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Advanced Civilization Championship at Origins 2003

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Articles on Civilization and Advanced Civilization: Index to the Avalon Hill General magazine
Civilization Cards That Help with Calamity Reduction by Lou Jerkich

Rules and Components

Strategy Guides

(See also the AH Board Game Variants section in The Civilization Page)
Additional Commodity Cards and Calamities for Civilization and Advanced Civilization  by David Bofinger
Capital Cities: Variant Rules for Civilization and Advanced Civilization  by David Bofinger
Civilization: The Expansion Project by John Rodriguez
Civilization Card Specialties and Civil War: two variants
Deluxe Civilization Faq 1.0  by Michael J. Sneider
Eastern Extension Maps and Some Other Variants by David Bofinger
Expanding Diplomatic Options  by Wray Ferrell
Independent Kingdoms  by Bruce Harper
Modified Civil War, Barbarian Flood, and Military: three variants by Karl Bilawski 
Nine-player variant, and unlimited trade of calamities  by Shatrat
No-trading Variant for Advanced Civilization (John David Galt)
Variant Map by Jean-Philippe Guisset --16 A4 paper size TIFF files
Variant Map by Jean-Philippe Guisset --Zip file that contains the entire map in CDR (Corel Draw) file
     Special thanks to Kevin Worth for locating these map links!
Winemaking Civilization Card

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