18EU ALPINE VARIANT by David G. D. Hecht

The only officially sanctioned (but still under development) Alpine Variant, courtesy of the game designer and based on a suggestion by Antero Kuusi.

Rule 1.
A company that builds on an Alp has the option of placing one of its tokens there at the moment it builds it (this is a one-time good deal).  The Alpine token is treated as a normal token in all respects, but does not occupy a (non-existent) city circle, nor does it block the route.  No other company can place a token there, even if the tile is upgraded.
Rule 2.
Any route that the company with the token runs through the tunnel gets a +10 bonus for each city or off-map area (not town) on the route.

Note: The Alpine token does count in the red-to-red bonus.

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This variant created on 13 November 2011 by David G. D. Hecht.  Posted here by permission.

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