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BRITANNIA, the Board Game

Game Reviews
Review by Brandon Einhorn (Web-Grognards)
Review by Jason Matthews and Hannu Pajunen (Web-Grognards)
Review by Torben Mogensen (Web-Grognards)
Review in Kulkmann's Gamebox

Links to Other Britannia-Style Games
Britannia-style Games by Richard Heli
Score Sheets for Maharaja, Hispania, and Rus by John David Galt (download)

PBEM Sites
Britannia PBEM site by Kenneth F. Guerin
Email Britannia by Torben Mogensen (sample game)

Playing Aids

Britannia Score Sheets by John David Galt (download)
Introduction to Britannia by David Lockwood (scroll past the table of contents useless hyperlinks to find the text)
Player Aid Charts
Various links from the Web-Grognards site

Rules and Components
Britannia - Tea Lords of Gondor House Rules (Australian Tournament Rules)
Clarifications Common to AH and Gibson Versions by John David Galt
Commonly Overlooked and Misinterpreted Rules by Rick Heli
Differences Between the Gibson Games and Avalon Hill Versions by John David Galt
Errata for Avalon Hill Britannia by Bruce Shelly, from AH General magazine Vol. 24, #5 (Web-Grognards)
Errata for Avalon Hill Britannia compiled by John David Galt
Errata for Gibson Games Britannia compiled by David Lockwood (see Appendix 1)
Revised Rules for Britannia compiled by Torben Mogensen from all 3 versions of the game
Rule Britannia - Official Rules Clarifications by F. Scott Pfeiffer and David W. Gantt

Strategy Guides
One Green--That's OK...  by Francois Sommaire; translated by Joachim Ring
Scores from Britannia Games by Rick Heli
Scottish Invasions  by Francois Sommaire; translated by Joachim Ring
Win with Purple - A Roman Job by Francois Sommaire; translated by Joachim Ring <>


55 B.C. Variant by Toben Mogensen (Web-Grognards)
A More Historical Britannia by David Bofinger
Bidding for Peoples by Nicholas Benedict (Web-Grognards)
Britannia Revised by Mark Green
Combat Variant by Torben Mogensen (Web-Grognards)
Ireland Variant: Player Aid Charts for Ireland-Schmidt variant
Ireland Variant - map

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