saturday, November 29, 2003

   Sunday, October 26, 2003  
hello....I have purchased an old hopkins&allen falling block shotgun, 12guage, after reading a bit, i see that they(h&a) offered a 45-70 version, same action ? for 45-70 shotshell-smoothbores, my question.....could i get a gunsmith to convert my h&a action into a b.p. cartridge rifle?? such as 38-55-45-70 or ??? i know the extractor would need work, plus usual barrel work - fitting. would there be a pressure problem?? is my in good condition h&a shotgun too valuable to convert ?? any help - ideas most welcomed.. from don alexander bathurst nb canada reply to e-mail d. alexander
   posted by Garrett at Sunday, October 26, 2003

   Saturday, April 26, 2003  
Sorry I've been so slack about posting quickly. I had a mule accident and have a broken rib that makes typing painful! Getting better, I bet I oughtn't shoot any hard kicking gun for a while! Garrett
   posted by Garrett at Saturday, April 26, 2003  
I have a sharps 45-120 with about about 1/2" freebore it will not shoot black powder or substitutes, without cleaning between every shot. what was the idea of that mutch freebore in the first place? I also have a 45-120 rechamber encore barrel it also has 1/2" freebore. I asked the company why all that freebore in the rechamber they said it was a standard rechamber.The encore barrel will shoot triple seven about 10 shots before cleaning, but no accuracy. Is there any hope for these type barrels or are they junk? why would companies continue making rifles with this much freebore? there must be some kind of reasoning behind this. thank you . phil reloader 4410
I think they rechambered your rifle wrong. Freebore is usually for paper patched bullets, I believe, or long ones. 2 inches seems way too much. I don't recall a longer round than the 120, perhaps they chambered for a 45-140? I have no experience with that company, but I'd send them the barrel back and tell them to check or give you another, or your money back. Get a douglas. correction, Phil wrote back, said he meant 1 half inch. Garrett
I am looking for load information on .40-82 Model 86 Winchester in black powder and smokeless. Does anyone have this info? Thank you. Dave
how can I convert from .32 cal rimfire ammo (black powder) to .32 cal centerfire ammo (smokeless) janie
   posted by Garrett at Saturday, April 26, 2003

   Friday, February 28, 2003  
Last year I asked about getting a scope for my sharps.I got numerous answers back. Thank you. I was told about R.H.O., of which, I decided to go with. My question is has anyone ever purchased one of these scopes, and if so how long did it take to get it. I have had mine on order for at least 8 months and they have had my money for six. The owner is responsive when asked about it, but I just feel Like I may have lost my money. Does anyone have any info or encouraging words to give.
Where can I find load data for a .38-72? I am interested in black powder loads as well as smokeless loads.
   posted by Garrett at Friday, February 28, 2003

   Friday, January 10, 2003  
How practical is it to “load down” (by using spacer wads) a .45-100 to .45-90 levels? I’d like to be able to shoot stronger loads at 1000yds and reduce for shorter lines.
   posted by Garrett at Friday, January 10, 2003  
Gentlemen, ABout halfway down the board someone mentions a RMA W22A rifle, I believe I have the same rifle, I think it is called a turret breech for obvious reasons, however I have no info on this gun and would like to know its complete history. A poster on another board said that the gun was covered in an old gun mag (g&a, shooting times or other from the 60s or70s) I have been unable to locate any other info, except that it might have been designed to use toy caps as a ignition source, my thanks JohnKettel
   posted by Garrett at Friday, January 10, 2003  
I am ready to purchase a Sharps Rifle. It will be used for hunting and informal target shooting. I will reload with “smokeless powder only”. I am considering the caliber to be 45-110, however I can not find information on the accuracy of this caliber. I am familiar with the 45-70 which I shoot in my Ruger #1. What can I expect on accuracy for the 45-110? Any information will be greatly appreciated Jaime
Just purchased a .45-120 Sharps rifle. Found the brass, but need info on optimum loads in smokeless. As I understand, the black powder load would be a 405g bullet with 120g FFg black powder. Correct? Steven R.
I get a lot of questions about smokeless. I don't shoot smokeless and don't want to be liable for telling someone to. Good luck, there is some published data out there. Garrett
   posted by Garrett at Friday, January 10, 2003  
To the person that is considering buying a Pedersoli or Armi sharps replica. I have owned both. I broke the firing pin in the Armi and never got to shoot it very much. The Pedersoli is my pride and joy. I have seen 3-4 inch groups at 100 yards with tang sights. The load I used is 405 grains hard cast flat nose, 45 grains of Varget and a large rifle primer. The only rifle that I ever owned that shot this well was a Remington BDL Bullbarrel sarg58
   posted by Garrett at Friday, January 10, 2003

