In an e-mail dated 11 February 2000, Ward Narhi of Akron, Ohio, shared this report of an 8 player game of Republic of Rome which proved successful for his gaming group:

"Last weekend we played an 8 player game of Republic of Rome. Yeah, I know the rules only allow for 6, but we made some minor changes because we had too many people show up. We started with only two senator cards each and two red cards each. We figured one extra card drawn per turn was acceptable but 2 would bring too many wars. So each turn one person was designated for a no-card turn. They rolled for random events but did not pick a card. This designation rotated around the table.

It worked pretty well. Unfortunately, we all lost due to 1st Punic with two leaders. Scipio was in play, fought the naval war, and won, but stalemated the land war. Later, more wars came up and we were forced to fight the Punic war again, but since Scipio already had 28 influence we could not send him as he would win the game. So I went instead and rolled a standoff number. Rome fell.

So the game did work with 8 people with some minor modifications. I would say that 6 is better but 8 was passable."

**Published 14 February 2000 by Lou Jerkich with minor editing of Ward Narhi's e-mail of 11 February 2000.

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