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Republic of Rome, (copyright 1990 by the Avalon Hill Game Company, which in August 1998 was bought out by Hasbro Inc.), is a fascinating game of political intrigue set in the last 250 years of the Roman Republic. Many of the sites collected below are involved with play by e-mail and include information on rules and variants. After a hiatus of several years, Roberto Ullfig has now revived his site called the Colosseum, which is quite good for background information and other links. Roberto had also graciously permitted me to host many of his former files at my site.  (All files preceeded by the letters 'ru' are files derived from him.)  A number of good links also derive from Richard Heli at his Spotlight on Games site.  Quite a few of the remaining links are hosted at an excellent simulation gaming site titled Web-Grognards. The Boardgamegeek site also has interesting commentaries on the game as well as some additional links.  To subscribe to a listserve for Republic of Rome send this message to majordomo@athosfax.com without any subject heading: subscribe ror-L .  However, since there has not been any activity on that list in a long time, you might also try the new Republic of Rome eGroup .

Game Reviews and Summaries:
Game Review: Game Cabinet by Mike Siggins
Game Review: Grognards by Chris Farrell
Overview and Summary
Review in Bruno Faidutti's Ideal Game Library
Summary and Additional Links (BoardGameGeek site)

Historical Background:
Consuls, 300 B.C. - 68 A.D.
Consuls of the Republic of Rome 509 - 27 B.C.
Number of Consulships by Gens -  509 BC - 27 BC
Timeline by Richard Heli
Timeline of Carthaginian History by Richard Heli

PBEM and Tournament sites [also see "Rules, Errata, ..." below):
ACTS - Automated Card Tracking System
AREA Ratings for Republic of Rome
Game FASCES: GM Scott Harris (completed)
Game IMPERIUM: GM Scott Harris (in progress)
Game AUCTORITAS: GM Lou Jerkich (completed)
Game ROMULUS: GM Lou Jerkich (completed)
Republic of Rome PBEM (Aaron marriner's site)
Republic of Rome PBEM: GM Andy Ewing
Republic of Rome PBEM: GM Joan C. Artes
Republic of Rome PBEM Players List
Republic of Rome: VVV & SPQR (inactive since 1998, but was a nice effort)
Republic of Rome Tournaments (sponsored by the BPA)

Playing Aids

Articles on Republic of Rome: Index from the AH General magazine
Card Images - from the RoR Cyberboard gamebox by Manuel Perez Ron
Disaster/Standoff Percentages - compiled by Roberto Ullfig
Handling of War Cards: Forum, Senate and Combat Summary by Richard Heli
Manifest of Game Cards compiled by Roberto Ullfig
Senate Phase Guide by Peter M.White
Senate Phase Order of Business by Richard Heli
Symbols for use in recording PBEM Games by Lou Jerkich (derived from Roberto Ullfig/Joan C. Artes)
Tables compiled by Roberto Ullfig
Triple Die Roll (TDR) Charts by Lou Jerkich

Rules, Errata, and Components
AH Official Errata Collected by Dan Peters, posted by Roberto Ullfig
AH Official Errata from February 15, 1994
Errata: Includes Pompey & Governorships
Errata by Dave Berry
Errata from the AH General Vol. 27, No. 4
Graphics of the RoR Counter Sheets
PBEM Rules from AH General Vol. 27, No. 4
PBEM Rules Version 4 by Roberto Ullfig
PBEM Rules Version 4.1 by Joan C. Artes based on ver. 4 by Roberto Ullfig
Republic of Rome 101: Beginner's Guide by Peter M. White
Republic of Rome Errata Posted by Brian Bankler
Republic of Rome Living Rulebook by John Rodriguez
Republic of Rome Rules Clarifications by Lou Jerkich
Rules and Errata collected by Roberto Ullfig
Suggestion by Peter M. White re: Early Republic Wars
World Boardgaming Championship Errata and Clarifications

Strategy Guides
Analysis for Early Republic by Richard Heli
Early Republic Strategies (for the Good of Rome) by Roberto Ullfig

Variants and Scenarios
Grand Variant: Combining Republic of Carthage with Republic of Rome, by Richard M. Heli
Republic of Carthage by Richard M. Heli
Variant for 8 Players by Ward Narhi
Variant (Late Republic Extension) by Roberto Ullfig 1998 version
Variant (Late Republic Extension) by Roberto Ullfig 2001 version ("Civil War Deck")
Variant Optional Rules by Roberto Ullfig and Christopher K. Farrell
Variant Scenario by Roberto Ullfig  (Latin & Italian Periods - Early Republic)
    Birth of the Republic Scenario 509 - 264 BC
Variant Scenarios by Roberto Ullfig  (Middle - Late Republic)
    Scenario I. The First Civil War (c. 111-81 BC)
    Scenario II. The Fall of the Republic (c. 81-44 BC)
    Scenario III. Gracchus to Sulla (6-player game only) [134 - 78 BC]
Variants by Dave Berry (a brief collection of Optional Rules)
Variants by Richard Heli (Assassination & Create Your Own Statesman/Senator)
Variants by Roberto Chiavini (New Statesmen, New Laws, etc.)

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