   Monday, November 11, 2002  
When I was a youngster I could shoot very well. I haven’t done any shooting in 20 years I am 57 yrs old. My sight is not as good as it used to be.deteriorrated somewhat. I wear glasses now and yearly have eye exams. I can see the long distances ok but when I attempt to sight down a rifle barrell I can see the front sight but not the distant target. I us bi focals when i attempt to line the two up . it becomes the front sight that gets fuzzy. I have been to several optometrist to correct this they have not been any help I have thought of a system of trifocals that can "blink" at an undetermined cycles per second (Working on that now) Blinking appears to line up the sights with the target. I have ideas on methods of blinking the lens. Anyone out there interested in research on this? email: Wayne Henderson
   posted by Garrett at Monday, November 11, 2002

   Monday, October 07, 2002  
I am looking to buy a replica Sharps in 45-70 as my first BPRC rifle to cut my teeth on. I’ve heard good things about the Pedersoli rifles but recently came a across a manufacture called Armi Sport, also Italian. Anyone know anything about this company? Should I just stick with Pedersoli? The money’s burning a hole in my pocket but I don’t want to get burned with a poor decision. Grant
I am seeking all information on Sharps rifles can you please indicate where on net to locate historically accurate info, not for sale sites please. Muffet
   posted by Garrett at Monday, October 07, 2002

   Sunday, July 14, 2002  
I have an original Sharp’s Carbine that is like new. It is a Sharps conversion, but I’m not sure what caliber it is. It measure .52, and another Sharps buff thought it might be a very rare 52 x 100 caliber. This is an original sharps rifle, that was converted under federal contract at the sharps factory, and has the federal inspectors initials stamped on the butt stock DLC. Does anyone have an idea what caliber this might be? pat
Is there a modern black powder breechload rifle manufactured by “rocky mountain” mfg?
I have a rifle I would like to have info on: US Sharps Rifle Company Meriden, CONN Serial # 29161 C.sharps pantent # on rifle. Any helps would be appricated, thanks Jeff, Alaska Bush Man
   posted by Garrett at Sunday, July 14, 2002

   Tuesday, June 11, 2002  
I just got a springfield trapdoor Carbine in 45-70 and I was wondering if anyone knew where to get already loaded blackpowder loads to shoot out of the rifle I have a reloader coming but I would like to shoot some of the BP loads to see how the rifle acts thanks. Bill W.
   posted by Garrett at Tuesday, June 11, 2002

   Tuesday, April 02, 2002  
i am an experienced smokeless shooter/reloader who is new to black powder cartridge i wish to work up an EXTREAMLY accurate load for 45/70 im trying to find online hopefully a treatise on how the guys who won the 1000 yd nationals went about it can anyone direct me
Any one lookng for information on how to load target grade 1000 yard match blackpowder ammunition will find a wealth of information in the “SPG” black powder loading manual. Steve Garbe has a web site (look it up under “SPG”)and you will find all the resources you need to get it done right. He covers everything from loading to how to shoot ( I bet few people know about using a blow tube and how it allows you to shoot without cleaning between shots)...Check it out, folks !! Mark
To nzsailor: The best start for loading accurate BPCR cartridges is the book from SPG. The authors have won many BPCR National championships.
   posted by Garrett at Tuesday, April 02, 2002

