--- Civil War Deck

Instead of the game ending when the last card in the Late Republic Deck

is drawn, continue playing with this new deck of 20 cards:

2  Senators : #31 Domitius, #32 Antonius

3  Statesman: #19B M. Lepidus, #26A C. Octavian, #32A M. Antony

1  Law      : Military Command

10 Intrigue : Assassination Conspiracy, Scandal, The Ultimate Decree,

              Annexation of Egypt, Assassin, Secret Bodyguard,

              Influence Peddling, 2x Tribune, Murder of a Tribune  

3  Wars     : Invasion of Parthia, Cantabrian War, Dalmatian War

1  Event    : Mob Riots

Special Rules:

1. Legion Loyalty: DR >= 6 is required; each talent spent gives +2 to

   roll (maximum modification of +2 per Legion).

2. The Gabinian, Manilian, and Vatinian Laws are now considered in play

   if they weren't before.

2a.As an adjunct to the Gabinian Law, a Governor in a province at the

   end of the Senate Phase may recruit 1 Legion from his Personal or

   Faction Treasury to use as a Garrison for that province.

New Cards:

--- Intrigue Cards

Assassination Conspiracy - Playable during an assassination attempt to

    prevent the use of ALL bodyguard cards during the attempt. Assassin

    cards can be played to add to the roll. If successful, each of

    the assassinating player's senators loses Popularity and Influence

    equal to half (FRU) of the assassinated senator's Popularity. A

    caught assassin is still killed but the faction leader is immune to

    an assassination prosecution. This card does not in itself add to

    the assassination roll. Can only be played by the player making the


Scandal - Playable during the player's initiative in the Forum Phase.

    Target senator loses DR Popularity. Counts as that player's

    Persuasion Attempt. Discard after use. Not playable versus

    senators with oratory >= 5. The player playing this card must have

    a senator in Rome when this card is played.

The Ultimate Decree - Playable only when Mob Riots is in play

    immediately after a Dictator is assigned. The Dictator gains an

    extra 5 Influence and Tribunes cannot be played for the remainder

    of this turn. Discard the "Mob Riots" event when this card is

    played. The player playing this card must have a senator in Rome

    when this card is played.

Annexation of Egypt - Playable during the Senate Phase to force the

    Senate to vote for the creation of Egypt as a province. The vote

    must occur after all other provinces have been assigned. This vote

    cannot be vetoed and can only occur once in the game. Cannot be

    played if the Alexandrine War has not yet been discarded. If the

    vote passes a governor must be elected to Egypt before any other

    proposals can be made. The player playing this card must have a

    senator in Rome when this card is played. 

--- Laws

Military Command - A Proconsul and his army cannot be recalled by the

    Senate without his consent.

--- Events

Mob Riots - +2 to Unrest during each Population Phase. A Dictator may

    be appointed/elected when Mob Riots is in play regardless of the

    war situation. Discard when "The Ultimate Decree" intrigue card is


--- Statesman

#19B M. Lepidus           5-2-8-4

                          When played, one random unaligned veteran

                          becomes aligned to Lepidus.

#26A C. Octavian          3-5-10-5 Pop:1; M. Antony Faction Loyalty: 0

                          One free tribune/turn, +2 vs Naval Battles

#32A M. Antony            5-2-8-5 Pop:1; C. Octavian Faction Loyalty: 0

                          When played, one random unaligned veteran

                          becomes aligned to Antony.

--- Senators

#31 Domitius              2-2-7-5

#32 Antonius              3-2-7-1

--- Wars

Cantabrian War (28-19 BC) 10/0 D18/S12 15T


                      Inactive until attacked

                      [Attacks: Further Spain, Nearer Spain]

Dalmatian War (35-34 BC) 8/0 D16/S18 15T


                      Inactive until attacked

                      [Attacks: None]

Invasion of Parthia (36 BC) 15/0 D11/S14 40T


                      Inactive until attacked

                      [Attacks: None]

Change Cleopatra VII

   Add: Playable during the Revolution Phase in which a Governor of

   Egypt declares himself as a primary Rebel. Rebel gains +3 Military

   Rating and 50 talents.

--- Provinces

Egypt (Border Province)

Base Strength:   3/7

Personal Income: dr + 7

State Income:    DR + 4

Local Taxes:     60

Maximum Forces:  8/13

Defends: none

Created By: Annexation of Egypt

Egypt starts and remains developed; it never becomes undeveloped.

Random Events

 3 Roman Auxiliaries Desert

 4 Epidemic

 5 Storm at Sea

 6 Natural Disaster

 7 Barbarian Raids

 8 Internal Disorder

 9 Drought

10 Evil Omens

11 Ally Deserts

12 Mob Violence

13 Manpower Shortage

14 Enemy Ally Deserts

15 Trial of Verres

16 Allied Enthusiasm

17 New Alliance

18 Enemy Mercenaries Desert