Lou's Game Corner:

Game Reviews
Comments from letter writers to Sumo, issue #8, May 1992 (Game Cabinet)
Review by Al Petterson in Q/A Format (Web-Grognards)
Review by Alan Kwan (Web-Grognards)
Review by Brian Gregor in Q/A Format (Web-Grognards)
Review by Mark Green (Game Cabinet)
Review by Barrett P. Eynon, Jeff Goldsmith, and Bruno Wolff III in Q/A Format (Web-Grognards)
Review of PC Version by David Michael Kass (Web-Grognards)
Review of PC Version by Jeff Vitous (Web-Grognards)

Historical Background
Monument Identification by Richard Heli
Form, Function, Time & Space: A Guide to the Monuments of History of the World , by Scott M. Smith, AH General, Vol. 32, No. 2, p.14-15, 28-30, 38-41.

PBEM Sites
Grinner's HOTW PBEM Page
PBEM Player List (Web Grognards)

Playing Aids
Maximum Empire Scores by Mark Boone (Web-Grognards)
Patch for PC Windows 3.1 Version (Web-Grognards)

Rules and Components
History of the World Revisited by Alan Kwan (Web-Grognards)

Strategy Guides
Sample Solitaire Games by Richard Heli

"Extend Dynasty" Variant by Chris S. Giroux (Web-Grognards)
History of the World Millenial Scenario (Rick Heli: Spotlight on Games)
"Simultaneous Empire Play" Variant by Brad Johnson (Web-Grognards)

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