   Monday, March 25, 2002  
Where can i buy sights for browning highwalls in North America?? Paul
Dear Garrett, I am in the market for a 45-70 sharps medium or long range rifle, for use with factory or smokeless handloads. The intended use is for hunting, with some target shooting 500 yards or less. Are the replicas as good as the Americans? I am on a budget, but would like this rifle to be a keeper. I need a flexible cartridge for varying big game, not sillouttes. Also, are the import replicas really that inferior pertaining to full house specialty loads, ie. Garrett cartridges? Would I be better off just getting a Ruger for the money? Thank you, Jens
I'd say a Ruger is for you. They are strong actions for hot loads, the Sharps is not. The Highwall is very strong too, so you may consider the browning. I've had two Ruger number 1's though, they're nice but not "Authentic 1870s".
   posted by Garrett at Monday, March 25, 2002

   Friday, March 22, 2002  
Sorry about the political posts lately, I was accidentally posting to the wrong site. If you WANT political posts, see my Attack on America web log. Garrett
   posted by Garrett at Friday, March 22, 2002

   Tuesday, March 12, 2002  
I would like to find information on getting better performance out of my1874 shiloh sharps 45-120 for moose hunting. I have seen reloading data for the 45-70 in good strong guns that push a 400 gr. bullet at over 2000 fps. There has to be away I can equal this performance with this rifle (safely), but I dont know where to turn. Any information on powder,bullets etc. would be greatly appreciated. p.s. Barrel Is a #1 heavy in 34 inch length.............THANKS, Rick
   posted by Garrett at Tuesday, March 12, 2002  
I am trying to find out what shell is better for long range 45-120 or the 50-140 thanks. Brian
   posted by Garrett at Tuesday, March 12, 2002

   Saturday, March 02, 2002  
i am considering the purchase of a pedersoli sharps rifle, which model is offered in .45/70 and .40/65 versions. what is the difference in recoil and trajectory between the two rounds? what would you consider to be the advantages of each round for hunting or target shooting?
The .40 is lighter in recoil, noticible only in long matches. The .40 is harder to reload for, though brass is now made by some company, Starline? The .45 might buck the wind better at longer ranges. The .45 might hit an elk harder. Garrett
   posted by Garrett at Saturday, March 02, 2002  
I have an original Remington rolling block that was 11.7X51R. I rechambered to 45-70, (almost no difference) and would like to have some recommendations on good black powder loads for it. I keep ffg GOEX for my cowboy guns so would like to use this powder. I loaded some with 55 gr. and a grease cooky behind a 405 gr. .458 bullet. This worked great at 100 yds. but really opened up at 200 and 300. Is part of the cookie sticking to the base of the bullet? M. M. Wright
Good one. Are there spatters of lube at the muzzle? If so, then it isn't all used up by the time the bullet gets past the bore. that's a good thing really. Try recovering a bullet an looking for evidence of lube. Or put a card wad between the base and the cookie. Every rifle shoots differently, just change one variable at a time and see if the groups tighten. Powder amount/type, bullet, primer, brass, seating pressure of the bullet on the powder, theres lots of variables. Garrett
   posted by Garrett at Saturday, March 02, 2002

   Tuesday, February 26, 2002  
I am considering buying a sharps rifle in 45-110 for long range shooting--please give me names of companies that build these and which ones are the better built guns--any one doing the 45-120? Thanx, Matt--Please others may also reply to
Shiloh, C. Sharps, Axtel, Pederosoli,... Any others?
   posted by Garrett at Tuesday, February 26, 2002

