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Victory in the Pacific (copyright 1977 (1st ed.) and 1981 (2nd ed.) by the Avalon Hill Game Company, later Hasbro Inc.) is a tense two-player game simulating World War II in the Pacific. The 2nd Ed. Rules are the ones by which I play. An excellent PBM system designed by James M. Lutz and published in the Avalon Hill General, vol. 19, issue 6, (March-April 1983) gives the game a good "fog of war" aspect since players send out orders simultaneously, then anxiously await the news of their opponent's actions. Played this way, the game is constantly exciting if two players are reasonably well-matched. I have devised some PBM/PBEM Order of Battle Sheets and Combat Sheets which work quite well. They are in Microsoft Word 97 and can be sent as an attachment in an e-mail. Those who are interested in obtaining a copy of these sheets or who wish to add comments or links to this site should contact me as listed below.

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