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Here are collected Web links to various railroad game sites.  The emphasis is on the 18xx genre of railroad games, and my hope is to be as thorough as possible in gathering all relevant sites for those games into one place. I include links to games which I don't own and have never played but which have come to my attention for one reason or another. The individual game sites are subdivided by topic and have links to relevant portions of both individual sites as well as the more comprehensive game sites.

For an overview of the 18xx genre of games and the many games that are included, see the article on the "Family" of 18xx games in BoardGameGeek.

In late 1996 when I first began perusing the web looking for sites on 18xx railroad games, David Reed's Depot site was one of the most useful. That site disappeared sometime in 1998, but it was later restored to the Web. However, it still had not been updated since late April 1997, and portions of it dated back to 1996.  The site was dropped by Yahoo! on October 28, 2009 but can still be found in the Internet Archives.  Nevertheless, there are many useful bits of information in this Depot site, including coverage of some proposed games that never did see publication.

At one time, Chris Lawson's Blackwater Station was another one of the most well-organized and comprehensive sites on 18xx games. It was also a great source for those interested in gamekits for a wide variety of 18xx games. Eventually Chris stopped producing game-kits and apparently ceased to update his site after 1 August 2003.  However, John David Galt has updated portions of it in what he calls a Revised Blackwater Station site.  Mr. Galt has made a special effort to collect data on the track tiles of the various 18xx games. His site is worth visiting.   

Dave Mitton's Train Games and 18xx Information Page includes some nice links to non-game railroad sites, but it has not been updated since February of 2006.  Another site which now, unfortunately, contains many dead links in their "Switchyard" section is the older Train Gamers Association site, not updated since 1998.  Nevertheless, their "Train Gamers Gazette" section contains a number of relevant articles for train games, including those of the 18xx series.

The 18xx Rules Difference List maintained by Keith Thomasson is one of the most useful 18xx compendiums.  Keith also manages a PBM and PBEM site for 18xx games.  For those desiring to acquire18xx games currently being produced, a look at John Tamplin's Deep Thought Games site is worth your time.  Finally, BoardGameGeek.com has considerable information on the various 18xx games that have been published.  My site links to many of these.

For those who want to participate in discussions concerning the full range of 18xx games, there is also a free Email group, eGroups: 18xx

I am interested in obtaining further links to the games listed below, so anyone who would like to offer a link for posting (or to correct an entry) should see the bottom of this page for information on how to get in touch with me.   Of particular interest are articles on game strategy and on variants.  I am willing to host such articles if needed.

Railroad Games in General

18xx (Wikipedia)
18xx Belgian Championship site by Frederic Taton (includes 18xx links)
18xx Game Summaries by David Hecht (Blackwater Station Forum; covers 1826,1830,1835,1841,1849,1856,1870)
18xx Games Ludography by Keith Thomasson  (list of 18xx games by date of publication)
18xx McGuffins by Steve Thomas (Blackwater Station Forum; discussion of a variety of 18xx Game Kits)
18xx Site by Stefan Meinhold (German language site, including German language rules for several 18xx games.)
18xx Overview and List of Games (BoardGameGeek 18xx Wiki)
18xx Overview by Richard Irving (Covers 1829, 1830, and 1835.)
18XX Quickstart Packages  (BoardGameGeek:  lists starting privates for 18AL, 1870, 18Scan, and 18EU)
18xx/PC - Querverweise by Dirk Clemens (German language site with links to many other 18xx sites)
18xx Rules Difference List (maintained by Keith Thomasson)
18xx Series - A Case for Re-Design? and Replies Discussions on 1825, 1829, 1830, 1835, 1837, 1853, with comments by Francis Tresham, too.
18xx Variants' Rules (posted by Robert Jasiek; covers 1826, 1835, 1841, 1856, 1860)
Adam Romoth's 18xx site
Andy's 18xx Page
Blackwater Station (by Chris Lawson)
Blackwater Station: Tile Encyclopaedia (John David Galt)
Blackwater Station: Tile Menu
Blackwater Station: Tile Reference List
Crisis (a railroad game design evolved from 18xx, by Robert Jasiek)
Deep Thought Games, LLC (site for games published by John Tamplin)
Depot (now found on the Internet Archives)
Forum: An Introduction to 18xx (by Stuart Dagger) (Blackwater Station Forum)
FourTrack Mainline (John Shelley's 18xx site for play by e-mail)
Functional 18xx Comparison (by Robert Jasiek)
Lemmis Homepage (German language 18xx site by Dirk Clemens. Includes an 18xx PC section)
Marco Rocci's 18xx Game Page  (especially useful for tile designers)
New Breed of 18xx Games Are Needed  (from the TGA Train Gamers Gazette)
On Italian 18xx Gaming (from TGA Train Gamers Gazette)  
ps18xx-1.5 zip - Postscript Maps for 18xx Games  (by Matthias Klose)
ps18xx-vs.zip - Postscript maps for 18xx Games  (by Volker Schnell)
Railroad Games: 18xx Series (A collection of 18xx links by the DMOZ: Open Directory Project)
Rails 18xx by Marco Rocci (Emphasis on track tile design)
Survey of 18xx Rail Games by Brian Bankler (Web Archive)
Train Gamer's Association  (the older site)
Train Games and 18xx Information Page (by Dave Mitton)
Where Have All the Cities Gone? 1829's City Tiles Revisited (from the TGA Train Gamers Gazette)