   Monday, February 04, 2002  
Any comments are welcomed. I’m set on purchasing a Pedersoli .50-70 Sharps. The rifle will be used for hunting deer, elk, moose, black bear. What kind of performance can I expect from this caliber, in velocity, foot pounds of energy, and accuracy out to 500 yards. Any idea’s on the brand,weight/design of bullets, What powder do you think would be best in this rifle. Is this a 500 yard big game gun? Keep in touch! Rick “Hammer” Oubre
   posted by Garrett at Monday, February 04, 2002  
Ladies and Gentlemen, I did not intend this site to be anything other than what it is: a place for people to discuss and enjoy antique target rifles. But in this one case I ask that you read this report from the so-called Violence Policy Center the "One-shot, One-kill" link that categorizes accurate rifles as "Sniper Rifles". They don't extend their twisted logic to BPCRs, but they're not too far off from how I describe my 1874 Sharps. An antique M-1C from the CMP or a Remington M-77 Varmint rifle are among those listed that "display a higher degree of accuracy needed to kill humans". You and I know any tool can be represented in various ways. Is it an ax, or an ax-murderer's tool? A sport-bike, or a murdercycle? A BPCR or a Buffalo-killer,…or a sniper rifle capable of killing a cop at 500 yds?
The way this group tries to play on people's distrust of the unknown, falsify facts, and ignore the constitution and is chilling. Remember, outlawing whole classes of guns has happened before. Just because some rifle could be used for evil doesn't mean the goverment should/can take it away from law-abiding folks like you and me. Please, join the NRA AND call your representatives.
   posted by Garrett at Monday, February 04, 2002

   Wednesday, January 30, 2002  
I bought a Pedretti sharps in 45-70 28” barrel with tang sights last summer. I finally shot it at a local indoor range. Distance 25 yds. I used federal 300 gr. smokless cartridges. The 5 shot groups were approximately 2-3 inches. They were also 2-1/2 inches to the left with the tang sight adjusted far right. Several qestions 1- is this rifle capable of better accuracy if so how??? I will try 400 or 500 grain bullets next after reading a little. 2- If I want to replace the tang sight with another peep sight what would you recommend. I have seen a few Lyman type sights on Sharps in Handloader / Rifle magazines. Where can I get a Lyman catalog. Their web site seems to be down. I have inspectted the front sight. A globe insert type and think the sight should be inserted further to the left in the dovetail. Should I return the rifle back to the seller or should I have a local gunsmith do it? I live in WA any recommendations as to gunsmiths? Tom
I have a 1871 Swedish made Remington rolling block, in re-barreling it my gunsmith broke the head off the hammer pin retaining screw. I have tried standard and metric thread guages, but can not figure out the thread pitch. Does any one know what it is, or where I can get a replacement? RUSTY
i am interested in any assembly / disassembly of the browning 1885 bpcr prefer diagram if possible, i am having problems with hammer catching on the half-cock position when firing. mark
   posted by Garrett at Wednesday, January 30, 2002

   Monday, January 14, 2002  
I am currently playing with the idea of going into black powder cartridge for hunting. I am a very experienced hunter but all my hunting is done with center fire weapons. I want to make an American Bison hunt so could anyone give me a caliber (hunting)to start with? Jimbo
   posted by Garrett at Monday, January 14, 2002

   Friday, January 04, 2002  
I have a 1874 sharps in 45-70 caliber. I love the rifle. I hunted with it this year, and actually missed to deer because I am having a hell of a time seeing the sights. I have changed the front sight twice. The last being a fiber optic sight. Yeah i know. Why would anyone put a fiberoptic sight on a sharps rifle. Just so i could see it. Anyway, what i,m really after is the old type brass, full barrel length scope. I would like to get back to being as much authentic as possible and still be able to shoot the rifle with confidence. Does any one know where i can find one? andy
Dixie Gun Works sells a brass scope in a 32" and 18" lengh. Last time I checked it was about $200.There number is 800 238-6785. If you have a rear tang sight on that sharps, maybe a larger aperature would let more light through in the woods. You could keep the old one for the target range.
1874 Sharps rifle scope is available from R. H. O. Instruments, PO Box 1789, Point Roberts WA. 98281-1789. They come with everything to mount them on your rifle. The cost is around 650 dollars they are new and in the 4 power range. There is also a full length brass 3/4 inch diameter Tasco scope at the Cache La Poudre Rifleworks in Fort Collins Colorado, 140 N College Ave. PH 970-482-6913. This is a used scope and will probably work well and it is priced at 150 with some very basic external adjustment in the rear mount. They also have a very nice adjustable scope mount for 250 for the sharps 3/4 inch scope. Good Luck. Nels
   posted by Garrett at Friday, January 04, 2002

