--- Senate Phase Errata - By Roberto Ullfig

Closed Session (required actions in sequential order; cannot adjourn

until complete)

1. Consul Election

2. Dictator Appointment or Election (optional)

       (3 active wars or 1 with strength >= 20 required)

3. Pontifex Maximus (only if currently not assigned)

4. Censor Election

5. Prosecutions (optional)

       1 Major Prosecution or

       1 or 2 Minor Prosecutions

6. Open Governorship Elections

       (Multiple governors per proposal possible; all provinces must be

        assigned; Unaligned Governors in the Forum may be elected; only

        unassigned provinces may be assigned during the Closed Session)

Note: The HRAO always makes the first proposal for Consuls; A Tribune

    cannot be used to prevent him from making his first proposal though

    an assassination attempt can be made before the HRAO makes his first


Special Proposals:

X. Consul for Life (once per turn max; cannot be vetoed)

    Can be proposed at any time following the Consular Elections.

Y. Governor Fines (when Calpurnian Law is in play)

    once per turn max; can be done at any time following Censor Election.

    The faction with this power effectively has a special tribune usable

    only to use this power. This tribune cannot be prevented in any way.

Z. Automatic Assassination Prosecution (cannot be vetoed)

Open Session (optional actions in any order)

7.  Optional Governor Elections/Recalls

       (Multiple governors per proposal possible;

        Unaligned Governors in the Forum may be elected)

8.  Concession Assignments

       (Multiple assignments per proposal possible;

       one proposal/concession per turn max)

9.  Land Bill Proposal (once/type per turn max)

10. Land Bill Repeal (once per turn max)

11. Recall Exiled Statesman

12. Reject Rhodian Maritime Alliance Event (when in play)

13. Adjourn the Senate (HRAO only)

14. Raise a Force in Rome

15. Disband a Force in Rome

16. Send a Force from Rome to a Province/War

17. Recall a Force from a Province/War to Rome

18. Send a Consul or Dictator from Rome to a War with a Force

19. Send a Field Consul from Rome to a Bequest with a Force

20. Recall a Proconsul from a War to Rome

21. Allocate Treasury Funds to a Loyal Province for Provincial Army/Fleet

Builds during the next Revenue Phase.

22. Impeach Pontifex Maximus (2/3 majority)

--- War Proposal Bundling

Issues related to a particular War/Province can be combined in one

proposal. Multiple War/Province issues can be combined in one proposal

(i.e. a proposal can be made that sends both consuls to war).

"Force" stands for a number of legions and/or fleets which may or may not

state specific units.

Combat Proposal Restrictions:

a. A specific Legion cannot be Raised and Disbanded in the same turn.

b. A Proconsul that is Recalled returns with his Force unless a Consul or

   Dictator is sent to the same War in the same proposal.

c. A Force can only be sent to a War/Bequest if a Commander is sent in

   the same proposal or if a Proconsul is currently in Command of the War

   in which case the Proconsul assumes Command of the Force.

d. In the case of Matching Wars, the lower-numbered War must have a

   Commander before a Force can be sent to the higher-numbered War.

e. A Consul or Dictator cannot be sent to a War with less than Minimum

   Force without his consent.

f. A Proconsul cannot be reduced to less than Minimum Force by Force

   Recalls without his consent though the Senate does not need to Send

   him new Forces if he already has less than Minimum Force (from losses

   incured in previous Combat Phases).

g. A Consul or Dictator (and his forces) cannot be recalled from a War he

   was just sent to prosecute. New forces, however, can be assigned to

   him. Only a Proconsul can be recalled.

"Minimum Force" is the force required to attain a +0 combat bonus.

Example: The Minimum Force for a War with a strength of 10/5 is 5 non-

veteran legions and 5 fleets if the Commander has a Military Rating of 5.

Automatic Recalls:

After the Senate Phase but before the Combat Phase, a Force and/or

Commander is automatically Recalled without vote in the following cases:

a. A Force is assigned to a War but has no Commander (this will occur

   when a Commander died during the previous Combat Phase).

b. A Proconsul does not have sufficient Fleets or no Legions to prosecute

   the War (this will occur when a Commander suffered losses during the

   previous Combat Phase).

c. A Commander/Force is attacking a War which has a matching lower-

   numbered War in play which is not being attacked (this will occur when

   a Proconsul exists for a higher-numbered War but no Commanders are

   sent to prosecute the lower-numbered War).

Powers of Tribunal Proposals:

a. Tribunes can initiate proposals during the Closed Session only for

   Consul Election, Censor Election, Governor Elections, Consul for Life,

   or Pontifex Maximus; they cannot be used to initiate other proposals at

   this time and cannot be used to initiate a Dictator's election or


b. Tribunes can be used at any time during the Open Session to make any

   proposal except those that are required to be done during the Closed


c. Treat the faction that controls the power of the Calpurnian Law as if

   it had a special tribune usable only to wield this power. This tribune

   cannot be cancelled by any other card (i.e. graft, murder of a

   tribune) and can be played at any time following the Censor's election.