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         The Taming of Navigator 2.02

Netscape Navigator (NN) 2.02 is a very fast browser, but it has a history
of instability.
NN 2.02 now runs on the author's Mac IIci without hard crashing.
This stability seems to have improved as the machine's system software configuration has evolved.
NN 2.02 will still crash if it runs out of my alloted 8,192K of memory,
but the crash is a "soft" one, i.e., a crash that does not require a reboot, nor
quitting other applications.
The change from Classic Networking to Open Transport 1.1.2 seems to have been a big help.

HARDWARE (then)____________            HARDWARE (now)_____________
MAC IIci                               Mac IIci
   Apple cache card                       DayStar Turbo 040 33 MHz, ROM v2.03
   Quantum 240 MB Hard Drive              Seagate ST51080N 1 GB Hard Drive
   32,768 MB ram                          32,768 MB ram
   Apple 8•24 video board                 SuperMac/24 PDQ Plus v1.60 video board
AppleColor High-Resolution RGB 13"     SuperMac 20" monitor
SupraExpress 33.6 Modem                SupraExpress 33.6 Modem
HP DeskJet 694C                        HP DeskJet 694C

System Software 7.1
System Update 3.0
Open Transport 1.1.2           (installed over Open Transport 1.1)
OT_PPP_1.0                     (installed over Open Transport 1.1.2)
Netscape Navigator 2.02        (heap = 8,192K, Auto Load images-->off)
invisible AppleShare PDS file  (deleted!)
  AppleTalk 1.1                 O.T. 1.1.2        Inactive (in Chooser)
  Memory 7.3                    Sys Update 3.0    128K Cache, V.M off, 32 bit addressing
  Modem                         OT_PPP_1.0
  PPP 1.0                       OT_PPP_1.0
  Sharing Setup 7.1             Sys 7.1           off
  TCP/IP 1.1.2                  O.T. 1.1.2........Edit-->User Mode-->Advanced
                                 "  ..............Connect via:-->TCP/IP PPP
                                 " ...............Configure:-->Using PPP Server
                                                     "......-->Load only when needed-->unchecked
  WebFree 1.0.....................................Cookies-->not blocked
  MacTCP 2.0.6                  O.T. 1.1.2        (invisible, inactive)
  Network 3.0.3                 O.T. 1.1.2        (invisible, inactive)

__EXTENSIONS                  INSTALLED BY
  CFM-68K Runtime Enabler 4.0
  &  ObjectSupportLib 1.2
  AppleShare 7.1                   Sys 7.1
  Bomb Shelter 1.01
  Macintosh Drag and Drop 1.1      Navigator 2.02
  Modem Scripts folder             OT_PPP_1.0
  Network Extension 7.1            Sys 7.1                         
  Netscape Defrost 0.9b2
  Open Tpt ATalk 68K Library       O.T. 1.1.2
  Open Tpt Inet 68K Library        O.T. 1.1.2
  Open Transport 68K Library       O.T. 1.1.2
  OpenTpt Modem 68K                OT_PPP_1.0
  OpenTpt Remote Access 68K        OT_PPP_1.0
  OpenTpt Serial Arbitrator        OT_PPP_1.0
  Thread Manager 2.1
  Shared Library Manager 1.1.1     O.T. 1.1.2

__Operating Notes
  In Options-->Security Preferences check the "Disable Javascript" box.
  I always quit NN 2.02 before closing the network connection.
  The NN 2.02 cache (4MB) is cleared at least once each day.
  The Global History preferences file is trashed about twice a month.
gamba 09SEP2000 13MAR1999 29MAR1999, Appletalk disabled 30OCT1999, OT_PPP_1.0 replaced LinkUPPP! Mac IIci replaced Mac IIx