   Sunday, December 30, 2001  
I am wondering if there is any information, or if anybody has used Goex Clear Shot Black Substitute to load Black Powder Cartridges. Mark Rudman
I used Clearshot for about a year, and Cleanshot before that...they both worked well in my 45/70, but I found that the Clearshot corrodes cases if they aren’t fully washed. I tried everything and still lost a few. I have 3 lbs of 2F I’ll sell you if you want to give it a try. My thought is that since it reacts with brass, maybe it would be better in a muzzleloader. Regards. tommy4toes
I guess I'm the kind of guy that always puts the cart before the horse. I have signed up for a primitive elk hunt in western New Mexico and before I go and buy a black powder muzzle loader , am wondering if anyone knows rules about black powder cartridge hunting as a leagal gun in New Mexico . I have hunted with my single shot Browning Mod. 78 in 7mm mag. for the last 15 years and have taken many elk with it . So I would feel very comfortable with a 45-70 black powder cartridge in a win. high wall . Thanks in advance for any response ,even if it includes You Dummy! Rick from Dallas
I used to live in NM, and unfortunately they don't consider a cartridge gun blackpowder. I wish they did. Has to be a muzzleloader. Garrett
   posted by Garrett at Sunday, December 30, 2001

   Tuesday, December 04, 2001  
I own a rifle that I believe is a rolling block, all it says on rifle is R.M.A.C. A22W it also says U.S. patent pending and 1750. I do not know what caliber it is but I tried to size it with a 22 caliber but it is smaller. Anyone know what this is?
   posted by Garrett at Tuesday, December 04, 2001

   Saturday, December 01, 2001  
Garrett, I've tried the factory ammo 300 grain loads, but for my money I'd stick with the blackpowder 500 grain bullets. Seemed to me that the factory ammo kicks harder and were not nearly as accurate. I found this out using a EMF gun. Seems like the heavier the bullet the better the bullets. The diameter of the bullet matters to. In the gun I was using a .459" did better then anything else. I'll be trying that when my new 1874 C. Sharps shows up in the next couple of weeks Michael E. Quaintance
   posted by Garrett at Saturday, December 01, 2001

   Wednesday, November 14, 2001  
My question is concerning the Pedersoli-Sharps 1874 Quigley Rifle. If a rifle is chambered at 45-120, can it shoot a 45-70? Or what would be a good caliber in this rifle to shoot 800 to 1000 yards with adequate knockdown power? JJ
You can shoot the .45-70, at least blackpowder loads. I don't know if the accuracy will be there because of the longer chamber. But seat the bullet out and give it a try. Garrett
You can always load down a cartridge, ie 45-120 to same load performance as 45-70, but you can't load it up. This can be accomplished by using additional grease cookies, wads, or fillers between the powder and bullet. Also, seating the bullet deeper in the case will take care of some powder charge room. rangrider
My favorite load for the Sharps Quigley 45-120 is the 500 gr. Hornady fmj behind 44 grains of 5744. I’m getting about 1700 fps, zeroed at 100 yards gives me a 16%22 drop at 200 yards. Jim
   posted by Garrett at Wednesday, November 14, 2001  
Great site! I wished I found it sooner. I have a couple of questions. First, is the 38-55 a good silhouette round, does it have the power to knock down the rams? Second, there was a fella in Gilmer, TX. who was making reproduction parts for many of the old single shot rifles. The company was called Bison Mfg Co, then the name changed to Tools International. I have their (garbled), dated June 1996. I tried calling their number and found it came back to a residence who never heard of them. Has any one out there heard of this company? They specialized in casting parts for the old rifles in which you would have to machine them to fit (and heat treat, etc) Jim, from Michigan
The .38 doesn't have power to always knock down rams, though some people use it with pretty good success. If it were someone averse to recoil it may be good, but a few won't go down. The company you mention I used to have a link for....looking... Garrett
   posted by Garrett at Wednesday, November 14, 2001

