(Note: NT = Non-tradable)

2NT Volcanic Eruption: Run before the ash hits.

        Earthquake: ENGINEERING
               1. cities reduced instead of destroyed
               2. cannot be secondary victim

2      Treachery: Nothing but omniscience would help.

               Reduce losses by 4 for each grain card held unused for buying.

3      Superstition:
               MYSTICISM - only 2 cities reduced instead of 3.
               DEISM - only 1 city reduced.
               ENLIGHTENMENT - nation is not affected by Superstition.

4NT Civil War: Cumulative benefits from the following:
              MUSIC - primary victim selects 5 more points
              DRAMA & POETRY - primary victim selects 5 more points
              DEMOCRACY - primary victim selects 10 more points

        The following two cards are disadvantageous in a Civil War:
              PHILOSOPHY - regardless of other cards held by the victim, the first faction is comprised of 15 points selected by the beneficiary.
              MILITARY - after factions are selected, both factions remove 5 points from areas adjacent to each other.

4      Slave Revolt: ENLIGHTENMENT
              1. Decrease tokens unusable for support by 5.
              2. Benefit is canceled by MINING which increases tokens unusable for support by 5.

              1. Maximum loss is 7 points for floods, whether primary or secondary victim.
              2. Tidal wave reduces rather than eliminates a coastal city.

5      Barbarian Hordes: No effect if you are Crete; otherwise, wish you were elsewhere.

6      Epidemic: MEDICINE
              1. Losses of primary victim are reduced by 8 points.
              2. Losses of secondary victim are reduced by 5 points.

        Disadvantageous: ROADBUILDING
              Losses of primary and secondary victims are increased by 5 points.

7      Civil Disorder: Decrease number of cities to be reduced by 1 for each of the following cards (effects are cumulative):
              DRAMA & POETRY

        Disadvantageous: Increase the number of cities to be reduced by 1 for each of the following cards (effects are cumulative):

8      Iconoclasm & Heresy: The number of cities reduced is decreased for the following cards by the stated points:
             LAW - decrease by 1 city
             PHILOSOPHY - decrease by 1 city; secondary victim loses only 1 city
             THEOLOGY - decrease by 3 cities; cannot be named as secondary victim

        Disadvantageous: These two cards each increase the number of cities reduced by 1:

        [All the above decreases and increases are cumulative for the primary victim.]

9      Piracy: You can laugh if you have no coastal cities; otherwise, cry.

Created by Lou Jerkich on 20 January 1999 from an earlier prototype, for use with the Advanced Civilization Game.
Permission granted to copy for personal use as a playing aid for the game.

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