Lapidary Digest Mail List


Anyone interested in lapidary is invited to subscribe to the Lapidary Digest mail list. This is a mail list digest devoted solely to all the Lapidary arts except faceting. It focuses on the cutting, carving, shaping, polishing and assembly of rocks or minerals into cabs, special shapes, intarsia and channel work pieces. Tumbling, slab and trim sawing, the types and properties of stones used for our lapidary purposes, and the treatments of these stones are all included in discussions on the Lapidary List. The list already has over 370 subscribers.

The list is only sent out in digest form, once every other day, or when there are enough messages to make a Digest. To subscribe, send a message to with the words SUBSCRIBE DIGEST on the subject line. This is a programmed subscription which picks up your e-mail address from your message. So sure to subscribe from the computer to which you want the Digest to be sent. All future communications with the Digest computer must be from the same computer address. A Welcome letter automatically will be sent to you shortly after you subscribe, containing policies and procedures for interacting with the Digest . We hope you will join and participate; and look forward to seeing you there..

Hale Sweeny
Administrator, Lapidary Digest Mail List
Durham, NC USA

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