1831 (Northeast USA) - by Carl Burger

Carl Burger (November 25, 1949 - December 17, 1999)


Since Carl Burger's untimely death, this game has been out of print.  Carl had hand-made all the copies in existence.  Although he planned to make only 26 copies (lettered A-Z) before having them commercially published by Winsome Games, my understanding is that he made a few copies beyond 26, but likely less than 30. They contained over 2,600 components and came packaged in a large cylindrical container that has come to be known as a "bazooka.".  Originally they sold for $250.00 each.  After his death, a copy was once reported sold for $3,000.00 U.S. dollars.  In 2000, John Bohrer of Winsome Games announced that his company would not be publishing Carl's 1831 game as had previously been discussed with Carl.  The rights to the game remain with Carl's estate.


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