18xx PBEM and PBM sites 
18XX Games with Cyberboard Gameboxes (BoardGameGeek, compiled by Mike Bazynski, 6 April 2011)
For Whom The Die Rolls: 18XX Games (Keith Thomasson's PBM site)
For Whom the Web Rocks: 18xx e-Games (Keith Thomasson's PBEM site)
FourTrack Mainline (John Shelley's 18xx site for play by e-mail)
Minstrel HT (A PBEM online adjudication magazine published by Rob Thomasson)
Robo's 18xx Page (Cyberboxes (and some spreadsheets) for 1829, 1830, 1835, 1837, 1841, 1853, 1856, 1857, 1870)
Vassal (by Rodney Kinney, with list of supported 18xx games)

18xx Games
(Colorado)- by Antonio Leal

1812 - The Cradle of Steam Railways (Northeast England) - by Ian D. Wilson

1824 (Austro-Hungarian Empire) - by Leonhard Orgler and Helmut Ohley

1825 (Great Britain) - by Francis Tresham

1826 (France and Belgium) - by David Hecht

1829 (Great Britain) - by Francis Tresham

1829 Mainline (Great Britain) - by Francis Tresham

1830 (Northeast USA) - by Francis Tresham & Bruce Shelley

UR - 1830 BC - by Jeroen Doumen & Joris Wiersinga
(Title of an 18xx game based on Irrigation of Land in 1830 BC)

1831 (Northeast USA) - by Carl Burger

1832 (Southeast USA) - by Bill Dixon

1835 (Germany) - by Michael Meier-Bachl

1837 (Austro-Hungarian Empire) - by Leonhard Orgler

1838 Rheinland (Germany) - by Wolfram Janich

1841 (Northern Italy) - by Federico Vellani and Manlio Manzini

1844 (Switzerland) - by Helmut Ohley and Peter Minder

1846 (Midwest, USA) - by Tom Lehman

1848 (Australia) - by Leonhard Orgler and Helmut Ohley

1850 (North Central USA) - by Bill Dixon

1851 (Kentucky-Tennessee, USA) - by Chris Lawson

1853 (India) - by Francis Tresham

1854 (Austria) - by Leonhard Orgler

1856 (Ontario, Canada) - by Bill Dixon

1860 (Isle of Wight) - by Mike Hutton

1861 (Russia) - by Ian D. Wilson

1862 (Continental USA) - by Helmut Ohley

1870 (South Central USA) - by Bill Dixon

1873 Harzbahn (Germany) - by Klaus Kiermeier

1890 (Japan) - by Shin-ichi Takasaki

1895 (Namibia) - by Adam Romoth and Helmut Ohley

18AL (Alabama, USA) - by Mark Derrick

18C2C (Coast to Coast - Continental USA) - by Mark Frazier

18EU (Europe)- by David G. D. Hecht

18FL (Florida, USA) - by David G. D. Hecht

18GA (Georgia, USA) - by Mark Derrick

18GL (Great Lakes, USA) - by Gary Mroczka

18GM: The 18XX GameMaster - by Kristopher Marquardt and Colin Barnhorst

18IR (Netherlands)- by Bart Van Dijk

18MEX (Mexico) - by Mark Derrick

18NL (Netherlands)- by Helmut Ohley

18Scan (Scandinavia) - by David G. D. Hecht

18TN (Tennessee, USA) - by Mark Derrick

18US (Continental USA) - by David G. D. Hecht

18VA (Virginia, USA) - by David G. D. Hecht

2038 (Asteroid Belt) - by Tom Lehman

Confederate Rails: Railroading During the American Civil War -
by Richard Berg
Empire Builder Series

Available from:


Rules and Components Strategy Guides Variants Rail Baron Railroad Tycoon: the Boardgame - by Martin Wallace and Glenn Drover

Railway Rivals

Silverton (Colorado, Utah, New Mexico) - by Philip J. Smith

Stephensons Rocket (England) - by Reiner Knizia

Stephensons Rocket: Session Report and Review, 04.06.2003 (Westpark Gamers)

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