1825 Single Track Variant by Mike Hutton

Components - all the single track you can get with small stations, plain track. In theory the old MIK1 kit would do. But you need to remove the large stations. A minimum requirement would be 1 x 71, 3 x 72, 3 x 73, 4 x 74, 2 x 77, 5 x 78, 5 x 79 if you're using all units.  [The original Wales Regional Kit R1 had one each of these tiles.  The above minimum requirements can be met by borrowing them from the 1853 (India) game, except there are only 4 x 79 in the original 1853 game, although there are extras of some of the others.]
Additional rules for single track:
1. A company can only lay single track if it has a 'T' train.
2. Single track costs are halved - i.e. £20 for rivers, £50 for mountains BUT if upgraded to normal track then the remainder of the cost must be paid (i.e. an additional £20 or £50).
3. 2 Single track tiles can be built next to each other on a single operating turn.
4. 'T' trains do not count small stations on single track against their train limit.
5. 'U' trains may run on single track, but companies with only U trains may not lay single track. Note that U trains are not allowed to run through two stations on the same tile, so they can't run through a #71 tile.
The effect this has on Wales and North Norfolk is remarkable! Suddenly it becomes well worthwhile for the Taff to build to Holyhead and beyond. The M&GN can operate effectively between Norfolk and the midlands/london.
Additional minor railways:
Hull & Barnsley: starts in Hull with a 3T train
Manchester & Milford: starts in Milford Haven with a 4T train called "Rostherne"
Bere Peninsular railway: starts in Plymouth with a 3T train.

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