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gaptoof welcomes you!

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Hi, I'm Gaptoof. I'm a musician/singer/bandleader based in the St. Louis, Missouri area. I often play solo piano under the stage name "Curt Landes".

This site has been re-constructed after having been "down" for many months. I now have a few photos posted, a brief biography/history, a list of some of our current & past clients, and some audio & video samples. More stuff will be posted in time. 

(To those of you regular visitors who were losing sleep while the site was down: you may now go to sleep.-Gaptoof am back on da web!!!)

How to find out about
upcoming public musical performances: 

Important news for those on my email list:
I've missed you! ...Yes, YOU! Don't turn around to see who's behind you...I'm talking to you! (but could you also please pass this info on to the person behind you?)
Here are 2 questions that Gaptoof is frequently asked:

"Where are you performing these days"?
--Answer: Many places. Please subscribe to my e-list for news/notices/updates.

"Why am I no longer receiving email notices of your performances"?
--Answer:  My older computer wasn't easily surrendering some of it's data, including my e-mail addresses and the "fan" address list. I am rebuilding my e-list.                                                                                    
You are invited to re-subscribe to the list. Simply go to my "contact" page and send me a "comment" or an email and ask to subscribe to the list.

Please forward this information to anyone you think may be interested.