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For his musical performances in the St. Louis, Missouri area, Gaptoof often uses his stage name ("Curt Landes"). One of Gaptoof's main projects is performing in the Landes & Martin Band. 

The Landes/Martin band is the long time partnership (over 25 years) of 2 freelance musicians (Vince Martin & Curt Landes). This partnership allows them to perform together, as well as to pursue and accept many musical projects separately from the L & M band. Yes, it's possible that they may have a commitment problem in their professional lives (not to mention their personal lives).

But...moving right along...

Their forte is variety. night they may be performing a jazz concert and improvising on music by great jazz composers, original jazz themes and classic standards.

...and the next night they may be playing a dance and singing classic motown, blues and an amazing variety classic pop/rock/swing/soul music... hit songs of performers like the Beatles, Ray Charles, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, The Commodores, Van Morrison, The Everly Brothers, Al Green, Booker T & The MGs, The Ventures, Stevie Wonder, Louis Jordan. Earth Wind & Fire, etc etc. In this "party mode" they deliver high energy vocals (and vocal harmonies), grooving instrumental accompaniments, and exciting keyboard, guitar & bass solos.

...and then the next night they may be doing entirely instrumental "background" music at a cocktail/dinner event playing quiet Brazilian bossa novas, light swing tunes, and soft ballads.

...and then the next night (or maybe a few nights later...) they may be at a country club playing an anniversary party and 
specializing in tunes made popular by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, & Tony Bennett.

The L & M band usually performs as a 2-5 piece band depending on the situation (& budget). 

Curt Landes: piano, keyboards(key bass), vocals (& occasionally guitar, drums, percussion)
Vince Martin: guitar, bass guitar, vocals (& occasionally drums, percussion...and ...rarely... keyboards!)

L & M are very fortunate to have access to a great network of talented musicians. These are some of the finest (and most in demand) musicians in the area. Some operate mainly as freelance performers and some are members of top bands in the area.

Among the band's most frequent collaborators (past & present) are:

Willie Akins: saxophones
Winfield Gaylor: saxophones
Fred Walker: saxophones
Al Ox: drums, piano. keyboards, bass pedals, vocals
Kyle Honeycutt: drumset
Mark Rogers: drumset, vocals
Chris Fabick: drums, various percussion
Blake Travis: percussion, vocals
Mary Dyson: vocals

& our beloved brother, the late, great Gerald DeClue: saxophones & flute (and...sometimes...vocals!)

Chris Fabick, Curt Landes, and Vince Martin -briefly posing at Kemoll's (top of the Met Square Building-the highest you can be in St. Louis). We were performing at the wedding reception of KB Hannigan the 3rd & Mary Bradley. 

Chris, Curt, Vince (wedding reception 9/13/08)
photo by the waiter