   Friday, October 19, 2001  
Looking for information on Mann-Neidner firing pin conversion for original Winchester high wall - ran across the information in a book somewhere several years ago, but can’t find it now. Does anyone know where I might find it? John A.
I know it was in one of those books: Single Shot Rifles, More single Shot Rifles, etc. Who wrote them, Frank Barnes? Garrett
   posted by Garrett at Friday, October 19, 2001

   Monday, October 01, 2001  
I was recently given an original Remington Rolling Block action to which someone had mounted the largest, heaviest octagon .45-70 barrel in existance. I would like to rebuild this rifle with a round barrel along original configuration in .40-70 straight. Any suggestions on gunsmiths, especially in Virginia or West Virginia would be greatly apprecated. Jim in West Virginia
   posted by Garrett at Monday, October 01, 2001

   Tuesday, September 18, 2001  
Garrett, all commercial ammo is loaded for trap doors. I also have the same rifle you have and have been shooting commercial ammo, hand loads, and black powder loads in it, and so far there hasn’t been a problem. Enjoy the rifle they seem to be of top quality. John Barrett
   posted by Garrett at Tuesday, September 18, 2001

   Sunday, September 16, 2001  
I don't know that make, but I do know EMF imports some nice quality Italian Sharps. They look better every time I see one. If you like the rifle, then you have a good one! Shoot it and see how it does, if one day you choose, trade up to some other type. Guns always appreciate. Contact EMF about if that smokless load can be shot, but I bet the load is safe.
   posted by Garrett at Sunday, September 16, 2001  
I just found this web site and enjoyed readinq. I have one or two questions myself I’m not into competion shooting just hunting. I just purchased a replica sharps 45-70 manufactured by Pedretti & Sons. I did not see that name in any of the questions and answers I read. I’m beginning to feel I have a inferior rifle. Is this rifle manufactuer a good one or not. My other question is about factory laoded ammo. I did not what to hunt with a 405gr bullet. I just purchased some of winchester supreme ammo in a ballistic silver tip at a 300gr bullet. Is this round safe to shoot in my gun. I do love the rifle i have wanted one for 10 or 15 years. I purchased it through EMF & co gun dealers. andy
Andy, Your 45-70 Pedretti is an okay rifle. If you intend to shoot at 100 yds or less, 300 gr bullets will probably be okay. They are really too short to give you any accuracy above 100 yards as they tend to tumble. I've found that good accuracy in 45-70 to 45-120 requires a SQARE base bullet of 500 grains at least 1 1-4" long. Hornady makes a very good 500 gr fmj that works extremely well behind 44 grains of 5744 powder or 120 grains of black powder.
   posted by Garrett at Sunday, September 16, 2001

   Tuesday, September 11, 2001  
I wish everyone comfort who has been hurt by evil cowards today. And I pray all Americans can come together with steadfast resolution to punish those responsible, no matter how long it takes, or where it takes us. God bless America.
   posted by Garrett at Tuesday, September 11, 2001  
Killing innocents is not a "holy war"
We need to mourn
We need to pray

We will find everyone responsible

Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord
But we must help the Lords work
   posted by Garrett at Tuesday, September 11, 2001


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