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Game Stores: I have been asked frequently whether I know of a place to obtain games, especially out-of-print games. Fine Games  is one place of which I am aware. I have personally used Fine Games, located in Portland, Oregon, and I have been very pleased with their service. This site also provides some news about game publishers.  Another site with suggestions for places to look for games is Steve Clark's Gaming Page.  You might also try this link to various Game Dealers.


Age of Renaissance:  BPA's PBEM and Links page

Air Baron: Review by Mike Siggins, Game Review by Joe Huber


Civil War (VG): Errata from VG, Rules Summaries, PBEM Player ListReview,

Civilization and Advanced Civilization (AH/Hasbro)

Crusades (SPI): Errata by Mike Scott,  Three-Player Variant by Rick Heli,

D-Day (Avalon Hill):  WikipediaBoardGameGeek,

Dune: Review, Variant

For The People

Hannibal: We the Elephants: Review by Richard Berg

History of the World

Machiavelli (1st and 2nd Avalon Hill Editions)

Magic Realm: AH General Article Index, Magic Realm FAQ v1.3 by Daniel Tartaglia, Magic Realm Combat Example by Dave Brown, 3rd ed. Rules,
            Designer's Comments, How to SETUP TO PLAY a Magic Realm game using CyberboardThe least you need to know to play Magic Realm,   Review, Magic Realm Links, Magic Realm Strategy for Beginners - Part I

Maharaja: Review by Tony Hetherington,  Pre-Gunpowder Variant by Richard Heli,  Turn Record Chart by Lou Jerkich,  Errata & Clarifications
            Fakirs, Walis, & Aryans and How to Swat Them: A Guide to Maharaja by Andy Dalglish, Review by Paul Evans, Review by Sharon Daugherty

Railroad Games

Republic of Rome

Settlers of Catan: Die Siedler von Catan Review by Peter Sarrett, Seefahrer Expansion Review by Peter Sarrett

Sid Meier's Games: Sid Meier's Gettysburg!,   Sid Meier's Gettysburg: downloads and user created battles and scenariosGettysburg Online Society Forum  

Source of the Nile  

Tyranno Ex: Dinosaur Games, Tyranno Ex Review by Steve Kingsbury, Game Review by Peter Sarrett

Victory in the Pacific

War and Peace: PBEM Player List,

We the People: Game Review by Kris Gould 

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