1. Basic Rules (6 players)
2. All Advanced Rules (13,14,15)
3. Revised Province Attack Lists
4. RoR PBEM Rules (by R. Ullfig, as updated by Joan C. Artes)
5. The Senate Phase
6. Rules Clarifications by Lou Jerkich
7. Unofficial Errata (only those applicable to the early Republic Scenario)
8. Revolt Errata
9. Official Errata
10. Latest "Official" Errata (with comments by Joan C. Artes and Roberto Ullfig)
11. Uninvolved players cannot aid in persuasion attempts; but they can counter-bribe them.
12. Censor cannot be prosecuted while he holds office as Censor.
13. Cards are discarded openly in the Revolution phase.

--- Optional Rules - All six below are in use in Game Auctoritas
III.    Legion Popularity Loss
IXb.  National Emergency
XI.    Delayed Matching Wars
XIII. Defeat Voids Disaster/Standoff
XIVc Random Selection of Temporary Rome Consul
XXIII. Non-Privileged Assassinations

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